Social media operators are starstruck on numbers. They usually trail the number of likes and comments they get on each of their posts. Follower count also matters a lot on Instagram which can get ameliorated on providing users with quality content. People can straightaway unfollow you if they’re unsatisfied with your posts. So, attaining followers are okay, but maintaining them is a big deal!

Irrespective of the fact whether you’re here to gain followers for your personal or business account, you’re going to be benefited.

You are here reading my blog, that means you are spending your precious time so as to get an increased number of followers on Instagram.

Without further ado, let’s take a dive into the topic.


Are All Instagram Followers Identical?


Instagram Followers App

Everyone wishes to have tons of Instagram followers as they could enhance their popularity. More followers imply better exposure. Seems so obvious, right? Certainly, it not that simple…

If you have been utilizing Instagram for several months or years, there is a huge probability that you have attained some spammy followers. You can identify the spammers by having a glimpse on their Instagram profile. They usually have no profile picture or posts and some fictitious links in the bio!

With this, it is clear that those spammy accounts would never contribute to your social engagements. So, you need to discover effective ways to get real followers on Instagram rather than simply increasing the follower count. Real followers would post frequently and would provide you with genuine engagements on your Instagram posts.

Acquiring More Followers On Business Accounts


Acquiring More Followers On Business Accounts

Business persons truly need a bunch of followers and the reason is quite simple! They are selling their products and services. The more the followers, the more is the recognition they get on Instagram.

Let us now consider the popular benefits of having numerous followers on professional accounts:

  • Fun factor

Yeah, that’s right! If you’ve only a fistful of followers, operating Instagram can be somewhat uninteresting. Fewer posts would appear on your newsfeed and you’ll get fewer engagements on your posts. Find ways to gain followers on Instagram and make your journey interesting.

  • Your trade seems to be more dependable

In case, your Instagram account has only just a few followers, people may overlook your posts. A number of followers asserts that your brand is dependable as many people are associated with it.

  • More revenue

Your business may be running fine, but if you don’t have enough followers on your account people would not consider purchasing from your enterprise. Along with a compelling marketing scheme, focus on acquiring a solid customer base on various social platforms. This will help you make more money with ease.

  • Affiliate commercial

There are tons of accounts on Instagram that offers affiliate programs. Find an account that works on your niche and get benefited by its referrals. With this, your posts show up to more followers. More conversions would take place, thereby resulting in better revenues.

Acquiring More Followers On Individual Accounts


Acquiring More Followers On Individual Accounts

Everyone understands that business professionals need more followers on their social accounts, Isn’t it? But how do the followers count matters to an individual? Well, there may be a couple of reasons behind this-

  • To form a strong relationship

Social media platforms help people to communicate with people residing anywhere across the globe. Yes, you aren’t using Instagram to promote your goods and services, still, you can utilize it to associate with people who share the same group of interests as you! Interact with your followers often and reinforce your bond.

  • Encourage your hobbies

People think that only brand needs exposure, which is not true. It is precious for unpaid endeavors as well. If you have ‘Painting’ as one of your hobbies, you can upload the pictures of your latest paintings on Instagram and build a strong fanbase. More people would know about your work and all this would happen because of the unique exposure that you’ll get on Instagram.

  • Build an interesting profile

Instagram has millions of monthly active users, but do they all have a lot of followers? There are people who only add their friends, family, and acquaintances on Instagram and that’s the reason their followers remain less. In case, you have a huge number of followers on your account, people would think that there’s something interesting on your account. They can also tap on the Follow button and become your followers.

The Best Tool For Growing Instagram followers





This is a dream Instagram Followers app for every marketer as it allows people to manage multiple Instagram accounts from a single dashboard. Scheduling becomes smooth with this tool. All you need to do is to upload media files, write captions, include hashtags and select the dates on which you want that particular post to get published. You can also track users, supervise activities and scale accomplishments with analytics.

Let us now discuss some of the brilliant features offered by this tool-


  • Account Management


Account Management

This feature of Gramboard enables you to add and delete accounts with a click, and that too from the same dashboard. Not only this, You can also track the status of each of the accounts and determine whether they are active or not.

  • Targeting



You can target users, hashtags and followers of specified user accounts with Gramboard.

  • Actions



There are several activities managed by the tool including Follow, Unfollow, Likes, Comments and Media posts.

  • Filter



You can filter posts based on certain demographics and connect with users of your interest!

  • Blacklist



Blacklist the users and hashtags that you don’t feel comfortable associating with!

These features make Gramboard a wondrous tool for marketers as well as for Individuals.



Regardless of whether you have a personal or a business account on Instagram, the follower count you’ve on Instagram matters! For marketers, it is a key to enhancing their business, while for others, it can be a means to be friends with people living anywhere across the world. Closely monitor your followers count and make the best of your Instagram experience. Hope the tools listed in the blog would be useful as far as it is concerned.

Which of the tools do you prefer? Comment below and let us know about it!


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