Author: Rounak

Why Is Instagram Marketing Right For Your Business?

There are several easy ways which you can use for business promotion on Instagram. You can capture leads on Instagram by using some tools and features.  Now you must be thinking- is this really as simple as I’m saying? The answer is a big yes. With 800 million monthly active users, Instagram has proved its presence. Its user engagement rate is 10 times higher than other social networking sites and is continue to enlarge. By following some reasonable strategies, you can expand your growth at a double rate on Instagram. There are many software and techniques available and GramBoardpro is one...

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How to Beat Instagram Algorithm to Gain Traffic for Business?

Content we represent in front of an audience on Instagram needs a lot of hard work to maintain visibility on the platform. There are several algorithms followed by Instagram for the search bar ranking, new post visibility, top feeds etc. Instagram no longer shows our posts chronologically, it has opted some new algorithm to set our Instagram feed. This means, we no longer can organize our own feed. This new change is made by Instagram because earlier, more than 70-80% people miss important posts from friends and followers. Many Business promoters and product retailers are facing challenges to understanding...

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5 Ways to use Instagram Stories Feature for Your Business

I am sure you all have seen or use the new Instagram Stories feature. These amazing features increase the popularity of Instagram among the users. Instagram is a unique platform through which you can share your thoughts and feeling through pictures and videos. Adding storytelling features in Instagram let you create a string of images and videos which will get disappeared after 24 hours. Now the question arise how to use this features for your business on Instagram? Before moving to above question lets see how Instagram stories feature work. With Instagram Stories feature, you can add a string...

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