Instagram is an amazing social networking app which a person cannot deny using. If we tally, Instagram has 800 million active users and among them, 300 million users post Instagram stories on daily basis.

It stands out from other social media sites because it provides a great platform for business promotion. There is a number of high -profile organization present on Instagram to attain brand awareness, to generate audience engagement and to gain the attention of new customers.

Are you an Instagram marketer?

Ever thought of measuring your success with Instagram marketing?

Do you think you are still on the first level? Worry not, I’m here to help you out with some important tips which can lead your Instagram account to next level. As many would consider “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Is this driving social businesses to shift their marketing interests from platforms like Facebook to Instagram? Well to a certain extent, yes.

Instagram has been offering people with an excellent social media platform to showcase your images. Yet certain brands have been struggling to establish a proper influence upon people through Instagram. The reason behind this can be the lack of proper ways to approach and engage with audiences.

Instagram Marketing

With adequate ways to approach, anybody can reach out to the mass and get their brands a proper exposure. Thereby, it’s mandatory to adapt perfectly fitting marketing strategies. In turn, this can help you maintain a free flow of your Instagram marketing. Allowing your brand to transform into people’s choice.

4 Effective Tips For Enhancing Your Instagram Marketing strategies

#1st Tip: Use Genuine, unique user-engagement content

Quality of content is very important on Instagram. If you are delivering authentic and real-time content then it can generate leads and prospects for your business.

Nowadays, many business promoters are using 100% unfiltered content for the promotion of their brands. This creates a trustworthy image of your brand in front of other users. If you succeed to grab attention, you will surely get instagram followers at a high rate in short span of time.

Be thorough with your market research for better Instagram marketing

It seems to most marketers that they completely know their audiences. Even though you have been into social media marketing for a long time. That doesn’t mean you know a lot about your Instagram audiences. Thus always go for an extensive market research to get a better idea about your audiences. Examine carefully the type of profiles they like, kind of hashtags they prefer. On completing your analysis set your sight towards Instagram marketing.

#2nd Tip: Construct a consistent theme for your Instagram marketing

The very next thing to do while strengthening your Instagram marketing strategy is to choose a theme. With proper choice of a theme, you can simply build up your content strategy around it. The basic point is to centralize a theme and post contents that revolve around that theme.

Construct a consistent theme for your Instagram marketing

Focus on posting pictures congruent to your main theme. Simply avoid those which are not relevant.   Just be natural with your posts and drive along. For better visibility, you can choose to add a small logo of your company to all the photos you wish to post. In that way, audiences will quickly recognize your posts.

#3rd Tip: Choose Your Niche And Get Involved In It

It is very important to know where you belong? Where your business will fit? Which of the communities on Instagram can help you out? Don’t bound yourself. Explore the platform first and take part in it. Instagram is not only about sharing photos, videos and stories, it is also about knowing others and interacting with them.

Take out time to look around to other users profile. Get ideas, browse new content, engage yourself in a discussion. Find out what suits you the most and get benefited with it.

Test out your Hashtag usage while Instagram marketing

Some suggest using small but catchy hashtags. Whereas there are some who will be using long tailored hashtags for a particular niche. Thus the usage varies like this. Going for expert reviews many suggest using less than 5 hashtags for a post. While others suggest use as much as you please to. The correct idea is that it depends on your posted contents.

Our brain yet hasn’t yet evolved any idea to like or dislike photographs on Instagram based on a number of hashtags used. Neither have Instagram developed any kind of algorithm specifically for hashtag usage. Thus your Instagram marketing should consist of hashtags because that will let you highlight certain keywords. This can add up to your marketing trends on Instagram.

#4th Tip: Join a community group for advanced Instagram marketing

Yes, Instagram is competitive. Yet many entrepreneurs and brand have successfully transformed into a social media marketing weapon. So join hands with those who would prefer working together than getting diminished alone. By joining Instagram community groups, you will have a granted access to all those marketers belonging to your niche.

Join a community group for advanced Instagram marketing

Thereby, allowing you to collaborate and not compete. These groups often bring you profile a follow for following and various comments and suggestions. Allowing your Instagram accounts to grow its outreach. The combination of social media marketing trends along with content marketing has always been a potent way to market. Applying the same to your Instagram marketing can help you generate new ways to uplift your business.

#5th Way: Instagram Stories And Posts Are Very Important

When you share something publicly, tell the story behind it. Let other users know what is the main motive to post it. Include short paragraph containing 150 characters and provide a link in your bio section. There are several alternative methods to promote your post but this one is an effective strategy. It has been noted down that more than 60% online users tend to read first before going through the videos and pictures.

If you don’t have a story to tell, add a meta description for that post to give a clear picture. Many big-brands promote their products on Instagram but very fewer people actually tell why? You can use this strategy to stand out from the crowd. Add Live- Videos, stories and utilize this free platform for the promotion of your brand.

Leverage Instagram Stories feature to kickstart Instagram marketing

Utilizing a new feature for marketing progresses always come in handy. As most people in recent times tend to run towards new and trendy stuff. All you have to do is capitalize this opportunity and bang on. As said every brand have their own story to be published. Use this to surface yours. Let people know more about your brand, you and your employees.


These four strategies will help you enhance your marketing on Instagram. For more Information read out others GramBoardpro blogs and know some simple yet effective ways to boost your Instagram account. If you have any suggestions to give or want to clear any doubt regarding this, comment down below to get an answer at the earliest.