Instagram is all the rage nowadays so everyone is using it, even businesses, artists, agencies, and so on. There are two separate types of accounts on the social network. The personal accounts and featured accounts, also known as curation accounts. And one of the best ways to boost your presence and follower number on Instagram is by getting featured. For those who have no idea how to get featured on Instagram, we compiled a short list of tips to help them out.

But what does “getting featured on Instagram” mean? Basically, it means having your photos/videos posted on an Instagram featured account and showcased to their fanbase. This brings us to the next question. What is an Instagram featured account? Featured accounts are Instagram accounts that focus on a specific theme or topic. It could be a photography style, a community, a brand, fashion, art, travel, food. The possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

When your work gets published on a featured account, your chances of getting new fans grow considerably. So here is how to get featured on Instagram.

Build your own Instagram page’s theme

The first step is to decide what your account’s theme is and build your page around it. Choose something you are passionate about and makes you happy.

how to get featured on instagramSearch for and follow Instagram accounts you want to be featured in

When you are pleased with how your Instagram page looks, start examining Instagram accounts with similar themes and follow them. Also, like and comment on feature accounts’ pictures and tag them in your own posts to try and get their attention.

Following and liking posts on a featured account show the curator behind it that you are interested in the content and aren’t just looking for publicity. At first, it’s advisable to focus your attention on smaller accounts as there will be little competition for recognition.

Learn the guidelines for submitting photos

If you want to know how to get featured on Instagram, it’s paramount to learn and follow the specific submission guidelines of each account you want to be featured on.

Some accounts make their featuring guidelines known publicly in their bio and it’s easy for anyone to see them. But there are accounts that don’t outline their guidelines. You have to look for clues in other featured posts.

Usually, Instagram accounts require you to tag them with a dedicated hashtag. There are some that want you to email or Direct Message them.

Feature accounts browse through hundreds of images with their hashtag every day to find new talent to feature on their page.

Take photos that are on a theme

When you look for Instagram accounts to get featured on, it’s always a good idea to observe what kind of images they use to post. Also look for the photographic style they use and other such details in order to adopt the same style for your own photos to grow your chances of being featured.

The photos you want featuring must fit in the same theme or niche. They must be high-quality and visually appealing and must align with the photos normally posted on the feature account.  They usually don’t want inconsistency in their feed.

how to get featured on instagramTake photos of the brand’s products

If the Instagram account you want your work to be featured on is a brand, take pictures of you or another person using their products creatively and tag them. This is a top tip on how to get featured on Instagram, as brands love to get free advertising for their products. For photography accounts, try to recreate their style and tag them; they will notice your effort.

However, don’t overdo it. Avoid tagging popular accounts on too many photos, as you might be perceived as irrelevant or fake.

Don’t watermark your photos

It’s understandable that you want to protect your work. This does not go well with the aesthetic part of most Instagram accounts. It is, again, about consistency on their page.

Join a community or partner up with other accounts in your niche

Teaming up with similarly-themed accounts or influencers in your niche is a great technique to get exposure to new audiences, which in turn could help you get featured. You can build relationships with other accounts you are genuinely interested in. You can communicate via DM or email and offer shared contests or promotions. As a result, you will be promoting each other’s accounts to your respective fanbase.

Give and receive shoutouts

Shoutouts is one of the best techniques to use by those who want to know how to get featured on Instagram. It’s a great way to expand your reach. The idea is to look for pages with content that is similar to yours, get in contact with the owner, and offer to give each other shoutouts.

Focus on real connections and be aware that this also implies that you will have to feature another user’s content on your own account. And the trick here is to find accounts with more followers than you have.


Considering that it can offer more engagement than other social networks, Instagram can be the perfect tool for advertising and growing a brand. But you need to get involved, make a lot of effort to really see some results. This is why it’s important to learn how to get featured on Instagram. Maybe, later on, even create your own feature account where you can bring together a passionate community.

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