The world’s largest photo-sharing app boasts around 500,000 businesses marketing on its platform. But most of them are the B2C ones only.

Why don’t the B2B marketers use Instagram more for their business?

As it is an app where people share their fun moments and don’t show much interest in business deals, B2B businesses might show some indifference to Instagram marketing.

But if you think out of the box, you can find a fantastic way of using it for your B2B marketing.

Want to know how?

Here you go…

Brand Awareness Boosted

It’s the fact that we can share only one link in our Instagram profile. There are many such limitations on Instagram that are unfavourable for driving traffic and lead generation. Especially for blogs, it is inadequate.

But don’t you think that you can boost up your brand awareness on Instagram?

It’s quite obvious that people love creatives. They pay attention to an eye-catching image or an interesting video. What else you need to grab the eyeballs by sharing your updates and milestones?

Start creating amazing creatives wishing your audience on festivals and holidays, showing off your milestones, and introducing your new products.

Here is an example for you. Just take a look at how MailChimp is using Instagram throwbacks for sharing its achievements.

Mailchimp on instagram

Thus, it is spreading its brand awareness among the 500M user community. You may not be getting traffic or conversions but you can boost up your brand awareness and maintain great CRM.

Let the World Know about Your Happy Customers

Producing content for Instagram is not an easy task. You may not find sufficient time to make creatives.

Have you ever thought of content curation on Instagram?

Yes, you can curate content of your happy customers.

If you don’t have the skills to capture attractive photos, you may need to pay a creator. But with this content curation from your customers, you need not pay a single penny to anyone.

Let’s think a step ahead – if you share your customer’s success stories, it will get you goodwill, won’t it?

Your audience will get some motivation to try your products. What else do you expect from Instagram for your business?

Just take a look at how SquareSpace, a website designing business, use this platform for its business and sets an example of better B2B marketing.

Squarespace on instagram

Here, they are sharing their customer’s success and giving a link on their bio. Thus, they are trying to motivate their audience to try their product and driving traffic as well.


Already 53% of B2B marketers have started leveraging Instagram for their business. If you are not the one among them, it’s no late. Start using Instagram for your business right at the moment.

These Instagram strategies for B2B marketers give way to making a humanoid interaction with the customers thereby strengthening the customer relations.

As most of the content can be curated, you can schedule your activities. And for this, GramboardPro is already there for you.

What say you? Please share your ideas on this post and help us helping you better.