With more than 800 million active users and 95 million visuals posted every day Instagram is the third most prominent social media site and the second fastest growing platform after the parent site, Facebook. Isn’t that too much for a platform who is just eight years old?

Though Instagram is merely a photo-sharing platform now, it has proved to be much more than. Either you’re an individual aspiring to build your personal brand or an entrepreneur who wants to promote their brand, Instagram can’t be ignored.

But, leveraging Instagram is not as easy as it seems to be. Apart from being consistent and active, you also need an effective strategy along with the right tools to win the race.

There are already a bunch of tools out there that claim to be the perfect IG tools, but the one that marked its name in the industry was Instagress.


Instagress was the most exceptional automation tool that helped a lot of people to achieve success on IG. But not so long ago, IG forced Instagress for a shutdown. And finally, it closed, leaving its members behind, looking for something that could match the features of Instagress.

With Instagress, you just needed to set up your preferred hashtags, and the tool did the rest. The tool used to like and even comment sometimes, without bothering you. You didn’t also need to log in.

Such activities through your profile made you look active and hence made you get more followers and engagement. Quite easy, right?

Well, millions of users trusted Instagress. It was a platform that helped even the influencers build their brand and grow their reach on Instagram.

GRAMBOARD- An Alternative for those who Miss Instagress

If you’re someone who is in search of Instagress’s alternative then this is what you need- Gramboard.

Gramboard is an all in one stop for Instagram Marketing Automation. With Gramboard, you get a chance to build your network and boost your brand on Instagram without hiring any marketing agency or investing in Instagram ads. All you need to do is sign up and start leveraging the best Instagram automation tool.

Still not convinced? Check out the features of Gramboard-

Automates your Instagram Activities-

Gramboard lets you schedule all your activities. It’s AI saves your time and helps you in building your network by liking and commenting on the posts that are related to your niche.
Runs in the Background-

You don’t need to stick to your IG account for the whole day if you wish to stay active on this platform. Let Gramboard do this for you. Gramboard runs in the background just like Instagress did and does all the work of liking and commenting on the posts that have your preferred hashtags. So simple and useful.

Full Control Over your Account and Automation-

People often think that automating their activities can lead to their authenticity exploitation. But when you use Gramboard, all the activities that it’s going to make for your is in your hands only. It comes with plenty of settings and customisation options. Moreover, Gramboard only likes or comments on the posts that are highly related to your preferred kinds so that you won’t need to worry about your brand’s authenticity.

Doesn’t Need any Professional Skills-

You might have seen or heard marketers doing a lot of research for Instagram marketing strategies. But you know what? Gramboard is the easiest way to do the right marketing. You don’t need any professional skill or marketing knowledge to rock on Instagram with Gramboard. Just sit back, do a little warm up with Gramboard and let it handle your brand.

Manages Multiple Accounts at One Place-

Do you have more than one Instagram account and need to all to be managed in one place? With Gramboard, you get to manage multiple Instagram profiles with only one dynamic panel. You can either start or stop different activities on any of your accounts with just one dashboard, making your job highly manageable.


The first thing that any marketing strategy would need is to understand where their targeted audience is. Once you know which location you need to focus, Gramboard does the rest for you. It allows you to promote to people based on their locations. Target people who are most likely to follow or buy from you based on their city, country or the most popular areas.

Mobile Friendly Platform-

Gramboard understands that the majority of its users rely on mobiles for activities related to IG and so it is mobile friendly. You won’t need to stick to your PC or laptop if you wish to check your Gramboard dashboard. Just get your mobile on and check how is all going.

Email Support-

When you start to use any platform, you get a lot of queries before mastering it. Gramboard has the solution for its users whenever they feel like having support. A team is ready to support you regarding any difficulties 24×7. Whenever you need and wherever you need, the team is prepared to assist you via emails.


Marketing can seem to be an overwhelming task that includes lots of responsibilities, but with the right tools by your side, it becomes an adventurous ride.

Instagram is growing at a rapid speed and shows no sign of stopping. If you want to thrive and build a powerful brand using Instagram, you need to act smarter than the rest.

Instagress was the most popular Instagram Automation tool but since it is no more available you need a similar tool that can automate all your marketing efforts.
Gramboard has all the required features that were once offered by Instagress.
Just sign up, add your account(s), adjust the settings according to your niche and let it handle. Wit hGramboard you’ll never need any professional to manage your Instagram marketing.

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