With no mark of exclamation, Instagram can be considered as the new age social media platform. Instagram has over a billion users and is the favourite channel for GenZ. The best part of Instagram is that it’s not just for connecting, but people also use it for various purposes like marketing, selling, and even building a huge audience. And so many tools like Instagram dm tool or marketing tool are available on the web.

Marketers believe that if used in the right way Instagram can add sparks to any marketing strategy because no matter what your niche is, your audience is hanging out there. All you need is to find them and attract. But what do you need to do to reach your targeted audience? Well, there are some tips and tricks available on the web, but the only things that are common in all of them are the use of the basic features of Instagram.

Here is s sneak peek at the basic Instagram functionalities-

Post- The first thing that anyone would notice in your profile are the posts. Sharing images and videos are the main point of Instagram. Share relevant content time to time.
Like- To stay active, you need to perform some actions from time to time and liking posts is one of them. Like posts that are related to your niche.
Comment- The most common feature of all the social media platforms. The more you comment, the more you build your network.
Follow- Follow the people who are related to your business, and you may end getting a follow back instantly.
Direct Message- The most personalised way of interaction. A warm welcome message to your new followers can help you build real relationships.

In this article, I will be sharing why to send direct messages is an integral part of any Instagram marketing strategy and how can you automate the process with the best tool.


Why Sending DM is an Important Strategy?


As mentioned, sending direct messages to your new followers can help you build real relationships with your audience. To step up and beat your competitors, you need to go the extra mile, and this is where sending direct messages can be your secret sauce.

When people connect to a brand through social media, they wish to see the human part of the brand. Sending a direct message can be a very crucial step in the process. Once you develop a real relationship with your audience, your audience will look where else than you when they are need of a service that your business serves.

All you need to do is keep trying to boost your relationship with your audience. You can do it by actively liking or commenting on their posts or sending welcome messages or sharing about an announcement through a dm, etc.



GramBoard- The Best Instagram DM Tool

Instagram doesn’t like the users who use any third-party tools and so using a bot can even lead to a severe backfire. To manage both sending automated DMs and also keeping your authenticity level, you need a tool that is worth using. Not all the tools prioritise your authenticity level and follow your automation commands. GramBoard is one of those tools that understand the importance of authenticity and does every job under the limitations of Instagram.

GramBoard is an all in one stop for all the Instagram automation needs. AI powers it and thus it knows how to grow your audience without pissing off Instagram. Whatever your automation need is, either auto-following or auto commenting and even sending automated messages, GramBoard is ready to serve your needs.

All you need to do is get the tool and start automating all your Instagram functionalities in just a few minutes.

Go to the Website-

Ad GramBoard is an online tool; you don’t need to download any bulky Software. Just go to the website and get started.

search instagram comments by user

Create your Account-


This is a one time job, create your account with GramBoard within a few minutes.


Add your Credentials-


To let GramBoard handle your activities, you need to add your Instagram credentials to it. Don’t worry your information is safe with us.


Set your Preferences-

Now that you’ve crossed all the initial checkpoints, you need to tell GramBoard all your industry. Set your preferences by demographics like Age, Gender, Location, etc. and let GramBoard tackle your targeted audience.

Enable Auto DMs-

Once you are done with all the steps mentioned above, it’s time for you to step forward and enable sending automated messages.

Compose your Message –

Your message reflects your brand and its credibility. Compose a short and sweet message with just one call to action and clear voice.

Let GramBoard Handle the Rest-

Congratulations, you’ve cleared it all. Now it’s time for GramBoard to do the rest and help you to grow your audience.

Once you set up the whole things, GramBoard will not need any other help from your side unless you want to update anything. The entire procedure will take a few minutes, and after that, all you need to do is keep an eye on the reports. GramBoard sends full statements regarding all the activities and their results.



Your social media profile is your online face, and you can’t compromise at any step unless you wish to ruin your credibility in front of your audience. So, never trust a tool that is not worth your time.

As said, not every tool is worthy but just a few ones. This article can help you a lot in finding the best Instagram DM tool. Being an expert in the field of marketing, I can assure you that this one of the best Instagram Automation Tools.

Try it for a few days and then decide it yourself, whether the tool is ready to serve all your needs or you need a different device.


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