According to the Global Digital 2019 Report, there are 3.48 billion social media users all over the world. That’s 288 million (9%) more in comparison to 2018. These figures explicitly show how the craze of social media platforms is steadily growing amongst people. As a result, social networks have become part and parcel of people’s lives. Well, it has now more become a matter of give-and-take. People are achieving a lot because of social media sites. Businesses are making an abundance of money by endorsing their brand on different platforms. 

However, making money via social media platforms is not easy. You have to serve the audience with something rejuvenating and creative all the time. That many times trigger performance pressure on creators. No wonder, creativity has become a prominent part of social media networks these days. People give lopsided attention to creativity. If one person is more creative with its choices than the other, the audience tends to tempt towards the more creative one.


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When we are talking about creativity and its dominance on social networking sites, then how can we forget to mention the most creative landscape of the web-Instagram. Instagram is the most loved social network in present times. People cherished it for its amazing features, especially for the visual ones. They admired using it for sharing glimpses of their regular life in a very profound way. Consequently, competition on Instagram is getting intense day by day. That’s why to hold a strong presence over it is moderately challenging. 

But, if you keep yourself embraced with all the latest trends and updates, then it’s not a big deal anymore. Hence, in this blog, I am going to suggest you people some of the most brilliant ideas to boost-up your creativity to altogether another level on Instagram. So, let the games begin! 

Make Fun Videos: 

Videos have become the most influential source of entertainment on Instagram in recent times.  People like to watch funny and hilarious kind of videos. Statistics also proved this. According to studies, about 25% of Instagram ads are videos. That generates the highest engagement rate for brands. 

So, it’s high time you should start making videos that are amusing and out of the box. Now, the question arises on how to make the best Instagram videos. Check out the below-mentioned tips regarding the creation of excellent Instagram videos. 

First, make a plan- 

As we know, Instagram gives only 60 seconds for videos. Thus, it is not a joke to tell a provoking story within one minute unless you plan it effectively.  That’s why before making any video, first make a proper strategy for it concerning what you’re going to talk through it. So, eventually end-up creating it with perfection. 

Keep an eye on location- 

Now, after planning all the elements of video like script and costumes. It’s time for you to pick up the right spot for your video shot. No matter how great your video script is, if it not shot in the specific background, then all your hard work can go into vain. 

Lightning of video-

Lights camera action! Have you heard this line before? I am sure you do. I am just trying to remind you how important role lightning plays when it comes to executing any form of visual media. Same goes with video creation. So, the lighting of your video should be perfect. Otherwise, it can make your video look dull. A background with proper lighting adds value to the overall outcome of the video. Keep this in mind!

Jack Morris– He is a die-heart nomad and quite spectacular when it comes to making hysterical Instagram videos. His Instagram videos always consist of a fun element as well as natural sight to it. Take a look!  

Go Creative With Instagram Stories:

No doubt, Instagram stories has become the most used features of this social network. The best thing that comes with Insta stories is spontaneity. That makes people look authentic- a key to get success on Instagram. But, many times to seem perfect on Instagram, people wind-up trying stuff that looks bad when it comes to action. So, don’t do that! 

However, don’t play overly safe. You have to take chances to stand out of the crowd. Else, it is pretty easy for you to get lost in the mob of 1 billion people. 

Do you often wonder how to make excellent Instagram stories? So, below-highlighted are some of the best suggestions you can apply regarding the making of the best Instagram stories. 


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Ask questions to the audience- 

Instagram is a hub of almost all the top celebrities of the world. Beyonce to Leonardo Dicaprio, all are on Instagram. However, it doesn’t mean that Instagram is only for movie stars. Within the past few years, Instagram influencers have wholly overtaken the panorama of this social media. The way they engage with their audience is impeccable. 

The pattern they usually follow is asking questions to their viewers about the interesting nitty-gritty of their daily life. That makes them relate to the audience in a very personal way. Use of Instagram stories for asking questions to your audience is an excellent tactic. 

Share behind the scenes glimpses- 

Do you want to build an authentic brand image in front of your viewers? So, you must share backstage stories with your followers on Instagram. It makes them see your persona as natural and down to earth. If you are endorsing some brand, for instance, shooting for it or doing anything related to it, then share glances of behind-the-scenes with the viewers. All this helps people to know your brand inside out. 

Add tutorials based on how to some- 

Instagram stories can also be used as a source to educate people on some exciting topics. For example, if your account niche is about painting, then you can share tips regarding some portrait with folks and guide your astonishing audiences about how to do that. 

Lelo Pons– Her account is an epitome regarding displaying the best Instagram stories. She always makes sure to add something unique in them. There is a lot you can take back home relating to the creation of world-class stories by peeking into her Instagram account. 


Collaborate With Micro-Influencers:  

Instagram is a 24×7 open-source of entertainment for people all across the globe.  As a result, it becomes notably difficult sometimes to cater masses with something rejuvenating and exclusively distinct. That’s why this step can work wonders for you, moreover, give a new perception of your Instagram presence. However, getting into a collaboration is not just about shooting with someone in front of the camera. It is much more than that. 

