When you get up on Instagram to promote your business, you want to leverage it to the fullest, don’t you? And in the process, you sometimes even end up getting blocked for a certain activity or several. Why does it happen? It is because you violated Instagram’s terms of use.

What are the Instagram terms of use?

If you’re reading this article then chances are you have been blocked from following on Instagram. Well, if so, you need to know how to use Instagram in their own terms. Unlike most of the other social media platforms, Instagram is very cautious about its users and doesn’t like any extraordinary activity.

Here are a few reasons why Instagram blocks you from following:

  1. You Followed like Crazy – Instagram allows you to follow people with a limit of 200 per day and if you violate that, you will get temporarily banned from following more.
  2. Multiple Accounts – If you use more than 3 accounts with a single IP or proxy, Instagram might detect it and block your functionalities temporarily. It is advised to not to use more 3 accounts from a single IP or proxy.
  3. Black Hat Marketing – If you use your Instagram account for promoting offers like cost per action, you might get blocked from following.
  4. Automation – Instagram has recently lowered down the limits of every activity even more. Though Instagram doesn’t prefer using an automation bot for your account because the users don’t like it, you can’t cope up if you’re running multiple accounts or have no time.

Now that you’ve got banned from following on Instagram it’s time to uncover some basic tips to retain your rights and prevent from being blocked again in future.

Here’s What You Need to Do

Instagram takes a lot of steps in order to keep the users on track and not misuse the features. Running a marketing strategy and keeping Instagram happy has become more difficult than ever. Don’t worry if you are banned from following because there are dozens like you out there. All you need to is follow this little guide. 

Sit Back and Relax

You have already done a lot for your Instagram account and now you just don’t need to do anything. Stop all the activities for at least 2-3 days. You just don’t want to lose any other functionality, right? So, just don’t do anything and go for a mini-vacation.

Mind your Gap

Now that you know what Instagram can do if it doesn’t like your behaviour, you need to mind the gap and have to wait at least 10-15 seconds between any actions. At least for a week, do everything with a cautious mind so you don’t ruin it again.

If you don’t do this and continue doing stuff like crazy, Instagram will assume that you are not real but a bot and may even permanently ban you. You certainly don’t wish that, right? So, just allow a little gap between all the actions.

Put Automation on Hold

If you are using any kind of automation bot, just pause it for a while. Instagram is not in favour of such a thing and can keep you blocked only because of it.

Whatever activity is on autopilot, keep it on hold for at least a week and then continue. Not that difficult.

Stop it Even if you Retrieve your Account

You may have got your functionality back but that can just be checking Instagram. Simply don’t use it for a while. You don’t wish to get blocked again, right?

Just hold on for a week and then continue like a normal person coping with the limitations. 

Let Instagram know that you’re not a Spammer

Instagram hates spammers and if it thinks that you’re a spammer then it can even delete your account permanently. Instagram also hates if a single link is attached with multiple profiles. If you have such links, it’s better to get rid of them. Moreover, if you’re also doing some black marketing stuff, just stop that right away. 

Start Slowly

Start the activities slowly. After 3-4 days start liking 1-2 posts, post some content and make Instagram believe that you are real and not a bot. You can also start liking slowly after a week. Just make sure that it’s you and not an automation bot.

Choose the Right Tool

Sometimes it’s not you but the wrong tool that doesn’t understand Instagram’s terms of use. You just can’t rely upon a tool like that. You don’t need a tool but a companion for your marketing strategy. Be wise while choosing it.

Gramboard is an all in one Instagram automation tool. As Gramboard understands Instagram’s terms and conditions, it will automatically stop the automation activities if it’s about to violate any rule or limitation. You don’t need to worry about getting blocked anymore.  


Instagram has become a necessity for any marketing strategy. If you want to succeed, you need to make sure that you mind Instagram’s regulations. And for that, you need to keep a few rules in mind.

If you’re a marketer or a business owner, you can’t do it all on your own. You need a tool. A tool that serves all your automation needs and also takes care of Instagram’s terms of use. You can get a plenty of automation tools but not all of them are the right ones. Start to explore tools by using the trial or just go with an expert’s recommendation. Make sure that your account is on the right hands.

And remember, authenticity is the key. If you don’t look authentic, you might end up getting nothing. Build an audience, show some love and be real.

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