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The year 2019 has been an incredible year for us in a lot of ways. We have tried to do our best in the Instagram territory. And, no doubt, we have gained some astonishing results. Our blog section is dedicated to each and every beginner, entrepreneur, and business who wants to make something big on Instagram. And, I hope, our Instagram solutions are helping you enormously in your Insta journey. Under this year in review post of Gramboard, you will get to know about the brief ideas behind our Instagram endeavors.

Here we have provided a brief year in review of the 2019 Gramboard blog section. Let’s dive into this year in review flurry now!


Our Top Performing Blog Posts-

According to the insights that we have gathered from the SEO tools, these are some of the most engaging blog posts of Gramboard. If you haven’t read these blogs yet, go and check them now! And try to make the most out of your Instagram account. 




Blogs We Dedicated To All The Insta Beginners Out There-

  • The Beginners Guide: How To Use Instagram?
  • How To Plan Your Instagram  Feed And Why That’s So Important?
  • How To Write The Best Instagram Bio: Ideas & Tips?
  • How To Build A Successful Instagram Account?
  • How to Schedule Instagram posts: Everything You Need To Know.
  • How To Gain A Massive Following On Instagram In 2019?
  • Why Follower Count Matters On Instagram?
  • How To Draft The Striking Bio For Your Instagram Account?

Instagram is one of the most credible platforms of this time. People are constantly becoming a part of it for their businesses or individual brand establishment. Therefore, with the intent to help out all the Instagram beginners, we penned down the following blogs, which we have included in our year in review content piece. 

After reading them, you can simply know tactics to write a compelling Instagram bio, strategies to gain more followers, and a lot more. Read them now and begin the magic!




Blogs We Dedicated To Emerging Brands On Instagram-

  • A Complete Guide To Outsmart Instagram Algorithm In 2019.
  • How To Get On Instagram Explore Page In 2019?
  • How to promote branded content on Instagram?
  • How To Find Instagram Hashtags To Allure Authentic Followers?
  • 7 Instagram Marketing Software You Could Use Every Day.
  • 5 Helpful Instagram Growth Tools (Alternatives To Instagress)
  • 06 Simple Steps To Start Advertising On Instagram.
  • Tips To Strengthen Your Social Media Strategies.
  • 10 Surefire Ways To Grow Your Instagram Followers.
  • 6 Candid Tips To Create Most Interesting Instagram Strategies.
  • Instagram Verified? Here’s How To Get That Elusive Blue Tick.
  • How to find out your secret admirers on Instagram?
  • 7 ways to grow Instagram followers organically: using Instagram followers app.
  • 5 Tips To Strengthen Your Instagram Account.

With the monthly active user’s count of more than one billion, Instagram has become the first choice of businesses to advertise their brands. Keeping the importance of Instagram for marketing in mind, we drafted these following blogs. After doing a lot of research work, our expert content writers wrote them. And, literally, we have got amazing responses on all of them. Most of the new subscribers that have joined us in 2019 come from this pool of blogs.




We Also Wrote About Instagram Pioneering Updates Took Place In 2019-

  • In News: Instagram Remodels IGTV To Better Align With The Latest Trends.
  • Meet Cinemagraphs- The New Instagram Trend That Will Sure Make Whirls.
  • IGTV: The Complete Guide To Instagram’s Latest Video Platform.
  • Instagram SEO: 10 Ways To Make Your Instagram Account Grow Organically.

In various ways, Instagram is not less than a pioneer in the social media universe. Instagram has come along with several features that were really no other social media platform done before. Like, its IGTV integration, advanced story functionalities, Shoppable posts, and much more. As a loyal community of Instagram enthusiasts, it has always been our first duty to make you aware of all the latest Instagram updates, which we have tried to fulfill in this entire year also. The above-narrated blogs are an essential part of our 2019 Instagram updates flurry. 




Some More Interesting Stuff-

  • 7 Measures To Become A Famous Instagram Model | From Kim Kardashian To Kylie Jenner|
  • 7 Explicit Reasons Why People End-up Unfollowing You On Instagram?
  • How to Manage Instagram DMs For Your Business?
  • 13 Best Instagram Post Ideas For Guys- Know What To Post On Instagram.
  • How To Mass Unfollow On Instagram Without Losing Followers?
  • 15 Most Significant Instagram Trends You Should Understand.
  • Here You Can Find About Instagram Aesthetics-
  • 7 tips to create cohesive Instagram layouts.
  • The ultimate guide: how to always be creative on Instagram?
  • How to save Instagram photos: quick and easy steps to follow. 
  • How to find and share your clickable Instagram links?
  • 19 cool Instagram hacks you wish you knew before.
  • How can you make money as a fashion influencer on Instagram?

Along with providing informative details about Instagram, we also have always tried to offer some off the beat yet interesting Instagram topics to our readers. The blog listed above represents it word-by-word. We have included topics related to Instagram aesthetics, Instagram micro-influencers, and a lot more. 




Our Widely Accepted Holiday Marketing Blogs-

  • Halloween marketing ideas to try on Instagram.
  • Here’s how to make your Instagram page look attractive this Black Friday?

Holiday marketing is rapidly increasing with time. And, especially on Instagram, the whole concept of holiday business marketing is spreading like a fire. On-demand by our potential audience, we wrote about Halloween marketing and black Friday Instagram after days and nights of research work.

Still haven’t read it? Go and learn about the best holiday marketing strategies!




Our 2020 Vision: 

With the astounding responses we got in 2019 regarding the Gramboard blog, we are not planning to do much of a change in our content marketing plot. Still, we are trying to find some new approaches, so that we will successfully offer our readers with something new in 2020. The consideration of Instagram’s technical aspects is at the top of our bucket list concerning making 2020 a little more fun for Instagram followers. 




So, which blog you liked the most under our year in review post? Are any of them hit in your favorite list? If yes, then don’t forget to mention them in the comment section below! Also, do share them among your friends and peers. 

What you think about this year in review blog? We are waiting for your responses! 



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