Over a period of time, there is quite a change in the impression of Instagram. Earlier it was considered as a fun application for kids, but now it became one of the best platforms for online marketing, selling, socializing, and audience-building tool for brand investors and companies.

“Do you know why they are interested in Instagram marketing?”

Since it became one of the most popular social media channels around the world, and it has more than 1 billion monthly active users across the planet. Every single day, there are more than 100 million photos and 400 million stories were uploaded on Instagram, which gets more than 4.2 billion likes per day.

Because of these eye-opening stats, brands and companies can’t stop themselves to be tempted with Instagram’s popularity. That is also the reason why Instagram has become one of the prior social media marketing options for business companies.

However, if you are a beginner on Instagram marketing platform, then it would be quite difficult for you to gain enough following on Instagram.

In this article, you will learn about the strategies which can help you to grow your real followers for Instagram.

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Identify Your Audience on Instagram

Based on the product which you are selling, you might want to target a specific audience on Instagram. To find your favored audience, you need to find the answers to the following questions:

“What is the age of your expected audience group?”

“Where is the location of your favored audience?”

“What is the gender of your target audience?”

“What is the lifestyle of your audience and on which type of product they would like to invest?”


Based on the answers to the following questions, you can identify the most suitable audience which you want to target on Instagram. To find the solution of these, you can make use of filter tools or applications to target a specific group of people. So that you could be able to gain more audience on your content.

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Make Use of Hashtags

Instagram allows adding up to 30 hashtags on its platform. By using more hashtags, you can drive more engagement of the audience on your Instagram content. However, using too much of hashtags may seem spammy to your audience. It is better to make use of some popular hashtags, or you can also create own hashtags about your business brand. While you can also make use of automation to create highly engaging hashtags for your post.


That way, you could be able to draw the attention of the audience on your content. Which might also result in giving you more followers on Instagram.

Post Your Content Regularly on Instagram

Your followers are always waiting for your content. It might also be the reason why they follow you on Instagram. The more people would interact on your post, the more views you would be gain on your post. It would also be visible to the timeline of those who are the followers of your viewers.

Even if you don’t have enough time to post your content on Instagram. Using the Instagram scheduler tool, you can schedule your posts on different dates.

Schedule Your Posts on Instagram

You need to post your content at the right time when most of your audiences are active on Instagram. This way, you could be able to gain better visibility of your content and get more likes and views on Instagram. While for doing that you can make use of the Instagram scheduling tool. If somehow the time which is most convenient for your audience isn’t fitting with your plan. In such a case, you can use the Instagram scheduling tool to schedule your post based on the convenient timing of your audience.


Add Brand Stories and Aesthetics

If you want viewers to like and follow your content, then you need to post-aesthetic photos and videos on Instagram. By posting high-quality content, you could be able to better connect with your viewers. Which might also result in giving you better engagement on Instagram.


These days most of the people like to check personal stories of the influencers and brands. By sharing your brand stories, you could be able to gain better Instagram engagement.

Share to Get More Likes and Follow

You can also share your highly engaging content with others. By gaining more engagement on your content, you could be able to boost your viewership. That way, you could be able to enhance your reach on Instagram. By posting compelling content on Instagram and sharing it with others, will help you to gain more audience.

Get Yourself on Explore Tab

At the bottom of the Instagram page, you can find the explore page icon (Magnifying Glass). By clicking on that, you would discover the content which is highly engaging and having high visibility on Instagram.

While you should target to enhance your content so that it could be able to secure a place on Instagram explore tab.


These are the ways using which you can grow your followers organically on Instagram. However, if you are looking for an Instagram followers app, using which you can use all the above show features to grow your following. Then you can make use of the best Instagram automation tool ie Gramboard.

How Can You Grow Your Followers Organically Using Gramboard?

Gramboard has the features which allow you to target your audience based on the location. While you can also use this tool to schedule your post, create attractive hashtags and captions to get more Instagram engagements on your content.

Here are shown the steps following which you can get real followers for Instagram using Gramboard:

Step 1#: First, you need to install Gramboard app on your device, while you need to allow this application to access photos, videos, media, and files on your mobile.



Step 2#: Now you need to sign in to the application with your username and password. If you haven’t created an account, then you can click on the option shown below the sign in button (ie New user? Sign up from here).


Step 3#: It will redirect you to the dashboard page. You need to click on the menu option on the top-left corner.

Step 4#: In the menu options, you would find Instagram accounts. By clicking on that, you can add several accounts in your Gramboard app.

Real followers for instagram

Step 5#: Choose the account in which you want to post your content and select the activities Likes, Follow, Unfollow, DM for your post.

Real followers for instagram

Step 6#: Based on location, you can target your favoured audience, while you can also tag your content to the people who follow your posts on Instagram. Here you also have the option to target your content to a specific user based on their username.



Step 7#: In the menu section, you will find an option activity log. By clicking on that, you can create a post on Instagram. While you can also add captions and hashtags on your post. That way, you might be able to generate more Instagram engagement on your posted content.



Step 8#: Now again go to the menu, click on “Add Media” option. It will shift you to the page where you can directly post your content on Instagram. However, you can also schedule your post as it also has a schedule option.

Step 9#: Click on the Schedule button. Now you can set a date and time in which you would like to post your content. You can post your media on multiple accounts also.



By following the above-shown steps, you can easily use Instagram followers app – Gramboard application to gain more real followers on Instagram. To know more, you can also check this video link:


There are some other tools in the market, using which you can increase your followers on Instagram. However, you should only opt for tools like Gramboard, which can help you to get real and organic following on Instagram.


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