According to many surveys, 78% Business marketers on social media sites use these platforms to outsell their competitors by using effective strategies and tactics. Finding suitable prospects to grow a business is important to leverage the power of social media.

Do you have the clear idea of who your prospects are and where exactly you can find them?

If your answer is No, then this article help you to understand how the social media sites help to create the convincing bond between you and your prospects. Finding targeted prospects is vital and is necessary to build a trustworthy connection with them. These prospects make things simple for the users.

Instagram Prospects


Determine Your Prospects

Millions of users are using social media sites. Finding your audience is very difficult. As a first step, you need to find out social media sites where your target prospects hang out. Like LinkedIn? Facebook? Snapchat? Twitter? Etc. If you use a social media software like GramBoardpro, you can make this task very simple. You need not switch from one tab to another. You can load all your accounts in one window.

You can get the clear idea of the target audience and it will be easy for you to determine things about your prospect. If your targets are under 18, Instagram and Snapchat will probably be very effective. You search them by categories and always remember, less is effective. Do not search every social media sites, search few and save your time.


On Twitter: Go through the twitter profiles of the patrons. Just know how they are performing on Twitter. Observe the things like what kind of content is posted on their twitter wall, whether they retweet for each tweet or they tweet regularly on twitter etc. These things can give you a glimpse into the users.

On LinkedIn: To know about businesses and professionals, LinkedIn is the better platform. Just look at their LinkedIn profile so that you can get to know what their abilities are and what are the requirements of the company etc. Take a note of the key points of their career. This can help you in your conversations with them.

On Facebook: This is the way to know about their personal interests. This will help you in giving a personal touch to your conversation. This can make your negotiation fruitful.

On Instagram: Hashtags are the better choice to find your favorites. So, use trendy hashtags for your Instagram posts. This can make exposure to your targeted users.



Listen to Your Prospects

The best way to converse with your prospects is by finding out what they do? what do they care about? what they search for in free time? What engages them the most? Make a list of everything to find out some keywords related to your industry they are interested in. This will help you in many ways. Once you get to know them, start initiating a conversation to know more.

Try to build a trustworthy relationship you have to show originality. Plagiarism will never be entertained by anyone. Get yourself involved in the conversation to let them know about your expertise.


Ways to use it on different social media sites:

On Twitter: As a business promoter if your target prospects are tweeting anything related to your product or business than retweeting their posts. Share them on other social media sites, like them if they are really impressive. Observe their activities and know what are there views and perception regarding industries related to yours.

On Linkedin: LinkedIn is the best platform to know about business and professional. You can check what are they looking for, which technology, what are their demands etc. Take notes about the requirements of the company and key points of their career.  Determine how you can match their requirements.

On Facebook: Facebook is used as an open book where you can see a glimpse of your prospects personal life. This will help you give a personal touch when you will initiate conversation with them. Through Facebook, you can get daily updates and regular post and this gives an idea about their business progress.

On Instagram: Hashtags are the better choice to find your favorites. So, use trendy hashtags for your Instagram posts. This can make exposure to your targeted users. Like and share the photos of your prospects. Post interesting photos and videos that can attract the users. Make useful content. Call your targeted audience to take an action. This can create more engagement with your patrons.


Wrapping up

These are some effective ways, you can use for the better optimization of social media sites and to find better prospects for your marketing strategies. To know more about this topic, take a look at our other blogs to get a proper idea. Comment down below your thoughts on this and do let me know if you have any query!