Instagram can help you build an audience and generate more leads if you use it in the right way. Though there are many tips to make a significant audience on Instagram one of the most powerful ways is to get featured on Instagram.

When you get featured on the curation accounts (aka featured accounts), you get a chance to share your work with their audience as well. That leads to more significant exposure for your brand. Isn’t that great?

A featured account is an account that only shares about a specific style of photos or topics and attracts the people who are related to it, allowing photos to get maximum attraction as well as exposure. If you somehow get your work featured over such accounts, you may end up getting a lot of new followers from your targeted segment of the audience.

But how to get featured on such accounts? Is there any entry form? In this article, I will share the steps to take to get featured on Instagram.

How to be Featured on Instagram- The Best Tips

Find the Featured Accounts (Accounts that Feature Posts)

Before you start to target featured accounts, you need to find such accounts. The tip here is to begin the research through your targeted hashtags or related accounts. You can also keep an eye on some specific accounts that held such competitions from time to time.

List out the Best Featured Accounts


Once you create a list of the featured accounts, now you know which ones are the best for you. You can’t select all of them because not all are worthy. Only a few can be of some benefit. Look at their audience, is it bigger than yours? Also, check out if their audience is related to your targeted audience. Do they share work about your primary niche?

Now that you’ve collected all the required information, you can easily select the best ones for your brand.

Read Out the Guidelines

This is an important point; no featured account will feature your post unless you follow all the directed guidelines. You need to know the instructions like what hashtag you need to use or who do you need to tag or even both.

The experts select such posts that are submitted for getting featured in the niche from thousands of pictures. To get your post published, the post needs to have something unique and to follow the rules. Read out the guidelines first and then tailor your post accordingly.

Tag Certain Brands

Many brands on Instagram share user-related content as a part of their marketing strategy. One of the best ways to get featured on such accounts is by sharing a post that contains their brand name or image and also a mention in the caption with their hashtag.

Keep checking out the pages that share user-generated content and keep posting content related to them. Once you somehow manage to make them notice your post, you may end up getting featured on their page.

Reach out Influencers

instagram accounts that follow back

If you’re an Instagram user, then you must be aware of ‘Influencers’. Not everyone is an influencer. Influencers are those users who are treated as experts in a particular niche with a medium to high range of followers.

To gain their attention and also get featured on their profile, you need to start building a relationship with them first. Don’t just connect with them but rather interact as much as possible. Try sending direct messages, liking and commenting on their posts and also tagging them. If you build a relationship with them, then you may end up getting featured on their page and reach out their audience.

This is a handy tip not just for Instagram but also for other social media platforms. Building relationship on social media platforms is the key to reach out your audience.

Leverage Shoutouts

Another powerful way to get featured on many accounts is by giving shoutouts. To get shoutouts, first dig out the users who are related to your niche. Connect with them and then propose. But before reaching out, first, check whether they have similar or more followers than you.

When you make such proposals, they may either accept or reject. But don’t stop trying. Some of them will agree, and you’ll reach out their audience. However, don’t spam, try to build a relationship first and then propose. Easy, right?

Keep Looking Out for Competitions

Many brands conduct contests for their customers and audience to promote their brand and show off their list of loyal customers. You can keep searching for such competitions as these brands have millions of followers. Lookout for such competitions and enrol yourself by following their guidelines. These guidelines are generally using the hashtags and sharing your post with the brand logo or something.

These brands generally feature all the images submitted to them. You may either direct message your photo/video or directly post it on their profile. Once you get your post featured over their account, you will get a significant exposure. You may even get a loyalty gift in return.


Getting featured on pages with many followers is very easy and a trustworthy way of getting exposure and gaining followers. Many users keep looking out for such opportunities, but only a few get the most out of them. Be among the smartest Instagram people and never miss an opportunity like this. One such feature can even lead to an overnight success for both you and your brand.

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