Instagram Live Feed or Story provides a platform to its user to broadcast live video, which is shareable as an Instagram story. Live Instagram Feed will give a lot more benefit to your business then you think.
Many Brands promote their business on Instagram by streaming live ads and videos. It is important to know that Live streaming promotion is slightly different but it will fetch or get followers on Instagram. Once the video is over, everything will disappear and to reach your targeted audience in meantime, you have to create a solid and stable follower base.


4 Beneficial Tips For Business Promoters Who Stream Live

After analyzing, the result says, over 600 million users go live every month. This makes perfect sense for every new or experienced brand promoter to dive in first and make their own live streaming video.  

  • Stand Out From the Crowd

In this noisy social media crowd, your voice will get vanish before it reaches the target audience. Standing out from the crowd is important for you, so you can get more visibility to promote your Brand.

Your approach should be well planned and create a presentable aura to crack down the wall between you and your audience. Stay in your Lane, avoid making sudden changes before going Live. Once you start streaming Live, your ways will be blocked to step-back.

Even if your product and brand are identical with other promoters, your approach and strategy should be distinct. Try to come up with new ideas because this will make you look slightly different from others and it, surely will help to catch some eyes.

  • Be Creative And Interactive When You Approach

Use some creativity when it comes to interacting with your audience. Don’t just focus on promoting your business, keep an engaging conversation, tell them from a third-person perspective that how your product will be helpful for them. Tell them your basic motive to start the Brand. Introduce them to your business by using a basic approach.

Having a stable follower base is important. If you are going live, you have to have a bunch of people who can watch your live streaming video. Your approach should be simple but distinct with others. Use some planning and creativity to engage your audiences in a unique way.


  • Interviews, collaborations, and takeovers:

You can show the live and exclusive interviews of various celebrities which can be helpful in garnering maximum amount of likes in it.


  • Cross-Function Promotion  

Have you planned to go Live on Instagram? Have you already decided the timing and date? If yes, start dropping messages, start informing the audience about your Live promotion date.

You need a hype and you need some planning. Cross-Function Promotion will ensure that your followers and other users have an advance notice about your live session.

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