Instagram is a wonderful place for brands of every genre to achieve exposure. Nevertheless, acquiring loyal and authentic followers is not an easy task on Instagram.

If you are currently reading my blog, I can guess that you are very much concerned about boosting your account on Instagram.

How to grow your Instagram followers? This question may be revolving in the minds of most of the marketers. There are many blogs and articles published on the same, but many of them are either ambiguous or too situation specific. Some of them are genuine but the techniques discussed over there are slowpoke and often has a little impact.

The algorithm Instagram work upon has changed and so the strategies you prefer to grow your followers also need to be upgraded. Doing this will help you secure your position in the marketing world. This means, the strategy that worked brilliantly two years back, may not work for your business now. Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the good ways for increasing your followers count on Instagram.

#1. Join Instagram Engagement Groups

Are you at the outset to discover the ways to increase your followers on Instagram? This strategy works great for the newbies. You may have observed that some of the newbies successfully attain tons of followers. What things make their account different from others? Maybe, they have linked to some engagement groups that help them generate the desired outcome efficiently.

Do you need to join the best engagement communities on Instagram? My personal recommendation would be to stick to the communities of your own niche. This will build a more specific list of your targeted followers that could be beneficial for you in the long run.

Being a part of such groups can be extremely advantageous to you to increase the credibility of your trade on Instagram. In this way, more and more people would get to know about your brand and you’ll get a distinct recognition over the platform. This has only a little or no influence on sales, but there are many people who have experienced better conversions over time.

#2: Use Instagram Stories Templates


Instagram Stories Templates

You should be consistent with your posting schedule on Instagram. Apart from the normal Instagram post, you should also consider posting Instagram stories. There are various templates available for Instagram stories, utilize them and make your post exceptional. You can create a template for IG stories with a genuine application like Canva.

#3. Like Posts In Your Industry

This is yet another tactic that you can prefer and gain more followers on Instagram. Spending time liking posts in your industries would be a wonderful step. Like at least ten posts of other people, you can also drop a genuine comment over there. People are eager to return the favor in general, so follow them. Some of them will follow you back for sure!

#4. Create A Hashtag

Firstly, create an exclusive hashtag that would represent your brand all around the world. Then, you need to promote your dedicated hashtag. You can ask people to utilize it on their posts. As soon as people begin to utilize your hashtag, you can easily get it promoted by reposting the picture of your followers.

#5. Pick A Theme

When you like and comments on other people’s post, there is a possibility that people catch sight of your account – provide them something to become enamored of!

#6. Socialize


More Followers On Instagram

Socialize! That’s what all the social media platforms including Instagram are meant for! When you receive comments on your posts, reply to each of them personally. In this way, you can initiate a relationship with them. Similarly, can also leave a comment on posts of individuals and grow your brand awareness. You can put up questions in your comments giving people an opportunity to engage with your brand.

#7. Unravel The Preferences Of Your Audience

You can unravel the preference of your audience by analyzing your pictures. The one that got the most number of social engagements will let you know the sort of posts your viewers are liking. The, you can design your future posts accordingly so as to acquire tremendous likes on them.

#8. Make Use Of Location Tags

Many new features have been introduced on Instagram over the recent time that makes it even more popular among the new generation. Some of the latest features include Location tags, Music, Questions, Polls, Shopping stickers, and GIFs. You can easily utilize them while posting Instagram stories and grab the attention of most of your followers.

Marketers and advertisers are taking full advantage of these newly launched features on Instagram. You can also utilize them to widen your reach and grow your followers over the platform.

#9. Leverage Other Social Platforms

Some of the marketers use various social platforms so as to boost their business. If you have also build a get fan following on platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can link these accounts and navigate your fans from other channels to Instagram. When you are posting on a platform, upload screenshot or something related to your Instagram account. Over time, you will gain followers on Instagram also by means of these channels.

#10. Post Your Selfies

Studies have found that pictures with human faces receive 38% more social engagements on Instagram. So post more of your selfies and make your account authentic and approachable. Irrespective of whether you have a personal or a business account, you are definitely going to be benefited with this strategy.

Apart from selfies, you can also upload videos of your brand and let people know about your business. You can straightaway establish a tone, post some backstage footage and boast about the things that distinguish your brand from others.

A brand Mejuri that trades on fine handcrafted jewelry shares relevant videos and IG stories and have become quite popular worldwide using this approach.


This is the GRAM generation. Most of the people of today’s generation are utilizing Instagram every day for various purposes. Being a marketer, you need to spend some time and promote your products and services on this great platform.

I’ve listed out nine surefire ways that you can prefer to grow your followers on Instagram. You can also make use of a dependable automation tool like Gramboard and gain the desired number of followers on your account.


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