With over 400 million active users across the globe, from whom 60% are active on a daily basis, Instagram is one of the most utilized social media platforms. Its users, including businesses, can simply post relevant content using a visual story. And when you are a busy person looking for the growth of your business, you might think about how to automate Instagram likes.

Instagram has become a significant marketing tool and it is one of the most popular platforms due to the fact that it puts visual content first. It is less cluttered and the characters are not limited. The platform can be used mainly to showcase products and/or services. And also to build a community, to increase brand loyalty, to advertise to potential customers and to increase brand awareness.

how to automate instagram likes

Instagram-the successful marketing tool

Instagram is user-friendly and allows everyone to navigate with ease. It is also a social media platform that encourages businesses to engage their current customers and attract new ones. There are some successful ways that everyone can follow in order to use Instagram as an important marketing tool.

First of all, you have to take advantage of Instagram’s environment. Meaning that you have to be familiar with the environment and take advantage of how users are interacting. This way you can boost the audience engagement.

Then you have to make sure that your brand’s personality is professionally showcased. You need to know the difference between a personal account and your business. Selfies, travel photos and friend groups need to stay away from your professional Instagram page.

Liking other’s content on Instagram is compared to telling them that they are visible to you. You are interested in their posts and you like them. It may be the easiest way to grow your number of followers. If the rule “one like for you mean one like for me” applies, then liking on Instagram may be significant if you intend to use the social media platform as a marketing tool.

Every action that we make can have its good parts and also its not-so-good ones. If you don’t have the time to follow and like every upload that represents an interest for you, then you may think about how to automate Instagram likes. This can be done through one of the tools that we will talk about later and it can have a positive impact on your business. Your number of followers can grow significantly. Your brand will be visible among Instagram users.

On the other hand, automating Instagram likes can make other users think that you are a spambot. As a result, they will unfollow or even unlike your content. You must remain authentic and genuine even when using a tool that can automate Instagram likes.

How to automate Instagram likes like a pro

Before you learn how to automate Instagram likes, here are a few hashtags for likes. They are from the statistics of Websta.me: #love, #happy, #follow, #selfie, #me, #friends.

Also, the most-liked posts on Instagram are:

  • Kylie Jenner’s, American reality television personality, the first photo of her baby daughter Stormi;
  • Justin Bieber’s engagement with Hailey Baldwin;
  • Stephen Balwin’s daughter;
  • the second photo of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi.


Gramboard is the tool that can be used for those who want to automate liking, commenting or following other users’ activities. Downloading or installing the application is not necessary. You can use this tool from the web regardless of the browser. The application runs 24/7 in the background, meaning that you don’t have to stay connected all the time. GramboardAI will do the job for you.

how to automate instagram likes

You will have full control on how to automate Instagram likes. The application offers you numerous custom settings that you can use it for your targeted audience.

The tool is very easy to use. You don’t need to have technical knowledge. The guide will help you with the settings you need to do in order for your work to be performed with zero stress. The software is compatible with all the devices and mobile platforms. Also, the Technical Support team is available 24/7 in case you have any issues.

How GramboardAI works

Sign up for Gramboard. This will take you less than a minute. Add your Instagram account by using your credentials. Customize the settings for the targeted accounts. Now sit and relax, as this tool will do the work for you.

Gramboard’s dashboard is the place where the magic happens. It allows you to manage multiple accounts. You will also have a 5 days trial period to decide if the tool suits your needs and expectations. The payment is $1/per day in order to try it.

You will notice that learning how to automate Instagram likes is a piece of cake when using GramdoardAI.

After you have signed up and before starting to like posts, the tool will require you to specify your niche. The tool will have to know information about your domain of activity. You can provide this detail by using locations, hashtags, keywords or other mentioned criteria.

You need to be very specific when performing this action. The software will understand through this the type of posts it needs to like. The best way you can do this is by using the preferred hashtags.

After the tool is instructed, it will immediately start to like posts based on customized preferences. Another feature that you can customize is the speed, from slow to fast.

The “sit back and relax” part can now be applied because the tool will release the pain from your shoulders.


Even if Gramboard.AI will teach you how to automate Instagram likes, your content must be high-quality. You need to remain authentic. Liking too much can make your profile feel fake and this is the last thing you want to happen.

Technology is in a continuous change nowadays, but people make the difference and are the ones who count. People want to feel valued and this makes them happy. This makes the person behind the brand genuine. It is what keeps people active on Instagram.

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