You’re uploading ravishing pictures on Instagram and also have a strategy in mind to ensure that your brand has all the rage, but how do you decide on which of the hashtags to utilize on a post?

Now, if you already produce excellent content, felicitations! You’ve got that down pat and your business will definitely succeed. But there’s one more strategy that can foster your trade – what’s that? Hashtags… That’s right!

Hashtags can make your posts visible to millions of people who are searching for similar posts as of yours. You can participate in broader negotiations online and make your business more discernible worldwide.

Think of hashtags as signposts that guide people to your profile on Instagram…

Finding relevant hashtags for posts is one of the biggest challenges faced by various marketers. This blog would be a great help for those marketers as I’ve listed some of the top ways by which you can find germane hashtags to allure authentic followers.

Without further ado, let’s take a dive into the concept.

The Number Of Hashtags To Utilize On Instagram


Number Of Hashtags To Be Utilized

Well, Instagram allows users to include utmost thirty hashtags on a post. I strongly suggest utilizing this maximum number of hashtags in each of your posts so as to acquire more peepers on Instagram. If you make use of Gramboard automation software to find hashtags for your post, the whole process becomes way simpler and efficient.

Identify Instagram Hashtags For Real Followers


Identifying Instagram Hashtags

Different hashtags work differently for different images and business. You need to figure out some of the pertinent and popular hashtags in your niche and start utilizing them for business-related posts. Just wanted to let you people know that there are certain hashtags that entice spammers. These hashtags can also associate you to pictures that you don’t really want to be a part of! One of the best ways to prevent this from happening is to scrutinize each of the hashtags you’re planning to employ on your posts.

Spammy Hashtags: What’s this?


Spammy Hashtags

The colossal felons that allure spammers are the one with nearly one hundred million posts. Some of these hashtags include #love, #happy, #instagood, #followme. DO NOT use such hashtags if you don’t wish to gain a large number of spammers that are no good for your business.

Take a peek on the number of images uploaded with a specific hashtag and decide its authenticity. Not only this will help you get rid of spam followers, but also will help you spot the hashtags with a medium-sized populace that will help you be perceptible.  

How To Ascertain Density Of Hashtags?


Hashtag Research

Wanna find out how many posts are linked to a particular hashtag? Just type in the word in the search box of Instagram and get to know the density of hashtags associated with it. Have a look at the picture below and perceive the process.

What Is The Nice Size Hashtag Density?


Hashtag Density

To find your targeted group of onlookers, you can opt to utilize the hashtags with less than 500000 posts. You can even use the ones with less than 20000 posts and secure your place among the top posts for a specific hashtag.

Now, if your business is quite popular and established, you can then choose to incorporate larger hashtags. If your picture is not under the Top Posts, it’s less likely to appear before your target audience. It will simply go down to the Recent Posts and we all know no one visits that section!

Finding Relevant Hashtags For Your Niche

Now that you’re aware of what to consider and what to elude, let’s move ahead and find some authentic people that can make your business discoverable on Instagram.

There are several ways by which you can find relevant hashtags working on your niche. The one I’m mentioning here is by Instagram itself. Log in to your Instagram account, at the bottom of the screen you’ll find a magnifying glass symbol, just tap on it. Just enter the keywords relevant to your niche and strike the search button. Now, scroll up and click on Tags. A  list of hashtags would appear before you that relates to the word you’ve entered. In this way, you can go on searching the hashtags for your posts.



Why Use Gramboard?


Instagram Hashtag Tools

There is a wide range of Instagram hashtag tools available online that you can utilize to discover your niche related hashtags. The reasons why I prefer Gramboard over others are-

  • No need of downloading the software, you can simply use it from the web. That’s the reason why I feel it’s the safest!
  • The activities like following, liking and commenting can be automated with the tool. Also, no need for spending time unfollowing the accounts that no longer serves your purpose.
  • You have full control over the power packed features offered by Gramboard. These features would help grow your account successfully.
  • Whenever you need any technical assistance, you can reach the team via email.


This was a guide on how to allure real followers who are in search of the products and services offered by your business. Hope the recommendations presented in the blog will help you achieve your targets in no time.  

What’s your hashtag strategy? Are you getting the desired outcome? Drop a comment below and let us know!


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