I am going to give some clues moreover you have to guess which social media platform it is. So, are you ready? Here are the cues.

This social network site is famous for visuals plus connecting people in an up-close and personal way. Any guesses guys!!

I know the name of Instagram popped-up first in your mind. Right? If yes, then you’re correct! We’re talking about none other than Instagram. Undoubtedly Instagram has become a prominent social networking site in the world with 1 billion monthly active users.

Now, it has not only remain just a photo-sharing landscape, the way it was perceived earlier. Presently, Instagram is the first choice for marketers to endorse their brands and products. So, millennials- the most active users of Instagram explore them enormously.


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As we all know, individuals to businesses trying to make the most out of Instagram these days. So, the competition is on! Everybody is giving their best shot vis-a-vis to become successful on Insta. However, it is not that easy-breezy. That’s why Instagrammers often face a lack of ideas for their content to post on Instagram.

Therefore, in this blog, you’re going to explore the total of 13 Instagram post ideas for guys. So, here you go!!


Share Backstage Stories:

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#OnceUponATimeInHollywood @vanityfair

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At present, every business wants to put on display their products on Instagram. It’s not only because of its fan base and all. Marketers are after Instagram primarily because of his humanizing nature. The way Instagram bring things across people online, I am not sure any other social media does.

It gives a human touch to everything in a profound way. That’s why sharing behind the picture glimpses on Instagram is a skillful tactic to engage people. Moreover, make people learn about your brand in a positive way.


Listen To Your Followers:

Success on Instagram is all about listening to the interests of your followers. Most of the popular accounts on Instagram consider reposting content be it images, Videos, and Gifs immensely liked by their audience. That’s why you should check out on which specific content of yours more engagement rates have come, so, post it again for making your audience feel valued. You can also repost posts of other Instagrammers, but make sure you don’t forget to give them credit.


Use Of Captivating Quotes:

Quotes can surely help you to relate with the audience in a very understandable way. That’s why draft them with authenticity, so people associate with them immediately. Point to remember that the mood of your quote must go with the vibe of your content. It should not be like, for instance, your post is about something funny and you ended-up writing a serious quote for that. It triggers dichotomy, so, you should avoid this.


Sharing Of Statistics:

Here is another best way to attract audience attention to your Instagram post. Well, the use of statistical data makes people think of your content as something original. However, always make use of real data while making use of any statistics in Instagram posts.


Occasions Oriented Posts:

It’s a fact that we’re living in a world of diverse cultures and traditions. Different people celebrate different events. Well, with the advancements of social media, every festival is celebrated with warm energies, love, and affection. You can see this through the course of each festival.

On Christmas, most of the Instagram accounts make Santa and related aspects of it as their theme, so attract more and more people from the western countries. Whereas, on Diwali, Instagram accounts start to display fireworks and all, hence, captivate the focus of Indian people.

If you’re doing so, then well done! It’s the best way to be on Instagram. These kinds of posts generate the engagement of altogether another dimension.


Hilarious Posts:

Not surprising, Instagram is all about fun, wittiness, and entertainment. So, always try to maintain a comic sense of your account. By the time you start becoming serious and overly emotional, then people can get bored. Henceforth, try to post funny and light-hearted posts that make your audience giggle.




Visually Enticing Photos:

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In a nutshell, Instagram loves people who share only high-quality images. It’s well-known that Instagram is a remarkable platform that embodies millions of visually delightful facets regarding not only photos but also various types of illustrations. So, the bar is already raised on Instagram when it comes to sharing pictures, videos, Gifs, and all. Hence, make the most of it!!


Do Promotions:

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No wonder, Instagram has become the first choice of advertisers, marketers, and content curators. Making use of Instagram for promotions is like killing two birds with one stone. On one side, it helps you tempting people towards your account.  Secondly, it allows you to promote your products via marketing. You should include this tactic in the list of your Instagram post ideas for guys. 


Create Cool Videos:

Use of videos on social media platforms has become quite impactful from the past two or three years. Instagram was slow in this party earlier, but when it realized the influence videos create on viewers, then it launched various attributes resembling videos like IGTV, Stories, Live, and many to count.

So, the use of amazing videos in the content can assuredly make your audience goes thrilled.


Use Of Entertaining Gifs:

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Issa lewk ? @manisharorafashion ????

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As we all know, Gifs has become an astonishing form of amusement on social media currently. People adore to watch them. Gifs are a form of media that can convey deep thoughts with fun and lightness. Using them is the best Instagram post ideas for guys.


Cross-promotion Of Social Media Accounts:


Promotion of your other social media accounts is an ingenious way to make people informed of where else they can get you online. So, do it in the best way! By doing this, you can increase your follower’s count on other social networks as well. Your Instagram followers may start following you on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and all.

No doubt, managing multiple social media accounts at once is quite intimidating. Nowadays, businesses run multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously that any way complex. However, there are Instagram automation tools like Gramboard-consists amazing feature to handle more than one Instagram accounts in one go.


In Account Manager Module of this tool, you can add and delete accounts with one tap additionally check the account status. So, know whether they are active or not by using account checker.


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 Bookmark Instagram Posts:

Instagram has this outstanding feature to bookmark posts that seem relevant to you. Booking content on Instagram helps you widen your reach and foster engagement to a greater extent. You can also directly ask your followers to bookmark your content by adding caption saying this as a call-to-action.


Host Contests:

Do you want to promote your new product on Instagram? Then, this is one of the best tactics to implement this. Hosting of contests can make your promotion gimmicks authentic and trigger your reach enormously. So, be attentive? Point to concern, don’t ask people to do something complicated on the name of contests. Keep things easy to comprehend.


These are the best 13 Instagram post ideas you can use and make your Instagram presence much better in no time.

Have more ideas regarding this topic. So, please tell me in the comment section below. I am all ears!!


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