Instagram is considered as a free marketing platform by many business promoters. It can increase the growth rate of your business by 10x than prior. This is a huge platform which continues to expand.

Users consider it as a safe zone, where they can filter their feed. They can avoid frustrating news that bricks other social media feeds. Instagram has introduced so many new and exciting features which plays a big role in the promotion of brands. Many businessmen use auto followers Instagram apps for creating a stable user base. There are over 25+ million companies, who are gathering follower base for their brand in impressive numbers.

We all surely have heard about Instagram story feature; this feature provides you rostrum to display images by using some creativity.

Let’s know, how can this Instagram Story feature help you promote your brand:

Brand Promotion

The most important asset about this storytelling feature is, it can take customers behind the organized images and introduce them to the product you are promoting. There are various methods through which a promoter can promote the brand. A campaign shoot at a tourist place, showing a whole day journey of a person using the product. This can create a strong bond and can let you connect with customers directly.

Instagram Stories

It is the photos and videos sharing app which enables the users to share their photos as well as videos in a slideshow format. Well, I have a good news for the one who is regular with the use of Instagram. Guess what? Now users are able to share up to 10 photos and videos in a single post. The one who is not using Instagram regularly it is not a big deal for them but the one who is regular with the use of Instagram, they know the importance of this.

Why should Businesses opt for the Instagram Stories?

We all know that Instagram stories were introduced in the year 2016, August. It has created a significant response in less than 6 months on Instagram but Snapchat took 6 years to get the same. Not only people are involved in this, one-third of the stories are from the businesses. The point to be noted is that one in five stories on Instagram receives a direct message from its viewers and about 70% of stories are viewed with sound on.  600 million users are using this app and about 95 million photos, as well as videos, are shared every day. It’s up to you whether to use Instagram Stories or Snapchat but the stats say that nearly 50% of brands are using Instagram.     

Focus On One-To-One Feedback

Instagram stories remain for 24 hours if a user allows it to. They are not permanent. There is a delete option to remove stories. This feature allows you to get one-to-one feedback from the customer about the product. If you add a story, promoting your newly launched product, you can know their genuine reviews. This really helps in improvising the product on the basis of feedback.

How can you promote through Instagram Stories?

Well, it’s not a big deal to have Instagram stories if you are having Instagram you will have Instagram stories. There is no additional step required for the Instagram stories.  

Another thing which you need to take care of is, that what are the features you will get in the Instagram stories. So let’s check out the features of Instagram stories.

Provide Live Tutorials

Many brands who want to engage their customer by giving some live tutorials can create stories on Instagram on daily basis. These stories will be for a temporary period and will get deleted automatically after completing the live session.

Beauty brands, retailers etc can create several tutorials just to promote their brands and to create a trustworthy relationship with their customers. It has been noted that customers get more influenced by the product if they watch someone use it before they buy. This gives them a self-satisfaction review about the brand they are choosing to use.



Cross Function Promotion

A business promoter can also promote your brand in their stories after collaboration. This gives a different perspective to customers. And it can also help you reach out to the new audience. It also depends on the follower base, how widely a product can spread? There are some automation tools who helps as a follower tracker for Instagram. The more you know about your follower base, the more it will help you promote your business.

Users are allowed to share photos and videos and in addition to that users can capture GIFs that loop forward and backward. With this feature, you can delight your users.



Provide Links

You are also allowed to add links to your stories. Instagram has experimented by mentioning See More links at the end portion. The viewers who are watching your story can either swipe to view or can tap on to See More.


So how business can take the advantage of Instagram Stories? Then let’s see the same.

What is Best Practice for Instagram Stories?

Tell stories

This is the most amazing way to get connected with people. The thing which you should consider here is that your story should have more than a couple of snaps or the video clips. Since all the elements will play together in a slideshow way so you have to be quite conscious that they should tie together.   

Provide value

This is another concerned topic that your stories should provide values for your viewers and audience. Stuck with your goal it might be entertaining people, providing some information or anything else. Be sure that your viewers return to you for getting more.  

Be authentic

Instagram stories and Snapchat are the platforms which are designed to be looked as if it was captured (even if it is not). Your stories should have fun so that to gain engagements but should be similar to your content. This is a great platform to show your creativity and experiments.

Promote your story

As we all know that Instagram stories last only for 24 hours. During this time it will appear in the stories bar. If you have devoted time, resources and energy to your story then make sure that your followers see it. You can add a relevant content with your story and check out the views.   

Over To You

Hope I was clear with the explanation. There are many amazing features on Instagram and this story feature is one of them. You should surely opt this good-for-promotion strategy for your business.

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