Now, the question is how to find the best micro-influencer concerning collaboration. Isn’t it? These are some quick steps to follow regarding choosing the most appropriate person for making an impactful collaboration. 

Step 1: What’s your goal? 

I am sure you must want to achieve something because of what you’re looking for collaboration. So, first, comprehend your main motive behind this step, then only proceed forward. 

Step 2: Whom you want to reach out? 

Do you want to target 1 billion people with your collaboration? Think about it! It can happen, but for that, you need to collaborate with some highly impactful public personality. If you can do this, then it’s remarkable. But if not, then you have to choose an Instagram micro-influencer that can resonate properly with your followers at least. I don’t know about the total of 1 billion users, but an influencer you pick must strike a chord with your fan following. 

Step 3: How to find a micro-influencer? 

Okay, so now, you are assuredly aware of the errand you want to achieve through the association. Also, know about your targeted audience. Hence, it’s time for you to search for the best Instagram influencer to make a collaboration. But, how to spot that one specific person out of the crowd of millions? It is a task itself. Simple and most obvious things you can do in terms of this are as follows- 

  1. Do deep hashtags searches. 
  2. Look after people open to partnership. 
  3. You can contact bloggers.

Step 4: How to pitch them?  

Instagram daily activities revolve mainly around Liking, Commenting, Following, Direct Messaging, and many more. The most straightforward tactic you can practice regarding make contact with someone on Instagram is DM. However, if you want to convince someone in a more novel way, then Follow, Comment, and Like features of Instagram are the best.

However, manual performing of these Instagram aspects eats a lot of time. That’s why you can make use of Instagram automation tools like Instazood, Gramboard, and Gramto to perform these endeavors in more than no time. These are all-in-one Instagram automation tools. 

Zack King A Famous Instagrammer is veteran in case of making collaborations with potential brands, celebrated personalities, and all. Here he collaborated with the one and only Jack Black and rendezvous with him about his upcoming movie. 

Boomerang Is A New Cool: 

A few years ago, Instagram introduced its new application called boomerang on Instagram. And then it started the trend of a boomerang on every considerable social media platform. As a result of that, nowadays, boomerang has become so popular. They are not very different from Gifs but adds a more hilar element to them. You can perceive them as looping videos. So, if you sincerely want to be creative on Instagram, then make the most out of boomerang. They make people giggle in a very substantial way. 

For getting more wondrous ideas to create boomerangs on Instagram, you can check out boomerang from Instagram (A featured Instagram account that possesses tons of ideas regarding artistic boomerangs). 


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Write Best Instagram Captions: 

Instagram is all about visuals. Really? I don’t think so. Yes, an influential part of Instagram is devoted to photos, videos, and other graphic illustrations. But, this doesn’t mean it has no room for writing creativity. Well, you might be surprised to know that Instagram posts with witty captions get more attention compared to ones without captions. So, it’s high time you should concentrate on Instagram captions. Well, writing engaging captions is also an art. It’s certainly not a no-brainer. 

Always remember to give captions to your posts accordingly. These are some pro tips for writing amusing Instagram captions- 

  1. Make Use Of Emojis. 
  2. Include Call-to-action. 
  3. Talk with the audience. 

Chiara  Ferragni–  A renowned Italian fashion blogger knows well how to give soul to his Instagram posts by putting up the most attractive captions. Like, here she made sure to put life in her image by writing the best caption. 

Hashtags Are Booming: 

The importance of hashtags on Instagram is immeasurable. Using relevant hashtags on Instagram is one of the best strategies you can follow to get discovered by the number of masses. However, the use of hashtags is still very misinterpreted by people. They often end-up using any random hashtag on their Instagram posts. I am saying again only make use of hashtags that are related to your posts. 

For example, if your Instagram post is about dazzling Lamborghini cars, then use hashtags like #lamborghini #bmw #ferrari #cars #porsche #supercars #audi #mercedes #car #supercar #luxury #carporn #carsofinstagram #mclaren #carswithoutlimits #bugatti. By doing this, your Instagram post will most probably come across people who are looking out for posts related to Lamborghini cars. That’s it! Such is all how hashtags work. They make your Instagram posts discoverable to more audience. 

Shay Mitchell– She is a well-known TV personality and always create quite a stir on Instagram by posting exciting glimpses of her life. Well, her Instagram posts always consist of the best use of hashtags. 

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Betty and Veronica’s #italythrowback

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These are some of the best ideas you can practice to be highly creative on Instagram. As we all understand, creativity is a vast subject. It has no limits. It is very much about exploring more new things surrounding the world. So, keep exploring. Never stop to do research work as it makes you aware of all the latest tactics of the market.  

So, what’s your take away from the above blog? Do you have any more ideas regarding how to always be creative on Instagram? I want to know what you guys have to offer. I am waiting for your responses. Please drop them in the comment section below.


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