In the year 2010, when Instagram was first launched as a photo sharing platform no one ever imagined how huge influencer it will become for the marketing industry. With 800 million active user base it has become one of the topmost user engaging platforms. The user rate on Instagram has increased by 357% in last 3 years. It is growing and expanding with high definition picture contents, Live video streamings, and Instagram stories.


Users are taking help from Instagram followers app to gain follower by using artificial techniques. This is surely helpful but it can make your strategies more complicated. So, better follow simple and straightforward steps. From beauty brands to food, clothing, tourism brands etc. are influencing people to use Instagram on daily basis. There are communities who have a strong presence on this platform.

I know you are thinking, how Instagram could be a valuable platform for marketing your brand?

Stats of the Instagram user according to the age group and gender

To answer this question let’s have an inside look

Instagram has given a huge contribution to build and promote many brands. People share on daily basis. Per day 90 million posts are shared on this platform. But you need to understand one thing, every platform works differently. They work according to algorithms which are distinct from each other. You should not expect same results from different platforms.

Coming back to the question;

How could Instagram be a valuable platform for marketing your brand?

Growth of Instagram Users

Get your answer in below-mentioned points:

Beauty Brands

If you are looking to promote a beauty brand, then Instagram is the right place where you can influence people to like and buy your products.

Know some useful strategies:


  • Branded and Quality Images


A refreshing image with a story can easily fetch you a good follower base. Add a small logo and your brand name in images to avoid the problem of plagiarism.  The quality of the image of your product should be clear and capable enough to attract the new audience.


  • Live Video Tutorials

For beauty product promotion, it has been seen that Live video tutorial strategy works effectively. Create a trustworthy relationship with your customer. Tell them about the product and also about the steps and precaution they can follow while use it. Live tutorial series is most effective because as a first time user, a person can face many problems and to clear that they can watch these videos and can clear their queries by dropping a comment.

  • #Hashtags

Follow Popular Hashtags. This is a new feature launched recently on Instagram. Follow all Hashtag communities related to your product. This will help you gain more visibility in other users feed and it will help you fetch high ranking.


Digital Marketing play a vital role

It would surprise you to know that over 20 million of unique followers in the US itself is attracted by the beauty accounts. With these unique searches for the beauty products, increases the opportunity to grow connections. This is how beauty world is taking advantage of Instagram to grow their reach and inspiring people.

Auto Industry

The auto industry is the leader in the visual communication and marketing field. The shift of the bleed advertisements from TV, magazines and direct mail to the mobile has played a vital role of catalyst in the industry.    

We can find the craze of mobile throughout the world. Everyone is busy with their mobile no matter whether they are standing or walking or sitting. More than an average Instagrammers  are using Instagram 21 times per day and are active 7 days out of the week.*

Now you might be wondering how this has affected the auto industry?

According to a research 80% of Instagrammers research for the products online before buying them. It was found that many of them admit that seeing relevant ads are important to them. As per the two-year comparison, 38% people agree that the platform informs them about what they are buying and this % increase to 59% for auto enthusiasts.

The auto fans are so passionate about the discovery on Instagram that the auto industries are taking advantage of the mobile power and visual experience of Instagram to promote their vehicles.

To raise the awareness about their vehicles businesses like GMC and Honda are using this platform. Have a look.

Businesses like GMC and Honda are using this platform


Businesses like GMC and Honda are using this platform


Tourism Brands

If you are promoting a tourism brand, there are some amazing features which can help you with your brand promotion.


Know About Some Instagram Features For Business Promotion:

  • Add stories

In this, you get options like cinematography which provide an actual platform to share 60 secs long video story. This option is recently introduced and is as famous as a boomerang.

  • Create Live videos

As a tourism brand, you get this amazing advantage to share the videos of places and spots for high promotion.

  • Normal Instagram Stories

Update and schedule your Instagram stories on a Daily basis. This will introduce you to get followers for Instagram. It also will help you announce some offers beforehand in your stories. Instagram is widely famous for marketing brands and products. It uses some algorithm for everything and your feeds, visibility, and rankings are influenced by it. By following strategies you can beat Instagram Algorithm. And always remember, first one hour after posting is very crucial, this decides whether you succeeded to gain attention or failed.

Promotion on Instagram is important but you can also use cross-promotion strategy to take help from other social media sites. Provide a link to your official Instagram business account on other media sites to derive traffic.

Wrapping It Up For You

Like these two brands if you are promoting other things like Accessories, Handbags, Vehicles etc. You can follow the same strategies as I have mentioned above for all the other brands. Read our other blogs on Gramboardpro to know more about Instagram stories. Hope you get all the points and if not, please drop a comment down below!