Instagram is one of the massive social media platforms in modern times. It has 1 billion and counting monthly active users as of now. Concept of stories was introduced firstly by Snapchat in the year 2013. Later, Facebook acquired the Instagram network in 2012 and launched its stories feature in August 2016.  

Now, the Instagram story is a remarkable aspect of this social media site. As per current stats provided by Social Media Today, Instagram stories are getting used by 500 million people on a regular basis. It has become the optimal way to represent your daily life behind the scenes and make your followers get up close and personal with you.

Well, people are enduring lack of inspiration these days in consideration of creating perfect Instagram stories. Many brands are not able to create compelling content for their stories. That’s why not generating high engagement rate from their followers. There may be a lot of reasons behind this. Either they do not have any original ideas to put or not entirely aware of the aspects of Instagram stories.


Why Stories Engagement Manoeuvres Matters?

If you go through the stories of some brands, you will find that they are not tempted at all. There are numerous reasons why brands are not able to develop something extraordinary when it comes to Instagram stories.

Primarily, they don’t have a precise strategy for producing stories. And without having an excellent tactic for developing stories, content, you are thoroughly wasting your time, money, and all potential effort.

So, it’s high time guys wake-up and firstly look for a story plan that’s very significant. Take your time, look for ideas and then start. After setting the base of tact for your Instagram stories, you will surely realize that things become manageable and much easy for you.

Your Instagram story strategy might include different type of content you want to share with your audience. Such as blog posts, tips and tricks, and much more. You can also use Instagram question and poll stickers to make your stories a little bit fun and frivolous. It will also open more interaction doors for your audience. The Instagram album highlight feature is also something you can use for making your content look superb.

Are you looking for tips to create the best Instagram stories? Then, this blog is perfect for you to get in. In this blog, we will offer you the top six tips for developing engaging Instagram stories. So, let’s dive in!


Ask for suggestions from the audience about stories content:


Stories truly get created to allure masses. Right! Therefore, it is very consequential to know what they want to see and when they want to see. However, it will be ideal if you keep things less complexed and don’t give many options to your audience. For instance, instead of asking people about the time they prefer to watch your Instagram stories, you can ask them when they like to see your stories, at early hours or the end of the day.

For further elaborating all this, you can ask the audience to get one-on-one with you by sending direct messages or commenting. All this improves your interaction with the fans plus provides you insights about their favorites.


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Create stories only when you’re feeling, highly-spirited:


Stories are all about excitement and recreation. Hence, while creating them, it’s necessary that you remain in a cheerful mindset. Else, your dull vibe will certainly reflect through your stories and turn audience mode off. So, always prefer to create Instagram stories when you’re in high mood. As a result, your joy and happiness reached out to people watching your stories.

Well, it is a truth that we cannot always feel content and light-hearted. There comes a time in everybody’s lives when we feel stressed and low. So for that, you can take inspiration from sports personalities. You can look upon them how they bounce back even after having bad performance in their game.

Therefore, first, understand your mood and accordingly analyze the time for creating an Instagram story. You can also take help from Instagram automation tools like Gramboard to schedule your posts as per the best tactics.


Manage Instagram audience engagement with stickers:


Instagram is one of the networking platforms which always take care of whether users getting exposure to variant features or not. That’s why it makes sure to introduce more new features on the map.

Stories stickers are the most suitable examples of this fact. The emoji slider and poll stickers are best to use in stories when you are in the mood to ask some question from your audience. They also help you estimate the hidden interests of your followers.

You can also go live on Instagram and tell your audience that you are going to post a bunch of videos and ask them to vote for their most favorite one by dragging the slider or selecting a custom answer.  

Use of countdown stickers in stories let people know about a particular event going to take place in the future. By clicking the arrow sign provided next to the sticker, they get a reminder. You can also see all this through the notification pop-ups on your account. That will help you to kind of gauge the interest of people in your event.

Question stickers enable you to interact with your followers in a much close-up way as well as provide vision about their preferences. You can also record a small video and set it as your story and ask them questions about relatable topics. This way you can get considerable responses.

Bonus tip-

Always remember to keep your words. If you’re asking people to leave a comment or suggestions, then you have to present there to reply to them as early as possible.  All of this will make people feel valued and unique for your Instagram account. As an Instagrammer, you should always hunt for opportunities to come in touch with your followers.


Reshare community posts to Instagram stories:


Instagram also consent users to reshare posts to stories. Regramming community content to stories not only serves as an asset, but also gives tunnel vision vis-a-vis making great connections.  

For regramming a public post to your Instagram story, you have to open the respective content that you’re willing to repost and tap on the arrow button provided below the image. And, then go to the appearing pop-up menu and tap on the add to story button.


Try out longer videos:


It’s not always right to keep things sweet, short, and to the point. Sometimes, people want to know more about stuff related to you. That’s why longer videos are worthy enough to try. You can share amusing anecdotes with your followers in the form of longer videos.




Save your best stories to highlight album:


The Instagram “highlight albums” are best to save your stories permanently. This feature of Instagram allows you to display your stories for endless time.  For creating highlight albums, you have to open your Instagram profile and then tap on the + icon given in the story highlights section under the bio section. Further, select the stories which you want to add to the album. After this tap next and then set the name of the album and select a cover picture.

You can also create customized highlight covers for different albums by experimenting distinct graphic design program or templates. For rearranging the highlights, you have to press and drag each one of them as per the sequence in which you want to put them.  

Bonus tip-

Create an easy-to-recall URL for sharing your blog posts, stories, and much more to tempt the audience to your highlight. For getting the direct URL to a highlight album, you have to press and hold a highlight album and then select a copy highlight link option from the pop-up menubar.



You may wonder that you’re not creating extraordinary stories and not able to live up to the expectations of your audience. Despite all this, you have to keep going and never give up. As a solopreneur, when you do not have any back support and large bank balance to elevate your business, then, stories can do miracles for you.

You have to adapt and alter the way of creating stories as per the recent trends. So, people perceive them as something relevant.


What is your opinion? Which tip you will try? What other tricks are you using to create attractive Instagram stories? Share your views in the comment section below.


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