This year, we have noticed quite a change and lots of updates on Instagram. The Team members are continuously working on the advancement of new features on Instagram. No matter, how small or big the update we are getting, we are still excited to know about some new features and announcement related to it. We all know, Instagram mainly focus on users satisfaction and marketing strategies for new and stable brands.

In recent months, from January to March, Instagram has thrown some known and unknown updating cards. There was numerous rumor for some new features on Instagram and they really get introduced to us.

Want to know about all the latest features on Instagram?

Let us have a brief description of them;

Instagram Scheduling Feature

This was a quite a big announcement. Instagram introduced a new API that allows its users to schedule future posts directly. A calendar chart is available for the users to schedule the post according to prominent date. There was a time when we took help from some auto Instagram bot to schedule our future posts on a calendar. But these tools never provided any help for direct posting.

Instagram Scheduling Feature

Instagram Scheduling bought a big relief to all its users. Business promoters have got a new strategy to plan all their promotions through this tool and it will save a huge amount of time for them.

Privacy Controls For Replay

This feature was first introduced by Snapchat and it is followed by Instagram with some important add-ons. Instagram allows its user to decide whether they want the message to be played once or multiple times by the receiver. And now they have added “Keep-in-chat” privacy option on Instagram, it surely will give a boost to get some real followers for Instagram.

Privacy Controls For Replay

This feature makes shared messages permanently available. A user can directly change it according to their privacy concern. This feature is more flexible now than ever before.

Cinemagraph As A New Story Option

This feature is recently got released and there are multiple predictions for its future update. Cinemagraph option will give access to users for creating exceptionally, eye-catching stories. The possibility of using this option is endless if we actually think of it.

Holding hands, talking and having fun with friends, recording a real story using this tool can attract numerous people. Uncountable ideas are there and this surely will explode the growth of Instagram. This will boost the business promotion by creating small stories for advertising the product.  

Follow #Hashtags

There are options where a person can use #Hashtags but there was no option to follow them. Hashtags have always been a best-friend with all Instagram users but after this new follow feature update, the user can also follow communities of Hashtags. This has already opened new doors for brand promoters.

Follow #Hashtags

This feature will allow anyone to get easily visible if other users search for the same Hashtag. This has increased the possibility to get higher rank in search bar list just by following #Hashtags related to your brand.

Wrapping It Up For You

Instagram updates from last few months have created an excitement among all the normal users and brand promoters. The above-mentioned features are some really big updates introduced by Instagram which surely will increase the flexibility and ease some pressure from its users.

Tell us, which of these features excited you the most? Share your questions, queries, and thoughts in the comment section below.