Author: Sai

Everything About The Latest Updates On Instagram

This year, we have noticed quite a change and lots of updates on Instagram. The Team members are continuously working on the advancement of new features on Instagram. No matter, how small or big the update we are getting, we are still excited to know about some new features and announcement related to it. We all know, Instagram mainly focus on users satisfaction and marketing strategies for new and stable brands. In recent months, from January to March, Instagram has thrown some known and unknown updating cards. There was numerous rumor for some new features on Instagram and they really...

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The Best Ways of Using Instagram for Your B2B Marketing

The world’s largest photo-sharing app boasts around 500,000 businesses marketing on its platform. But most of them are the B2C ones only. Why don’t the B2B marketers use Instagram more for their business? As it is an app where people share their fun moments and don’t show much interest in business deals, B2B businesses might show some indifference to Instagram marketing. But if you think out of the box, you can find a fantastic way of using it for your B2B marketing. Want to know how? Here you go… Brand Awareness Boosted It’s the fact that we can share...

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