Social media platforms are all about content sharing, user engagement, and user-satisfaction. Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps which allows its user to share visual content. This has a high user engagement rate among all. It has over 800 million active users per month, 500 million active users on daily basis and the numbers continue to increase at a high speed.

Instagram is highly used by business promoters and big brands. But still, there are a certain amount of businesses who avoid joining Instagram for mainly two reasons. Mostly they get an overwhelming experience at starting and they tend to step back. And secondly, they find it hard to understand how it works.

Do you have the same reason as I mentioned above for not joining Instagram for business promotion?

If yes, let me state a simple fact ‘It is really easy to use Instagram for business promotion with initial guidance and some useful tips and tricks ’.

Here is a simple Guideline for you with  4 useful tips to follow on Instagram:


#1. Building Trust Among Your Target Audience

Every social networking site works accordingly to favor their users, consumers, buyers in every best possible way. They believe in happy and satisfied customers. They always focus on creating user engaging features. Instagram doesn’t restrict any brand, you can promote whatsoever you want.

Instagram has built a trustworthy and friendly relationship with users. It provides advanced features for free and any person can utilize it to benefit their businesses. Now you must be thinking, how can you build a community and gain their trust to promote your brand?

Building Trust Among Your Target Audience

The answer is simple, use your original ideas. People are fed-up to see same and repeated content on Instagram, they are now seeking out to find something new, something original. Use this chance, show them some of your creative ideas to promote your product. If they started liking what you post, they surely will become your follower and you can build long-lasting relationships with them.

#2. Quality of content

The fact is, Instagram is widely known for promotion of brands. It also helps to generate Quality content to engage the user. There are various features which give filter options to give your post a good outlook.

Quality Content

It has been noted down that the contents which get published on Instagram attract 70% more user attention than on Facebook and Twitter. The marketers are more focused now to engage the audience on Instagram by producing contents which are in demand. On Instagram, Quantity, and Quality both matters. You have to share new content regularly to keep your followers engaged. There are many third-party apps which provide extra features for generating quality content. You can get these apps on Google Play store or Apple store, install these apps and you are all set to increase your follower base.


#3. Promotion Of “Small Businesses” on Instagram

You a have small or less known business? Congratulation! You already gained a clear advantage and fair chance to promote your business among people by putting less effort. I can give you assurity of less competition on Instagram. It’s a fact that not many small businesses promote their products and brands on Instagram. You can utilize this opportunity to build a stable community of buyers by using some simple strategies. Less competition means less effort with effective results. Promote your brand with originality, let your followers know every detail and description of it. This will make them trust your brand easily.

#4. Target Traffic by using cross-function strategies

The cross-function strategy is basically used to promote your brand on other social media sites. This is used by many big brands. You can provide a meta description along with a link which can lead a viewer directly to your Instagram account. This helps you get followers for Instagram and also help you promote your brand on a bigger level. You can also add links to your Instagram bio-section to promote other social media accounts on Instagram.

#5. Establish a Hashtag Related with your Product

Using hashtags are common with every individual to connect people talking about a certain topic. Other social media like Facebook and Twitter. Whether you are running an event, launching a product, promoting or just encouraging people to hashtag the name of your company, you are introducing people to connect and interact with other customers. From a productivity to visibility, you will always be able to search and see how much grip you are getting by the use of hashtags.




#6. Don’t rely entirely on your mobile phone

Although Instagram is a mobile app when you need to connect and engage with your customers, sometimes you need to break the cell phone and think it out of it. Being a marketer, you have to focus on the each and every activity of customers and clients. Your Instagram community is always waiting for your creative approach to making them tap on like and follow button.




#7. Inspire other Instagrammers

By posting your blog on the Instagram simply wouldn’t drag people hugely but you have to start a movement around your brand. This simply means to encourage people snapping a photo around a campaign you create or sharing your positive visual experiences. Driving people attraction is easy but you need smart enough to play the strategies here. Think a second whenever you take a decision, get an answer to questions like what your company does actually, how to make possible to share visually and encourage any activity through all your social channels.




#8. Cross-promote to other networks

You guys must be aware of sharing any photos on Instagram also has the option to share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr at the same time, right? This is a great way to get more mileage from a single post. Conversely, you also have another option to make a choice to share with just a few select people and send the direct message.

Other Social Networks


Wrapping Up For You

Business stands for customers and customer stands for trust. This blog is to introduce basic features of Instagram which can boost up your Instagram marketing strategies more effectively. Hope I was clear with my words. Let me know your thoughts on this by commenting down below!