It is a gospel truth that nowadays, Instagram has become a center of attention to people from all across the world, irrespective of their account nature, whether it comes to individual accounts or business ones. And it is quite manifest that great followers count play an extremely crucial role in the Instagram landscape. As a result of which, it becomes petty significant to keep eyeballs on increment as well as decrement in following figures of your Insta account.

I am damn sure many of you usually come across the perplexity to maintain the remarkable score at the Instagram followers pitch. That’s okay! It happens with all of us, since, it is difficult to elevate fan following on Instagram. There are millions of people on Instagram which try their best foot forward every single day to get the attention of users towards their content.

People unfollowing you constantly on Instagram can be an alarming sign to look after things you cater to audiences. There may be some particular reasons because of that your followers have been unfollowing you on Instagram. You have to understand and examine these things from scratch and make the most out of it.

It can be disheartening to know that people are unfollowing on Instagram. That is the time when either you can feel pity for yourself or perceive it as an opportunity to do something legendary.


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So, here are the top seven reasons to understand why do people unfollow on Instagram.  Let’s make this count!!

Redundancy In Content:


As we all are aware, these days, people like to see versatility in online content. Similar kind of posts be it videos or images or GIFs make them feel bored plus extremely annoyed at the same time. So, never repeat the same patterns regarding content for your Instagram account. Point to be noted here I am not telling you to hop with your account niche. However, I am urging you to do maneuvers with several forms of content.  So, you always come up with something different and extraordinary for your viewers. 


Severe Lack Of Engagement:


Instagram is a social platform. It not only allows you to share content with people but also permits you to develop an impeccable bond with the followers. There should be an unsaid relationship between you and your followers. You should understand what they like and vice-versa. It’s all about the give and takes if get articulated in words.   

Lack of engagement on Instagram accounts backfire them and reduce their following in no time. So, wake-up guys!! Engage with your followers as often as you can. You also cannot make bones about this matter, as, Instagram is the best social network vis-a-vis providing mediums to associate with your followers up close and personal. Instagram live video, stories, and direct messaging are best to make use of generating high engagement rates. 


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Overtly-emotional Content:


Emoting people through your Instagram content is somewhat necessary and desirable. But after a certain point, it looks ridiculous and annoying. Unnecessary posting of emotional content can force people to view your account as something frivolous and uncreative and might trigger them to unfollow you. Hence, overtly sentimental content can be a prominent reason why people unfollow on Instagram.  


Showering Of Posts:


You may often hear this thing that there is a time to do the right thing!! The equivalent goes with Instagram posts. Posting of multiple Instagram posts at once can give a solid reason to people for unfollowing your Instagram account. Therefore, never share the number of Instagram posts simultaneously. Try to schedule accurate timing for your several Instagram posts. So, people’s Instagram feed won’t end-up cluttering.

One of the best tools you can make use to automate scheduling of your Instagram posts like a professional is Gramboard.


How To Schedule Your Instagram Posts By Using Gramboard?


Scheduling of Instagram posts manually is time-taking and tedious. That’s why in this era of social media automation, it’s quite smart to look upon this tool to get this Instagram aspect done flawlessly in more than no time.  

Follow the below-mentioned steps to automate your Instagram posts brilliantly with Gramboard-

Step 1: Sign up/ Log in to your Gramboard account.


Step 2: Go to Add Account and tap on the account which you desire to automate.


Step 3: Mention location, manage the speed of the entire process, and another vital aspect.


Step 4: Move to your Instagram account>>> Activity log.



Step 5: Do the uploading of image and caption.

Step 6: Go ToAdd Mediaand do the scheduling of the Instagram posts.





Automate Your Instagram Posts Now


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Use Of Poor-Quality Images:


Instagram has marked for its high-quality visual aspects. The kind of images often get used on its dimension are fabulous. However, with time, a tad bit of degradation in the quality of Instagram photographs has been witnessing. That’s awful!!

Earlier, Instagram gets perceived as the best photo-sharing platform. Although, within the past few years, it has become the top marketing tool of today’s millennial generation. Well, sharing of poor-quality images is not considerable regarding building huge fan-following on Instagram. Blur photographs make people irritated, so be careful!!


Inconsistent Posting:


Here is one of the main reasons behind people’s actions to unfollow your Instagram account. Just imagine, if you follow some account that post sometimes once a month randomly anytime. Would this make you furious or not!! If not, then hats off to your patience. However, followers on Instagram instantly unfollow this kind of inconsistent accounts. Punctuality is a great virtue that attracts an audience towards your Instagram presence. 


Spam Score Of Your Instagram Account:


Sometimes spammy vibe of Instagram account also results in the reduction of the following. Instagram accounts which ask people to click on some specific links that redirect them to incognito sites make them feel scared and leave them with one option of unfollowing.  



These are the top 07 reasons which you should keep in mind, so, never come across a situation when people unfollow your account. A large number of followers can ultimately make your Instagram presence exceptional and phenomenal.

Please share with me some more tips regarding this topic. You can also comment in the section below.


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