Without a doubt, Today we all are obsessed with one amazing social media platform that begins with Insta and ends with gram. Yes! You guessed it right – Instagram. This platform has a whopping 1 billion users (and counting). 500 million of which uses this platform on a daily basis & that’s really a HUGEE number.  

With these shocking statistics, We can imagine the power this incredible platform holds. Marking your presence is really difficult but it is possible. We can see a lot of impressive global brands, public figures, celebrities and influencers who have made their account super successful and popular. Do you want to be in that hit list? Do you also want your Instagram to be the one who is followed by everyone? Do you want to taste Insta fame?

In reality who doesn’t want to be papped by the followers and enjoy being an influencer?

But, Treading alertly and wittingly is de rigueur. In this blog post, we will tell you the key strategies and tips which will definitely help you to build a successful Instagram.

So, Let’s not waste time and get started –

#1. Create an Impressive Bio

Your Instagram profile is like your costume at Met Gala, If your dress ain’t scene stealing, you’ll be snouted. To get your Bio right, this is all what you need to do –

  • Your Profile Picture

One of the smartest move taken by the businesses is they keep their logo in their profile picture. This helps people to know exactly what account they are landing on. But it is not at all compulsory. The thing is your picture should be representative and of high quality.

  • Your site URL

The only place where you can stuff your website URL. The golden chance when you can take your viewers to your website and can showcase your product and services on face. You can place only One link and you have to ensure to make the most out of it.

  • Short Description

You need to woo your viewers in a matter of seconds. Timing is important. There is no time to lose here. Describe who you are and what you do in an interesting manner. Don’t be boring. You can use emojis, different font styles, characters to make it look more appealing and interesting.

  • Choose either a regular or business account.

This totally depends on you. Make sure you keep it clear and precise.

#2. Get acquainted with your Target Audience

The major goal of setting up an Instagram shop/account is to build up a network of people who all have come together in their common love for your content and your brand. To fulfill your major goal and in order to contrive a content strategy that will meet up your business plans and hold potential consumers. Identifying your core target audience is very important for your Instagram engagement and for your content plan.

#3. Cohesive Instagram aesthetic

To cut short – this section basically brings your brand’s personality into the limelight. A perfect theme is necessary. Look at your niche, select a pallet and work towards that. Make sure you keep the tone constant. Your theme, Style of posting should be unique. Plan your feed cautiously.

In a nutshell – You should be able to catch the eyeballs of your viewers in the very first second.

Also do not forget to be real. The more real you stay, the more people will like you and will follow you.

#4. Keep your Content Game Strong & Be consistent


We all know that Content is king. Make sure to create a solid content plan as it is highly important.

If you truly wanna be a well-known personality in this platform – make sure you plan to post 2-3 pictures every single day & the posts which you are making live should be one of its own kind. No one want to see things which they have already seen. On Instagram everyone is hungry for fresh, never seen before content.

Posting 2-3 posts daily seems to be hard but It works. And it totally doesn’t look malicious. For whatever length of time that you’re posting fantastic (quality substance + picture/video quality) posts, you’ll be great. Instagram favours the accounts which are real, which do post high quality content and reliable.

Remember consistency is the key. Create your contents before hand. People do not like to visit those accounts which are inactive. Also you can take the help of various Instagram scheduling tools to automate your posting process.

#5. Run an Ad

Instagram Ads are an extraordinary tool to help support your insta presence and performance. Since they are especially useful at helping you contact individuals in your focused market who could be keen interested in your services and products. Instagram Ads are the prime and the definite way to help you pump up your followers.

Since they are so exact, you can focus on your posts straightforwardly at the audience who might be interest in your services expanding the possibility that they’ll navigate to your profile and follow you on Instagram.

#6. Keep track of your account & work accordingly

Once you have started the ball rolling, you have to keep an eye on all your account activities and should see whether the things are falling in place as per the plan or not. You need to check what your viewers are reacting to, who is engaging with your posts, likes, dislikes, what others are posting about you. It is true that it is hard to manage Instagram accounts but when you analyse accounts and keep in track all the activities it becomes easier for you to understand things better and that is crucial while you make future decisions.

Mastering the scientific art of Instagram Marketing is tough and certainly an uphill climb. You cannot become successful overnight. It might take some time but it will happen.

There’s no abracadabra or mumbo-jumbo for this, but there is a small business advice – You have the above mentioned key strategies and trips with you which will definitely help you running in bigger leagues in a very less span of time.


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