Our lives have become busier and more hectic in the Internet era. We often feel overwhelmed by how much we need to get done every day. Sometimes, social media eats up a lot of our time and we feel like we need a break. You can take that break whenever you want if you decide to use the best Windows automation software for social media platforms.

These kinds of tools are useful for social marketers who often struggle to get all their daily tasks done. There are so many social platforms available on the market today. Businesses feel the need to be present on all of them, keep their followers updated and deliver content constantly. This way they can keep them engaged and interested in what they are offering.

By finding and using the best Windows automation software for social media, marketers can make their life easier. They won’t have to perform repetitive tasks every day. These tools will do it for them.

Why use social media automation?

Social media automation, as the name implies, is the process of automating some or all your social media tasks, like posting content, likes, comments, etc. This process is a life-saver for many social marketers who would otherwise give up on some social activity due to lack of time.

There are several reasons you should use social media automation. Here are the most important ones. First and foremost, automation helps you save time and money. Fewer resources will be wasted on manual, repetitive tasks. Social media users can take advantage of the time they save to perform more high-value tasks.

Secondly, social media automation enables you to deliver constant content and get more control over your strategy. Studies have shown that about 32 percent of businesses that use automation tools registered increased revenue after 12 months. Moreover, most business and brands that automate some of their marketing tasks outperform those that aren’t.

Automation software is also helpful because it allows you to share the same post on multiple social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, at the same time.

Last but not least, the best Windows automation software also includes analytics tools, which allow marketers to track and measure the performance of their posts. Analytics is important for businesses to understand what works and what doesn’t. It helps them improve their social media marketing strategy.

Best Windows automation software for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest

As mentioned above, automation is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Consistency is the key to business growth. The more active you are on your social media profiles and the more content you post, the more traffic you’ll drive to your website.

best windows automation software

Here are the most important tasks the best Windows automation software for social media can perform on your behalf:

  • Schedule and optimize posts for higher engagement
  • Curate content from blogs
  • Automate repetitive tasks (such as like, follow, etc.)
  • Offer valuable reports across multiple networks
  • Create custom responses to common customer queries with chatbots.

Facebook automation with Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a complete social media automation tool that works wonders for those who use Facebook the most. It comes with a lot of amazing features that will help you automate your content posting and schedule your content in advance, engage with your audience, work on customer support, and much more.

Besides publishing automation, Sprout Social for Facebook includes reputation and response management tools for Pages and Messenger. It has a user-friendly interface, a feature that helps you track keywords and identify influencers, as well as a rich inbuilt analytics feature.

Instagram automation with Gramboard

GramBoard is the ideal tool for Instagram automation. It helps you automate most tasks on the social platform, as the follow/unfollow functionality, likes, comments and posts, all without any prior knowledge or skills.

It’s a really easy-to-use tool. All you need to do is create an account on GramBoard, plug your Instagram account into the tool, activate the tasks you want to automate, and that’s it. You can sit back and watch it do its job.

Gramboard AI searches users to follow based on your preferred niche and will automatically unfollow the ones who didn’t follow back after a few days. It also offers analytics and reports every week/month so that you can see its activity.

Twitter automation with Buffer

Buffer is one of the best Windows automation software for social media and was one of the first Twitter management tools on the market. It is a Twitter post scheduler that helps you be successful on the social network.

It’s difficult to be active all day long on any social platform. With Buffer, you can schedule tweets in advance and make it look like you are in front of a computer all day.

You just need to put your tweets into Buffer instead of posting them directly on Twitter. Set your preferred schedule and the tool will send your tweets in a queue and post them at the set times.

Pinterest automation with Tailwind 

Tailwind is one of the most popular scheduling tools for Pinterest. Therefore, it offers users lots of interesting features to make their life easier on Pinterest. This means it offers rich analytics, a reporting system, and advice regarding the ideal times to schedule pins.

The tool has an integrated analytics system. As a result, it knows when it’s best to post. Thus, your pins reach more people and drive more traffic to your blog.

The tool comes with an easy-to-use user interface. There is also a video tutorial available to help users start scheduling their pins. With this Windows automation software for Pinterest, users can schedule pins from their blog or other blogs using a browser extension.

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