No wonder if you want to become a successful model on Instagram. Back in the days, becoming a model was a very intimidating process. Earlier, you have to look in a particular way-tall, slim, and many more to kind of get into this showbiz. But now the tables have turned. Presently, there are no so-called requirements for becoming a potential modeling aspirant.

All these myths come to an end, ultimately because of one and only Instagram. It has millions of accounts of aspiring models or people related to show business. It’s not only about modeling and all. Instagram has become a place where you can showcase and promote yourself as a homemaker to Fashionista. There are a lot of things you can talk about and share with people out there who believe no profession is less or superior to others.

Although, it is a fact that Instagram has more influencers related to the fashion trade in comparison to other businesses. From Kendall Jenner to Cara Delevigne all are part of the Instagram house with a tremendous number of followers. It may get seemed as something biased though it’s a reality and we can’t help it. Brands get sponsored by Instagram models are more famous in contrast to brands of other firms. Instagram models usually represent the face of various clothing lines and fashion brands.

Do you also want to begin your modeling profession on Instagram? Well, Instagram gives a fair shot to everybody. You have to make use of it to the fullest. In this blog, I am going to give you some excellent and candid ideas to climb on the ladder of fame for becoming an Instagram model.


Define Your Fashion Statement:



Of course, if you are interested in this field and wanna be a famous Instagram model, then you perhaps already have a good sense of clothing and styling. You may formerly have a closet full of high emblem brands and all. But, there may be a need for improvement. Right!

It is better to define your style statement to the viewers. So, they can easily understand your persona. Some favor proper traditional clothing and few tend towards western mix customize fashion statement. Your clothing style also defines the brands you like to associate with in the future.

To implement all this, you can experiment with some looks and eventually pick the best of them and create a portfolio. Be candid and follow your gut feeling. That’s not some portfolio that needed to send for some ad agency or some modeling organizations. It’s for the people of the Instagram world. So, you can try anything out of the box here. Moreover, this is the prominent benefit of Instagram.


Create Extraordinary Portfolio:



It’s completely precise that you are not going for some audition to get a part in ramp walk or something, but, you should create an attractive portfolio. Your Instagram portfolio should consist of high-quality photos. If you are new to Instagram, then you should add at least ten photos to give a slight idea about the kind of model or brand image you want to be.

Bonus tip-

To create an alluring portfolio, we recommend you to go for photo shoot with three completely different looks and blend them with some professional snaps as well as self-clicked selfies. Don’t shy away from selfies. Selfie is a new cool!




Get New Followers:



Quality content is enough to gain followers when you already have a good number of friends and contacts. But all this become a tad far-fetched when people don’t know anybody around. Moreover, they oblige to work unusually hard for each post to get people’s attention to their Instagram account. It likewise needs a very long time for their content to get a first hundred likes.

To hasten this complete process, some mass following techniques might work miracles for you. One of them is the use of social media automation tools. Tools like Gramboard can help you with the scheduling of Instagram posts like a Pro. It can make everything effortless when it comes to automate likes, comments, follow, unfollow, and management of all your Instagram accounts under one place.

Use of Gramboard can turn out to be a completely new Instagram adventure for you. This potent tool efficiently makes you reach your targeted audience in very less time without paying a single penny on purchasing Instagram ads.


Look After Collaborations:



If you are here to stay on Instagram, then collabs can work wonders for you. As a pursuing model, you can walk up to some of your peers and collaborate with them. Yes, it is difficult to make a choice between your contemporaries. However, you can pick them on the basis of their followers or the status of their engagement rate. Sometimes following figures are not convincing enough because engagement rate also matters a lot. This rate shows how much a person interacts with its followers, respond to them, and all.

How to make collaboration with other models on Instagram?

  1. You can go for a one-on-one interview based on the casual talk.   
  2. Go for a random selfie in completely Fashionista style.
  3. Collaborate in an advertisement for a particular brand.

How to make collaboration with photographers on Instagram?

If you want to get captured by a professional photographer, then you can go for a TFP. 

What’s TFP? Let’s find out!

