Instagram is an app, we open frequently time-to-time to check attractive images, videos, and Insta stories.

Today over 800 million active users post every day. And we can predict the future for Instagram by the rate it’s growing and expanding. Users share 300 million stories per day and trust me when I say “It’s a huge number”. This platform is lucrative- not just engaging. Videos and photos are the soul base of Instagram. A user can stand out from the crowd when he/she delivers out professional but attractive content. And if you are hoping to get follower for Instagram as other high profile accounts on Instagram, quality of your content will matter. 

Now the question is, How you can enhance the quality of your Instagram pictures and videos? I’m going to explain everything from initial steps and I’m assuming you are not professional. So, bear with me till this blog ends to know how you can improve quality of photos and videos by using some great editing apps.

4 Apps to enhance picture and video quality

#1 Edit your Photos with Snapseed App

This is one of the most popular pictures editing app. This is available for iPhone. Snapseed provides a platform for basic image editing or to enhance the quality of Image. It is very easy and simple to use and if you are searching for an app which contains basic to advanced editing option, this app is for you.



This app will help you get the gorgeous picture quality.


#2 Quick Photo Editing App

This app is used to create excellent quality videos. You can create a photo series by using this app and directly publish it on Instagram or any other social networking sites. This gives the option to customize stories with music and text. Videos and photos which you edit or create can be shared directly by using share option. This provides beautiful effects and transitions options for editing purpose.


#3 VSCO Cam App

This is a Photography app where you can upload photos or click a new one. There are several options available to add filters. VSCO app works a social media site where you can share posts with other VSCO users or you can directly share it on other social media platforms.



#4 Boomerang App

When we talk about Instagram, Boomerang plays a vital role. Instagram stories are incomplete without Boomerang app. Over 100 Million people across the globe are using it.  A user gets a platform to edit pictures, add filters and enhance creativity in videos. Boomerang helps to create a video loop or series that repeat. This brings out the fun from any moment. This also provides a video tutorial to know and learn steps.

Boomerang App


#5 Bokehful app

Bokeh is termed as a classic photo effect which has the visual quality of out-of-focus areas of an image especially rendered by a particular lens and the Bokehful imitates effect with the smartphones. So let’s just discuss some of the features of Bokehful.


  • You are able to draw bokeh light effects directly on the photos.
  • You are able to use the shapes like heart, star, circle, hexagons.
  • Can choose multiple bokeh color gradients.
  • Can change opacity (quality of lacking transparency) of Bokeh.
  • Can save the full resolution of the image.
  • Also, you are able to share on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and other apps.

The lens of your smartphone will not create bokeh effect whereas, Bokehful will do.


Bokehful app


#5 Facetune App

Are you willing to make your photos as impressive as to grab viewer’s attention? If so, then make use of the Facetune app. This app will allow you to create images similar to portraits.  You are able to remove any kind of blemish from your photo. Also, you are able to correct your skin ’s imperfections. Here’s an example of the same.

Facetune App

By observing the above screenshots you can judge the perfection of this app.


#6 Tiltshift Generator

This app will give a miniature effect to your photo. When you need to concentrate on some particular part of the image then it is quite efficient. You will be clearer by observing the below image.

 Tiltshift Generator

There are much more apps which are being introduced by Instagram but for now, I have discussed some of them. To know click. Well, once you are able to make changes in the images which you wish to upload then can make use of the automation software which will allow you to upload many images with a certain interval of time.

Make use of the feature of Gramboardpro for uploading images also can download some.



This feature of Gramboardpro allows you to upload images. Just load the images and you are one click away to upload it.


Now you know about 4 amazing apps which can boost the quality of your pictures and videos. Try using them for the betterment of Instagram posts. Use the already present filters or pre-made filters to edit and rest, I can assure you that the quality of pictures will bring the attention you want. I hope this blog will help you in some way. Do let me know which app helped you or which you liked the most?  For queries and doubts, comment down below!

Hope, you are able to understand the changes made also I would request you to follow our blogs on Gramboardpro if wish to have crystal clear view of the features of Gramboardpro.