There is nothing like a perfect Instagram account because the definition of perfect varies from person to person. What feels right to you, might be inappropriate for others. That is why, when you create content for your Instagram account, make sure to keep both the things in your mind, current trends as well as your preferences.

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However, the intention of this article is not to change your personal choice but to help you better understand the expectations of your audience and how your posts should appear.

To obtain profit from your Instagram account, you need to gain more followers, and to gain more followers, you need to create an engaging account. So, now you may have got a slight idea, what is primarily required to improve your Instagram account.

Look at some of the best ways that will help you to make your Instagram account more compelling.

1.Create your content on carousel format




However, it’s been quite a long time now that this feature has introduced, but still, so many people prefer to post the similar kind of pictures as a separate post rather than publishing all at a time on Carousel.

This feature of Instagram allows users to add up to 10 images or videos in a single post so that audience can able to see by simply swiping left. Based on our research, Carousel publications are more likely to be seen by the people as compared to the similar kind of pictures or videos that are published one after the other. Therefore, whenever you want to post images or videos that are related to the same event, then post them in the carousel format. It will make your profile more convenient to access.

2.Use different shapes



If you remember, earlier Instagram allows you to post the pictures only in the square form. All the images and videos that you used to post gets automatically cropped to a specific square shape.

But now, there is no such restriction on Instagram. You can post pictures in any shape. There are also some tools available on the Internet through which you can add different backgrounds in your images to make them more eye catchy. You might be wondering, how posting images of various shapes can improve your profile. But, it genuinely works. As Instagram is more of a visual medium, adding pictures of different patterns can increase the overall aesthetics of your page.

There are so many bloggers, influencers, or businesses on Instagram who gained popularity just by making an attractive account using this technique. So, why not you?





Boomerangs are quite popular among Instagram users. Already so many big companies are using it to promote their business. Especially, if you are related to the entertainment field, then creating boomerangs and posting them on the stories can do wonders for your business.

The best part about this feature is, it will help you to come closer with your audience by creating an active interaction. Also, real-time stories and posts are currently trending on Instagram. So, there is no chance of failing, if you use boomerangs more often in your account.

4.Use automation tools



Enhancing Instagram account does not only refer to the aesthetic presence. There are so many other aspects that play a significant role in the advancement of your Instagram profile, for example, followers, better outreach and conversions, etc. Automation tools like Gramboard help you in achieving all these things in a much easier way. This Instagram marketing software offers so many features that not only help you to improve your profile but also make you gain huge profits. Let us know about some of them.

Auto likes, follow and comments



You might be aware of the fact that engagement is quite necessary for branding on Instagram. So, by using Gramboard, you can automate your likes, comments and in fact, follow and unfollow people on bulk with just a few clicks. For example, if you want to follow people on Instagram using Gramboard, you can follow these steps.



  • Turn on the “Follow” button present on the “Activity” section.



  • Then go to the “Username” section and enter all the usernames of the people you want to follow on Instagram.

  • The last step, go to the “ Activity status and speed” section and click on the start button.


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After hitting the start button, Gramboard will start performing the activity, and within a few days, all those accounts will get added to your following list. You can also control the speed of the task you are running from the “Speed” option.

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Target audience


Targeting the audience is a very crucial marketing strategy that every brand follows. But it takes a lot of time when you do it manually. Gramboard provides you the facility to target the audience through tags, locations, and usernames.

You merely have to provide the details in any of these three sections  (tags, locations, usernames) and, then you can start the activity.

Schedule posts



Being consistent on posting also helps you to boost your account because when you post regularly, your profile looks active and that keep your followers entertained. Also, frequently posting can increase your chances of gaining followers. Through Gramboard, you can schedule your post and able to publish them simultaneously in more than one account. Isn’t it great?

5.Post different types of content



There are two types of contents textual and visual. But on Instagram, visible contents are considered as more effective. Therefore, if you want to improve the performance of your account, then try to bring varieties in the content you post, for example, stories, ads, videos, images, GIFS, etc. It will bring you more potential followers and conversions from your targeted audience.

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Due to the increase in the competition, it is very challenging to get noticed on Instagram. However, it is not impossible also. You can still get success by improving your Instagram page. After that, your marketing strategies will ultimately fall into the right place and get you better results.


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