You might just came across the words “Sorry, however, our web-service is closed” and are presently searching for an Instagress alternative.

If you were a loyal user to their services, we comprehend that you may be crushed, thinking about how you can possibly perform similar functions without their help again.

Let us give you some true serenity by letting you know that it’s possible and we’ll demonstrate to you proper methodologies to accomplish similar outcomes.

There are a lot of Instagress alternatives that do a similar thing. What’s troublesome is dealing with the most difficult exchange of human touch versus time. While these stages give quick track growth metrics, for example, automated following, despite everything they require a significant huge measure of your personal contribution. Perhaps you’ll cherish it; possibly you’ll understand that you’d favor an agency service (which we will expand on beneath).

Why – out of all Instagram tools – was Instagress prohibited?

One of the significant ways that Instagress produced abnormal amounts of engagement and growth was by creating random interactions that were not important or helpful. This clearly violated Instagram’s Terms of Use and rendered the service improper.

What we take from this circumstance is to never ever use bots. Do not risk using Instagram bots to force engagement.

When it comes to Instagress replacements,  be careful with platforms that are like Instagress. The following suggestions have been cleared!

  1. Hootsuite: This platform gives an extensive variety of services, for example, post planning, account searching and comprehensive detailing. You can just search through hashtags and not location, however. Their basic plan  is USD$19 every month.
  2. Sprout Social: They’re not restricted to Instagram and furthermore join components of customer relationship management. Their plan starts at USD$99 every month.
  3. Agorapulse: They provide Instagram monitoring by locations and hashtags. A ‘single’ plan begin at USD$49 every month.

These three tools are altogether viewed as ‘manual’ platforms, implying that none of their functions are performed naturally. They are rather utilized for monitoring and consolidation purposes. This comes with its own set of pros and cons:

For the above reasons, there are also automatic platforms that can be considered. These are tools that permit programmed interactions, but at a somewhat bring down breaking point than Instagress delivered. These platforms are more like Instagress so you should utilize them at your own risk –

  1. Instamacro: This tool allows you to follow 3 to 5 accounts per minute based on parameters that you pre-set. Unfortunately, they do not provide customer service.
  2. This platform can be quite closely compared to Instagress; they have many of the same functions.

They also come with their own set of pros and cons:

What we see from these two kinds of Instagress replacements is that there is no such thing as a perfect tool. While the manual tools give the fundamental human touch to marketing, they neglect to offer the quick growth metrics that automatic tools do. In the meantime, automatic tools don’t give the safety and dependability of manual tools.

So what we propose is a service-based platform instead.

This is what we provide at GramBoardAi. We understand better than anyone else that it can be super annoying to manually program each interaction, or worry about bots, or identify every hashtag that is relevant, or increase the percentage of engaging users.

So we do it for you.

We analyze and capture your target market; we help you grow following; we engage with your followers; we maintain your follower-to-following ratio.

Our prices begin at $9.95 every month, with more far-reaching plans and extensions that can be talked about to fit every business. In case you’re keen on observing what we’re about, allow $1/day a shot. In the event that you discover you require modifications, our high-end experts are always ready to assist you.

With over 800 million monthly active users, Instagram proves to be one of the powerful platforms for marketing your business. So, Act smart and Up Your Instagram Game with GramBoardAi.


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