Instagram gives a unique advantage to its user, it provides a visual platform in which a user can share photos, videos on daily basis. Instead of writing your daily update you can directly post an image to show your whereabouts.

In 2010, when Instagram first came it was basically used as an alternative for other social media platforms but later, it caught the attention of users and people started taking interest in its unique features. It gained popularity very fast and now more than 800 million users use it to share their personal content in a visual form.

Instagram is also famous for small businesses as well as big brands. Business promoters use various marketing techniques and strategies to promote their brands and also to stand out from the crowd.

Do you think you have some unique strategies to promote your business in an eye-catchy way?

If Yes, then well and good but if ‘No’, I am here to help you out by sharing 5 Fabulous Instagram marketing strategies.

#1.  Utilize Every Feature

Yes, you heard it right. Utilizing every feature present on Instagram will help you promote your brand effectively. There are many people who use some particular features like the Instagram story or just post photos and some may opt Live video feature for promotion. What you need to understand is, every Instagram feature can be helpful for your brand in some unique way. Using one particular thing will lead your follower to boredom and they will lose interest. Utilization of all Instagram feature will give your audience a new perspective everytime they will see your new post, story or Live video.  You can share a variety of original content to attract customers attention.

Utilize Every Feature

#2. Importance of Hashtags

Use popular and most used Hashtags. Follow different communities of Hashtags. It’s very common for all Instagram users to include hashtags along with each of their post.

It helps in various ways and one of the best ways it helps users is by increasing the popularity and visibility of post in others feed. Instagram restricts us to use more than 30 hashtags in one post but you can choose best 10 hashtags related to your product and use them along with your post.

If you don’t know where to find these best hashtags then you can install some amazing apps which help you finding hashtags by using some artificial techniques.

Hashtag For Instagram


#3. Take Help From Influencers

Influencers help you reach out a wide range of audience. Many social media marketing experts tell that one can get many benefits by acquiring a number of followers with the help of Influencers.

There is no compulsion to get a celebrity to promote your brand. You can take help from Instagram users who have a stable follower base and who knows the easy way to influence other users by telling your brand story.

The main key to fetch or to get Instagram followers is finding a unique and original way to attract more followers. The more you will get real followers on Instagram, more people will get Influenced by you.

Instagram Influencers

#4. Instagram Ads

The best way to earn money on any social media site is by allowing a third party to advertise their product in your post. This is the easiest and effective way to make money with less effort.  

Ads can boost your posts and video to reach a wide range of users. There are options which you get when you select this feature, you can add filters to avoid unwanted requests from spam accounts.


Instagram Ads


#5. Live video Feature on Instagram

There are people who step back when it comes to Live video session and the main reason behind it is they fear to face audience directly, they fear to get criticized or to get a direct review about their product.

 Live videos help you to know what other thinks about your product and it is a better way to know what type of improvements are needed for your product. You can use this feature to conduct a tutorial series to tell different ways to use your product or to clear queries and answer the questions asked by other users.

Live Video Feature On Instagram


Hope these tips will help you in business promotion. However, you can check other blogs on GramBoardpro to get a more clear vision of Instagram marketing strategies.

If you have any doubt or have any question, do let me know by dropping a comment below.