Instagram is on a rise and shows no signs of slowing down. Since more and more people are trying to become an influencer over Instagram, building a network from scratch over there has become next to impossible.


One of the most widely used marketing strategies is to automate your Instagram following and unfollowing functionalities but that has its own side effects if not done in the right way.

Why automate follow/unfollow on Instagram?


Instagram has over a billion active users and finding the right people to follow according to your industry can be a much time-consuming job. Once you allow the third party tools, they do it all without bothering you.


Moreover, having a huge list of followers look good but having a following list huger than the followers can get you a bad impression. So, in order to go strategically and only following those who follow you can be boon to your marketing strategy.


Now manually unfollowing users is impractical when some tools can do it for you.


But after the shutdown of popular Instagram automation tools like Instagress and SocialGrow, marketers have become quite choosy in terms of buying the right tool.


So in order to automate your following and unfollowing activity, I have created a list of tools that help you without ignoring Instagram’s rules of conduct.


4 Best Tools to Automate Follow/Unfollow on Instagram-

  1. Socinator

Following and unfollowing in the right way can be a little tricky when it comes to doing it under the Instagram terms of use. Socinator is a tool that allows you to set a preferred industry by adding the hashtags, locations or keywords. With Socinator, there are three types of follow and unfollow options available-


  • Auto Follow- Search users in accordance with your niche and follow them automatically. By auto-following users, you get a chance to expand your network and build your brand over Instagram.
  • Auto Follow Back- This feature allows you to follow all those users who follow you first. It is important because following back allows you to develop a connection with your followers.
  • Auto Unfollow- There are some people those who follow just for the sake of being unfollowed and once you follow them, they unfollow you. Socinator will take care of such cases and will automatically unfollow.


Some of the other features of Socinator are-


  1. Find your exact targeted users- With Socinator’s AI, it is damn easy to find and then extract your targeted audience. You can use keywords, locations, etc to define your audience.
  2. Get the best hashtags for your niche- Use Socinator to search for all the accompanying hashtags as per your niche.
  3. Efficient Account Management- Sociator allows you to play with multiple accounts at just one place without making any unnecessary hassles.
  4. Automate everything- Whether you wish to like/comment automatically or follow back or simple unfollow those who unfollowed you, Socinator allows you to do everything with an ease.


  1. Gramboard

Gramboard is the next-gen tool for Instagram automation that works on AI. With Gramboard you can easily automate all your Instagram activities to grow your network and make a brand on Instagram.


Why use Gramboard for automating follow/unfollow on Instagram?


Gramboard comes with a bunch of customization options. You just need to set your preferences and Gramboard will detect all the accounts in accordance with that. Whatever information you provide through selecting keywords, usernames, or locations, the AI will do the rest. Moreover, the people who unfollow you will be automatically unfollowed. The whole process will be done in the background without bothering you.


Although Gramboard is mostly known for automating activities there are some other jaw-dropping features of Gramboard as well.


Here’s what else you get with Gramboard-


  1. Find users based on your preference- Gramboard allows you to automate liking, commenting and following on the basis of your preferred niche or hashtags. Through this, you just follow and engage with those who are related to your industry.
  2. Multiple Account Management- With just one single dashboard, you get to manage multiple accounts.
  3. Email Support- This is what that lacks in most of the automation tools. Whenever you get stuck, contact Gramboard and they are ready to serve you in any manner 24×7.


  1. Gramto


Another great follow unfollow Instagram automation tool. Gramto is specifically made to serve your Instagram needs in order to grow your account. Gramto is a simple to use tool with all the required functionalities.


If you are a newbie and feel like using a tool that needs fewer skills for automating the follow and unfollow work, Gramto is best suited for you. Here is how you can juggle with its auto-follow and unfollow function-


  • Following speed- Set your own speed, whether you wish to fastly follow more people or go slow.
  • Pause Time- Set a time when you wish to pause your following activity.
  • Auto Follow Log- Checkout whom you followed, unfollowed and also other log activities.
  • Auto Unfollow- Automatically unfollow your recent unfollowers.


 What else you get with Gramto?


  1. Automation- Just like the last two tools, Gramto also allows you to automate all the necessary functions of Instagram. Simply let Gramto do it all once you set it.
  2. Great User Experience- With it’s sleek and responsive design, it delivers an awesome user experience.
  3. Free 3 days trial- Gramto to allows you to check whether the features are appropriate for you or not by letting you try it for completely free for 3 days. Once you decide about going on with Gramto, just upgrade your plan.
  4. Multiple Accounts- Manage up to 100 accounts from one single dashboard.


  1. SocialDrift


“Grow your Instagram followers organically”, this is Social Drift claims about itself. Like all the other tools on the list, Social Drift allows you to automate your follow and unfollow activity. Simply set your targeted audience and automate following and unfollowing.


Check out the other features of SocialDrift-


  1. Define your audience- Before you get started with automation, let Social Drift know your targeted audience. Define your audience in terms of hashtags, usernames, locations, etc.
  2. Automate- Enable automation of features that you wish to get automated and Social Drift will automatically execute them for you.
  3. Secure Boost- Social Drift does it all safely and ensures that you do everything staying within the Instagram limits.
  4. Growth Reports- Get weekly or monthly reports based on your Instagram account evolution.




Without Instagram, your marketing strategy is incomplete and you need to stay in the good books of Instagram for maintaining a healthy network over there. But if you wish to grow and set your name as an influencer, you need to step up stay ahead from your competitors. If you aren’t ready to spend dollars over your marketing strategies, using the right tools is the best solution for you. Just be a little smart and choose the tool wisely and just after sometime, you’ll see the effects.


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