Content we represent in front of an audience on Instagram needs a lot of hard work to maintain visibility on the platform. There are several algorithms followed by Instagram for the search bar ranking, new post visibility, top feeds etc.

Instagram no longer shows our posts chronologically, it has opted some new algorithm to set our Instagram feed. This means, we no longer can organize our own feed. This new change is made by Instagram because earlier, more than 70-80% people miss important posts from friends and followers.

Many Business promoters and product retailers are facing challenges to understanding the logic behind it. They are failing to opt new strategies which surely will work for this pattern.

Let us know some specific hacks to beat this new Instagram algorithm. But before we start, you have to understand how it works.

Instagram ranks your posts based on:

User Engagement: Number of likes and comments your post has received decides how well you are in engaging people. Your Content quality and how often you schedule future content on Instagram calendar matters for user engagement. This will also incentivize your chance to get followers on Instagram.

Instagram Algorithm

Timing: How old or how recent is your post defines the visibility it gets. If you have decided to promote your business on Instagram,  you need to schedule time for brand promotion.

User Interaction: Going Live, conducting live Q&A session for your followers play a vital role. Interaction with other users is very important. Provide them a medium to ask you questions related to your brand and product. Let them clear all the doubts they have.   

You must be thinking now, what are some ways you can maximize the chances to gain more visibility? How can you reach out to your targeted audience?  

4 Important Tips To Optimize Your Instagram Feed For Greater User-Engagement By Beating New Instagram Algorithm:

New Instagram Algorithm


  • Improve Quality Of Your Content

We like what impress our eyes. For every Instagram post, quality and clarity of a picture matters. This is the first step to grab the attention of the targeted audience.

The quantity of your post doesn’t define your brand but quality describes it all. Put some extra effort and utilize the proper amount of time to post a quality content.

  1. Cross Promotion Strategy

Always remember, first one hour is crucial for your post to gain likes and comments. Cross promotion strategy works fine to promote your post on other social media platforms.

For all business promoters, it is very important to fetch as much attention as they can from users. Providing links of your Instagram post on other social media platform like Facebook, Twitter etc. can surely generate traffic and increase its visibility.

  1. Influencers On Instagram

Taking help from communities and other users who have a stable follower base is important. There are people on Instagram who are ready to promote other brands and product by taking some small amount.

They work as a celebrity figure on Instagram. They are followed by millions of people and they can help you promote your business by influencing their followers to become your buyers. Getting real followers for Instagram is important but using this strategy you can improvise your chance to get more visible than prior.

  1. Call To Action Business Promotion Strategy

This is an awesome strategy which does wonder when it comes to promoting businesses on social media platforms.

When you use some popular Hashtags and also tag your friends in your post, this become call by action strategy. By tagging friends, you are reaching out to their feeds and followers. This really works for everyone, from the new business launcher to experts.


All these Instagram Algorithm beating strategies can help you understand how it works and how can you break it to reach out your targeted audience.

Hope this blog will help you. For question and queries, you can comment down below and get the response at the earliest!