Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media channels today. With over a billion users, Instagram serves the needs of both individuals and businesses. People use Instagram for various needs like creating brand awareness, building an audience and also generating potential leads. Over 25 million businesses leverage Instagram for reaching their audience and hence growing their business.

But not all the businesses can reach their goals, only a few do. What separates a winning Instagram marketing strategy from the other approaches? It’s how you execute it, and the tools do you use.

In this article, I will share how Instagram works, how to get the most out of it and the best tools to use in the process.

How Instagram Works and How to Get the Most out of it

Every day more than 95 million posts are shared on the platform. Have you ever thought of using it as a promotional weapon? If you wish to promote your brand on Instagram and reach your audience, you need to understand the basics first and then execute them properly to achieve your marketing goals. 

To leverage Instagram, you need to decide your goals first. Your goal can be anything like:

  1. Promoting your brand;
  2. Increasing conversion rates;
  3. Increasing website traffic;
  4. Making brand awareness.

As mentioned, whatever your goal is, you need to use the basics at the fullest. Instagram’s algorithm promotes the pages that are most active. And to stay active, you need to keep on liking, following, posting, commenting and also messaging as much as possible without neglecting the Instagram rules.

Once you stay active, you’ll eventually observe that your followers are growing at a rapid speed and you are also reaching your marketing goals one by one.

Instagram Rules and Tools

how to get featured on instagram

But are you aware of all the Instagram rules? Are you ready to sacrifice your time on this platform? Instagram is itself a full-time job and hiring someone else can be very costly. 

So what else can you do? You can get a tool that can help you to automate all your Instagram needs.

But before getting a tool, you need first to understand why can’t you use any tool.

When you search about Instagram automation tools, you get plenty of results but not all the tools are worth trying. Why? Because Instagram is very cautious regarding the users and their authenticity. If somehow it finds out that you’re using a bot or a third party software, you can end up getting blocked temporarily. So, if you want to continue automating your functionalities without getting blocked, you need to choose the best Instagram Automation tool.

Here are the 4 best Instagram Automation Tools that you can try


If you’re in search of an automation tool that doesn’t come as software but just an online tool, then GramBoard is the tool for you. GramBoard is the best Instagram Automation tool that allows you to put every Instagram functionality on autopilot. This tool is an AI-based tool that is solely made for Instagram automation.

If you need both useful and a budget-friendly tool then GramBoard can be handy. Furthermore, to understand whether this tool serves your needs or not, you can go for the trial version.

The tool is secure and will never affect your authenticity. It understands the dos and don’ts of the platform, and hence you can use it without worrying about getting blocked temporarily.

How to automate with Gramboard:

  1. Create your accounts and add the Instagram credentials.
  2. Set your preferences like on what basis it should find your audience.
  3. Enable all the automation functionalities or a few, as per your needs.


Socinator is an all in one automation tool that can be used for all the social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc. Unlike GramBoard, Socinator is a software that is not very bulky but occupies a little space. Socinator can be used to automate all your Instagram functionalities, even for multiple accounts, from the same dashboard.

How to automate with Socinator:

  1. Download and crack the software.
  2. Set your preferences.
  3. And finally, enable the automation process.


Gramto is another powerful Instagram Automation tool that has got it all. This is a fantastic tool when it comes to targeting your audience and then reaching them out. The tool lets you reach your audience with various search filters like hashtags, location and user. Moreover, while automating the following process, you can set the speed of following from slow to very fast and can also pause the process anytime. The best part of Gramto is that it’s free to use.

The automation process is the same as the of GramBoard’s.


Instazood is a famous and reliable Instagram automation tool. With Instazood, just like the other tools, you can easily automate all the functionalities. Moreover, it is also a web-based tool, so there is no need of downloading it, you can use it on the web. The tool is mobile friendly and can be used from any device. A 24×7 customer support is ready to assist you whenever you feel stuck. Just a few minutes in setting it up and the rest will be done by the tool.


Automating Instagram functionalities can be fun if done the right way. Many marketers use automation tools to manage multiple accounts at the same time and so can you. The only thing that you need to care about is using the best Instagram automation tool.

Before purchasing any tool, try to use the trial and then decide the best one for your needs. Once you install a tool, you’ll no longer need to worry about staying active; the tool will take care of everything. 

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