Author: Mridul Sinha

How To Find And Share Your Clickable Instagram Links?

Have you checked the links added on the captions of Instagram posts are clickable or not? No! They aren’t clickable. It can be very disheartening for marketers who want to use Instagram marketing for their business. However, there are certain tricks using which you can add clickable URLs on your Instagram posts and stories. Even if you are not a marketer or influencer on Instagram, these tricks can be helpful in various ways. Suppose, you might want to share any specific Instagram link to your friend. But without a clickable URL, you won’t be able to do so. So,...

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How To Save Instagram Photos: Quick and Easy Steps to Follow

Have you ever wondered how to download photos directly from Instagram? Unfortunately, there isn’t any. It’s not possible to download Instagram photos directly from someone else’s account. However, there are some methods following which you can save Instagram photos. Here we have shown some of the most common reasons why people want to save or download photos from Instagram. To get new ideas for creating aesthetic feeds. To save your own Instagram photos which you have lost in your device. You might want to check Instagram posts of your competitors. You might want to save posts in which you...

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7 Tips To Create Cohesive Instagram Layouts

Have you ever seen a perfectly designed Instagram feed of someone you follow? You might be thinking about how can they create such stunning looking cohesive Instagram posts. It might seem a bit complicated to create such aesthetics. However, with proper planning and a couple of tricks, you could also style your Instagram feed like a genius. Instagram is a visual platform where you could be able to gain more attention by posting attractive images. With high quality and engaging content, you could be able to obtain more views, likes, and followers on Instagram. It is the best medium...

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