Is Instagram your choice of marketing channel? If yes, then do you know how many other brands are leveraging it? Well, more than 25 million active business profiles are active on Instagram. Each and every business has the same motto that is making the most of out of it. Businesses use Instagram because they understand that there is a pool of people who are their targeted audience. These people, if approached in the right way, can be converted into potential customers. 

But do all the businesses achieve their marketing goals? No, because not all of them know how to connect with their audience and convert them into potential leads. Your audience wishes to see the human part of your business and know about your brand. Marketers use common yet powerful tactics based on storytelling and content marketing for that and Instagram is one of the best platforms to do so. But here’s one thing. What do you need to do in order to build relationships with your audience?

You need to leverage all the basic features in the best possible way. These features include:

  1. Post– Your posts are the best way to show off what you’ve got. This can be your brand story in the form of an image or video, work culture or even your product details. Whatever you post should be well related to your brand and customers.
  2. Like– Show some love and care, like pictures of other users as well. These users should be among your targeted audience.
  3. Comment– What else can be better than a meaningful comment to create brand awareness. Write thoughtful comments on posts related to your brand.
  4. Direct Message– It is the most powerful way of connecting with your audience. The more you message your audience, the more you move forward towards a relationship. 

Now that you’ve understood the importance of leveraging all the basic functionalities, you need to dig a little deeper than your competitors in order to achieve your goals.

In this article, I will share how to auto dm your new followers as well as the old ones on Instagram.

First of all, there are two ways of sending messages to your audience.


This is simple and easy but more time consuming compared to the second method (that we will discuss next). For manually sending messages, you need to first keep an eye on your new followers. Once you see an increase in your followers, find out who followed you recently. 

Now go to their profiles and manually send your welcome message to them. This is the easiest way to send welcome messages to your new followers. But can you do it without a helping hand? No, you can’t. And even if you do so, it’s worthless because it will occupy your whole day, time that you could have used to grow your business.

Here’s the second and smart method.

Use a Tool

Have you heard about the term “auto dm new followers Instagram”? If yes, then you must be aware of the automation tool. These tools are specifically designed for automating all the Instagram practices.

But now every tool is worth trying. You must be aware of how strict and cautious is Instagram for the users. Instagram is not a big fan of automation tools or bots. If you mess up because of a wrong tool, you may even end up getting banned. Moreover, once your audience understands that you are using a tool, it will destroy your brand reputation.

You should use a tool that ensures both usefulness and quality. Your tool should be well aware of all the terms and conditions of Instagram.

And the best tool for you is Gramboard. Gramboard is an AI operated tool that prioritizes your authenticity the most. With Gramboard, Instagram marketing is fun.

How to Send Auto DMs with Gramboard

Create an Account

With Gramboard, you don’t need to download any bulky software. All you need to do is to go to, create an account and get started. Moreover, as Gramboard understands your needs, it also provides a free trial for all the users.

Set up Instagram

Once you have created an account, enter your Instagram credentials to get started. Gramboard believes in privacy and your details are safe with us.

Set up Auto DM

Now that you’ve completed all the initial steps, the next step is to enable auto DM. Just enable auto sending auto DMs and it will automatically take care of sending it to your new Followers.

Add the Message

Your message will be the base of your relationship. Compose a heartwarming welcome message that you wish Gramboard to send to your new followers. The trick here is to not look cheesy and greedy. Compose a message that values the bond and not just leads.

Sit Back and Relax

Congratulations! You’ve done it all and now the rest will be done by Gramboard. Anyone who follows you from now on will receive your welcome message.

Your welcome message will be your step towards connecting with your followers and the rest can be done using the other functionalities like comments and likes. With every message you send, you will connect with someone and will make them aware of your business. Easy but effective.


Not all the brands on Instagram achieve their goals, only a few do. In order to be amongst those few, you need to walk an extra mile. Allow yourself to do something special and get a companion like Gramboard to generate thousands of leads from just one platform.

Just remember that your audience is your priority and you need to give your best to build a healthy relationship with them. After all, your words reflect your worth. So use them in the best possible way.

Moreover, in case you need to send bulk messages to your followers for making an announcement or sharing news, you can use this tool. 

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