Among all social networking sites, Instagram is currently leading to having higher user engagement rate. It has the highest growing social networks with 800 million active users per month. Big brands have taken interests in this to expand their user reach and they are using Instagram as a Marketing tool. Instagram is widely used by them to sell and to promote their brands and products.

Are you looking out to know more about the latest feature update which can help you with you in business promotion? If you are, let me introduce you to some simple but effective features which recently got launched on Instagram.


Instagram For Business

So in this blog, I am going to tell you about certain amazing trends that every Instagram marketer should be aware of.

What is Instagram Trends?

Yes, many of you do have this exact question in mind. Don’t you? Well, the answer to this is very simple. Any trend can be considered to be a proper presentation of certain new and exquisite features any individual or a group has created. Thereby Instagram trends are nothing but highly edited, popular photos and videos. It may also come along enriched contents typically pointing towards the sense of style one can get adapted to.


Instagram Trends For Business

With all trends active and full-fledged, it is time entrepreneurs using Instagram as a medium for conducting business, get accustomed to it and give their business the necessary lift it needs.

Here are 3 effective trends which can help you to optimize your Instagram account:

# Add Links To Your Instagram Story

Instagram recently allowed its users to add links in their Insta stories. This is really useful for many business promoters who don’t want to flood their followers feed but still want to promote their products. There is a swipe up option through which viewers can link other posts and videos in their posted stories.


Instagram Stories

#Add Hashtags To Your Profile

Instagram is incomplete without Hashtags. By allowing its users to follow hashtag communities and add it in their bio section, Instagram has taken a great step. Now, it is much easier to click and open particular post related to the Hashtag. This is an excellent way to promote brand just by adding Hashtag directly in your profile. You can take help from Instagram bot to gain likes, followers. This helps a new joiner to reach a certain level by gaining a follower base.



Hashtags On Instagram

Whereas Hashtags allows all Instagram users to highlight what they actually want others to show. This can be an important aspect of Instagram marketing as they act as a good way to connect with all new followers and thereby increase engagement. Instagram allows over 20 hashtags per post and comments, providing marketers the opportunity to decide what they actually want to put up for viewers.

#Portrait Mode For Crystal Clear Photos

Adding photos which focus directly on faces to give a much better outlook. This picture option slightly blurs the background but not completely and just focus on you.

Portrait Mode

There are several business profiles on Instagram who spend a lot of money just to get fine quality pictures. By adding this feature, Instagram has given a big relief to its users. Quality of content matters and you are getting mostly everything for free on Instagram. So why wait? Let’s get started.


So, if you get benefited from this post and are eager to know more about various marketing strategies and latest trends on Instagram that can advance your business, stay connected. You can also share your comments and reviews in the comment section.