TFP or Time for prints or trade for prints is a kind of mutual deal between a model and a photographer, where the photographer gives photos to model free of cost in exchange for its time.

Or in other words, you can also put it like this, you will have a photo shoot, but you won’t spend for that. As well as a photographer also won’t pay you for your time, but he or she may be interested in your some photos. So, they can feature you as a model for their impending projects. In this way, both parties will get benefited.

If you are collaborating with people who are more famous than you, then it is extremely fruitful for your Instagram image. As these celebs can also mention your account name in their Instagram content. So, all this will organically increase your reach on Instagram and enhance your fan following.  


Interact With Your Followers:



Only posting on Instagram is no more remain satisfactory. The way you want people’s love and attention towards you, the same way they want you to treat them with respect and kindness. Hence, it is very crucial to engage with your audience on the ground level. People cherish celebrities who treat their followers like family and not just as an asset for their account.

For bestowing your friendly gesture to your fans, you can post Instagram stories or can write captions thanking them for their support. Now, finally we have Instagram polls and question stickers, then you can ask their opinions on any attire directly without hesitation. You can also request them to help you in making a selection between the two outfits.

After attaining celebrated stardom on Instagram, you can host various contests for your fans. Also, offer a different kind of prizes for the winner-as we all love free hampers and goodies. The other thing you can go for being profile advertising. You can also mention the profile of promising models on your Instagram page. That would surely make them feel very kind of you.  

Bonus tip-

While hosting any contest, make sure to clear every rule to your fans. So, they would not go for any other sources instead of Instagram. You can invite them to like your photos or ask them to publish a screenshot of your contest post on their Instagram feed. So, again both parties will be profited.  As an outcome, you able to get some more new followers and on the other hand, your fans get a genuine chance to associate with you.


Post Videos and Stories:



As per recent statistics, about 33% of Instagram content is videos. This clearly shows that videos are overtaking text content on the Instagram landscape.  Now you may be thinking- What I can do as a model with videos? As modeling is all about candid poses and photos. Understood! However, you can make “how-to” videos for girls which obviously love to make-up and experiment with their looks. Or you can also go for animated videos and GIF files revolving around modeling, posing, and all.

Instagram stories are also booming these days. Stats says- 22.3% of Instagram users like and prefer to watch stories. That’s quite a high ratio. Not surprisingly, people, these days share their daily bits through stories instead of conventional posts. As we all somehow interested in knowing about the public figure’s private and personal lives, so, stories kind of best for that. Therefore, nowadays, the importance of Instagram stories cannot be ignored. Give your followers a visual treat by letting them know about your personal space or some backstage stories.


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Concentrate On The Value:


In this era of immense competition on social media networking sites, playing safe no more get seen as something audacious. You have to go from strength to strength in every possible dimension for shining on Instagram. As a model, of course, you can’t go beyond after specific extension for promoting your account activities.

That’s why the use of an automation tool can help you to make it through all this. You can entrust Gramboard for making your Instagram page a better place.  It is an all-in-one Instagram automation bot that will follow, like, comment, and even send direct messages to your followers on behalf of you. All you need to do is to set your preferences according to the audience and other related aspects, then all left will be done by it.

For instance, you have put some photos out there on Instagram then Gramboard can like and mass-follow to grab enormous attention of people towards your content. By this, you will get extra time for other things you love and all these daily errands managed by it.


How To Get Organic Following On Instagram By Using Gramboard?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to gain followers on Instagram by using Gramboard:-

1. Sign Up/ Log In to your Gramboard account.



2. Go to “Add account” and include Instagram account which you want to automate.


  • Mention location.
  • Add comment.
  • Manage the speed of the process.



3. Proceed towards your Instagram account.



4. Go To Activity log, add Image, add Caption, and upload it.



5. Go To Add Media 


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 6. Now it’s time to schedule your posts.



Do you want to publicize your Instagram model profile?

So, these are the top seven best measures you can practice for becoming the most popular Instagram model. Share with me your thoughts on this blog, as they matter a lot. Also, comment on the section below and let me know your most favorite measure to turn into an Instagram fame model. 


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