Have you ever seen a perfectly designed Instagram feed of someone you follow? You might be thinking about how can they create such stunning looking cohesive Instagram posts. It might seem a bit complicated to create such aesthetics. However, with proper planning and a couple of tricks, you could also style your Instagram feed like a genius.

Instagram is a visual platform where you could be able to gain more attention by posting attractive images. With high quality and engaging content, you could be able to obtain more views, likes, and followers on Instagram. It is the best medium which can help you to pave the way to connect with audiences deeply.

As you would start getting more engagement on your Instagram posts, you would be getting more visitors to your profile. In such a case, if you want to gain more followers, you need to enhance the quality of content in your daily feed.

Also, you have to make sure that you have cohesive Instagram layouts, which would be visually more appealing to your viewers.

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Start With Planning-

Planning your feed layout is the best way to be successful on Instagram. You may think that most of the people post their content whenever they want. But that is not the case when you see a stunning arranged feed on Instagram.

Instagrammers used to plan out their content in advance before posting their aesthetics. With proper planning, they won’t have to be wondering about what to post to stay consistent.


  Cohesive Instagram Layouts

For Instagrammers, being consistent is the key to gain more engagement. The people following you are expecting high quality and appealing posts on your feed. While if you want to enhance the number of your Instagram followers, you need to work on proper planning before posting photos on your Instagram feed. That way you can make your feed look aesthetically more beautiful and attractive.

Select The Right Theme-

The choice with the theme is going to tell what an Instagram feed is all about. That way, you can not only be able to stay consistent with aesthetic posting. While you can also focus your content, which gets more likes and followers on Instagram.

Here are shown some interesting theme ideas from where you can take inspiration:-

Line in the middle of the theme:-

Have you seen an Instagram feed which has a separation between the left and right side images? Some Instagrammers design their feeds like that by adding a white background image with quotes in the middle. While it depends on you, as you can opt for other background colours for the separation of images on your feed.


Colourful Theme:-

You can definitely make your Instagram feed stand out by using artistically designed colorful themes. Nowadays, rainbow themes are pretty popular on Instagram. If you can pull it off, you might have a chance to attract more viewers on your content.


Consistent Edit Style-

If you are trying to create a cohesive layout for your Instagram feed, then your edit style needs to be consistent. That way, you can be more flexible with photo contents you want to post on Instagram. As you can edit the content based on the cohesive style to add varieties of photos on Instagram feed. With the magic of a cohesive masterpiece on Instagram, you could be able to attract more Instagram followers.

Quotes Graphics-

By adding a quote graphics, you can create negative space between two posts on your feed. In case you can also make use of different colour palette to enhance the aesthetic look of your Instagram feed. You can use either dark text on a light background or use light text on a dark background. Here are shown some examples which you may lookout.


Well-balanced Instagram Layouts-

To create cohesive layouts on Instagram, you need to be artistic. By creating a visual balance between Instagram posts, you can increase the aesthetic quality of feed. While it will become easier for you to add more beautiful and attractive posts on Instagram. Here you can have a look at the Instagram feed given below in which the transition from one image to other images are quite well balanced. That way you can improve the overall artistic quality of your Instagram feed.


Creative Puzzles-

You can also create puzzles in your Instagram feed by splitting two photos and keeping the quality consistent throughout the whole layout. It makes you seem that two photos relate to each other. In such a creative puzzle, you need to make sure that each photo tile makes visual sense on their own as well as collectively with other images. Using such a layout, you can increase the artistic value of your Instagram feed while it will help you to get more viewers.


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Learn Through Experience-

You want to post more creatively on Instagram, while you are not the only one who thinks so. As you will proceed towards creating cohesive aesthetics, you would gain more experience. And it will become easier for you to create an attractive Instagram feed. If you post consistently, you will develop skills. And ultimately, you could be able to learn how to create an engaging and cohesive Instagram feed.


By following the above-shown tips, you could be able to create cohesive layouts on Instagram. However, if you are still not gaining enough engagement on your Instagram posts and want to get more Instagram followers, then you can make use of Instagram automation tools like Gramboard.

About Gramboard:-

Gramboard in an automation tool using which you can autopilot your daily Instagram activities. This tool allows you to schedule, automates posts, likes, comments, follow/unfollow activity and manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single place.


Why Use Gramboard Autopilot?

Still not sure about using Gramboard automation. Here are shown some points which may change your thoughts:

  • You don’t need to install this software on your system, as you can directly access Gramboard through the web on all browsers.
  • It has an advanced AI system which lets you automate most of your Instagram activities, as you can automate likes, following and commenting. While it also has an option to schedule unfollowing action using which you can unfollow accounts who are not following you back.
  • To start the automation process, you don’t have to run your system all the time. Gramboard performs its automation action 24/7 in the background even if your system is switched off.
  • It gives you full control to customise settings according to your target audience. Based on the location, tags, and usernames of the people, you can target the Instagram audience using Gramboard.
  • Gramboard is a smart automation toolwhich gives you an alert before taking any action while it makes sure that your account is safe from crossing Instagram limits.
  • You can also use Gramboard automation in your android smartphones. It is available on the play store. Now you can easily automate your Instagram activities through your smartphone whenever and wherever you want.
  • It has a strong support system which is available to solve the problems of their users 24/7.
  • To use this software, you do not need to have technical knowledge. To automate your Instagram activities, you can follow the instructions in the video shown here:

These amazing features make it one of the best Instagram automation tools. While you can also follow the tips shown above to create aesthetic layouts for your Instagram feed. It will help you to attract more audience, and you might be able to gain some followers as well.

Now, you are ready to create a highly engaging Instagram layout for your feed. If you have further queries regarding that, you are always welcome to write to us in the comment box.


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