Instagram stories are widely famous and they are used as a medium for business marketers to promote brands and products by posting series of images and videos which can be played sequentially. Back in December, an exciting new feature on Instagram got introduced among us. It is a prediction that, this feature has the power to change the way we interact with business promoters.

This feature is widely known as “Story Highlights”, it allows users to select unlimited story highlights and they can mention the links in the bio section of their profile. The Instagram story is a way of sharing videos, photos, and pictures with your followers. The interesting thing about the Instagram stories is that they are visible until 24 hours after that it disappears.

So we are here to use these Instagram stories for business. Wondering how?

Well, I will discuss how. Just move on with the content of this post you will get to know how.

Strategy #1

Try to show a day in the life

For creating the story you can use photos as well as videos.  For doing this it is not necessary that you have to create your video eye-catchy. Rather than that, you should concentrate on the way to show the usual view of the day-to-day happenings of your business. Like the one shown below.

You can simply capture video in Instagram stories. When your creation is done you can upload the same with a caption or not as you wish. You are also able to draw the text onto image or video. This will totally depend on your creation that how efficiently you are able to grab this opportunity to show your creation.

Also, I feel proud to present you the latest feature of Boomerang, mention, and links which is introduced by Instagram stories which will make your stories even more fun.

Boomerang Option for Instagram Story Feature

This is widely used option for Instagram users. It brings out the fun from any moment in your daily life.  As a business promoter, you can utilize this for product promotion. Make a fun Boomerang and add it as a post. And if you want to add multiple images and videos, add it as an Instagram story.

Mentions Of Other Users


Mentioning other users in your stories and posts is an effective way to attract followers attention to your Instagram account. This is mainly used by all the users but if you are promoting something, you can utilize it in a better way.

This mentioning is same as the captions and comment which you add. You can mention and share the video with or who you are thinking of to be in your story. You are also able to add text to your strengths and the moment when you type @ followed by the username, it will appear underlined in the story. And when people will click on that mentioned name they will see a popup including that person’s profile.    

Also, when you are mentioned in someone’s story then you will receive the notification. If the situation is that someone has mentioned you in her or his post whom you don’t follow then you will receive the message request.

The option of seeing more links

The option of see more links

When you are watching someone’s story and want to go deeper then you must click on See more at the bottom of some stories. Also, the links are added to only those accounts which are verified and thus will help you to learn more.

Strategy #2

Make modification in your Blog Content

As we all know that there are many people who are interested in cooking, so they will search for such contents, right? According to that, judge your customer ’s demand and make the desired changes. Create stories which are related to your business and try to convert them into a story shown below.

 Make modification in your Blog Content

From the above story, you are able to grab the curiosity of your customers to know more about your product. The story tells the short brief idea of your product, so try to use the same for your business.

Strategy #3


We cannot imagine Instagram without #Hashtags. They play a vital role when promoting one’s business. Today, we have the option to follow Hashtag communities. This can help in boosting your search bar ranking and visibility on Instagram. For promoting business, it is important for your post to get appear in others feed more frequently and this will only get possible by using popular Hashtags.

Big brands are not slowing down in experimenting with Instagram story feature. They are competing and finding ways to utilize this option as much as they can. In recent months, if we check, more than 70% brands present on Instagram have created stories to promote their brand. Generating real follower for Instagram is necessary to get initial supporters.

Daily over 230 million users on Instagram, post-Instagram stories. You can promote your business on Instagram even as a beginner; all you need to do is make an eye-catchy video by following some good strategies.

You can see how efficiently the above is done. The above story will let the viewers know that what special for today, what are the ingredients used to make such a delicious item and then finally you can see the result. This is a kind of provocation which you are doing to make your viewers at least visit your place. Similarly, you can do the same for your business products.   


I hope I was clear with my words; I have written this blog in a much simpler way for you to understand easily. For doubts and queries, do drop a comment down below!

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