Sometimes, you crash into someone’s Instagram page and feel absolute envy because of how beautiful their Instagram feed is. You start thinking of how they made to have such an astonishing feed and how you can make your own account look that incredible.

In order to be successful on Instagram, it is very crucial to have a consistent approach to editing your images. It will help you curate Instagram and have your feed stream naturally.

If your feed looks good, it is more likely that people will like your posts, follow you, and come back for more. 



Especially if you are a company, making it even perfect takes a serious task! Your Instagram Feed is a business card that every user sees and wonders about what you are doing.

The holiday season is just around the corner. 

So, This Black Friday, give a new turn to your Instagram page by following some amazing and fresh tips given below – 

Start Following The Checkerboard Pattern.

Have you ever looked at the theme of a chess board? It’s not just impressive, it engages users. You can follow the pattern and plan your Insta feed accordingly. You can either alternate two colors, or can interleave images, and text.

The pattern looks attractive, stylish, and attracts more followers.

Have a look at a chess board feed by @cerebralmist.


Each line seems to be very distinctive, using this pattern. You can go light, dark, light, and then in the following line dark, light, and dark. The viewers get a very appealing look both vertically and horizontally.

This Black Friday, you can mix up your feed alternatively with your pictures and quotes, goods on sale and advice on others, etc. At last, Instagram is getting both informative and entertaining, therefore attract more and more followers.

Find your color this holiday season and stick to it.

If you want to make your account look beautiful and catchy on this holiday season, you should stick to a color palette. 

You might have come across Instagram accounts whose feed is filled with fantastic images and that one single color which is highlighted in it. Yes! That one color makes the entire Instagram feed flow.

For example – Have a look at @jacimarismith account. Her feed looks so appealing. Orange color is in trend right now. All you need is to have a pop of orange and red in your pictures. It can come out of your hair, home decorations, outfits, flowers, etc.


If you do not want to stick to one color, you can even color coordinate your pictures. Adding multiple colors provides an enticing look to your feed.

To color coordinate:

  • Select 2 – 3 colors which you want to use 
  • Balance your theme by spacing out your pictures in the grid.




Make your feed look intimidating in pastels.

Pastel palettes are popping up everywhere. It is versatile and can make anything look bright and beautiful. They are “in” again. It will be a wise move if you select pastel as your Instagram feed color scheme.

Take a look at  @creativekipi’s  account. 



Span one large image over other multiple posts

This Black Friday Give your Instagram feed a new feel. It is one the best way to make your Instagram page look alluring. You need to take your selected picture and cut it into 12 or 9 smaller pieces. Post these pieces in the reverse order. In this way, it will generate a confounding effect – people are more likely to tap on the sections to know more. And then receive the shock of seeing the whole picture spread around your profile feed in all its glory.

Take a look at the jlo’s  Instagram account. 


Make a stop-motion video out of still pictures.

Videos are ruling everywhere. You can make your Insta feed look better by adding a new look to your images. You can now create a slow-motion graphic from your static pictures.

If you want to make a GIF-like video out of your still images, you can make use of Adobe photoshop. Take a look at this tutorial video from Adobe. 

Also, there are different applications available such as Life Lapse, using which you can make something similar and exciting.


Add Frames to your Instagram posts.

One of the best ways to make your Insta page stand out this shopping season is to add borders to your posts. Modify the aspect ratio of your images. And add clean and orderly borders to form an aesthetic feed.

By adding white borders to your pictures will make your feed look organized and symmetric. It will help you highlight your beautiful images.

Take a look at Austin Presas, a therapy guide’s @lasy.austin account.  


Apart from adding a white border, you can add a black frame to your Insta pictures. Black borders are rare on Instagram. Make sure before you apply it, it goes well, with your niche, and should not spoil the theme and mood. Most of the people are afraid to use it as they fear of using a dark theme. If used in the right way, it can create magic and can attract a large number of following.

Take a look at Beautiful and Yummy (@beautifulandyummy) Instagram account. They have used black borders so cleverly and carefully. Their Insta page is so attractive. 


When words meet pictures

If you are not from the typical lifestyle, food, travel niche, you do not have to worry at all. You can make a way with words and can use text in visuals. You can post inspiring messages and motivational quotes on Instagram. 

In order to get typography inspiration, take a look at Ahda (@misterdoodle) account. He uses curvy lettering and interesting quotes in his pictures. 


Also, you can make your Insta page look more appealing by adding a new touch to your product images. You can add illustrations. Take a look at McDonald’s Singapore account.



Profile Picture

Your profile picture is what defines your Instagram page. The dimension is so small that whichever picture you put up should be eye catchy and simple in looks. If you are a business, then you should put your logo. If it is your account, set profiles according to your niche and theme. Make sure the image doesn’t cut.



“Bio” Section

As we all know, the first impression is the last impression. Your Instagram bio is your only chance to make it. The viewers who are going to visit your page will see your profile picture and bio first.

You have to make it straight forward and appealing. It should compel viewers to push the follow button. 

Below given are three factors that are important to make your bio successful –

  • A summary of your creative interests and industry
  • Witty description of who you are or your brand
  • Riveting call-to-action

Bio Section is a great place, which you can also use to showcase your special Black Friday deals. Just the same way The Highcutstudio has done it. 

Highcut, an online women’s clothing shop has its Instagram bio set for this Black Friday.


The best thing you can do is to set aside time to work on it if you really want to level up your Instagram feed.

Regularly take a look at your feed and delete those photos that do not suit and look good. Also, do conduct timely Instagram purge to keep the fresh ideas coming and to keep the Insta-feed clean.

Also, keep updating your feed with posts related to seasonals deals, festive offers, giveaways, special day deals, etc. Also, you can mention about deals and offers in your bio. 

Creating and maintaining an attractive and appealing Instagram feed is not hard at all. All you need to do is to be smart, strategic, and stick to your set parameters. I hope the above-cited points will help you to make your Insta page more alluring this Black Friday.

If you have got any more tips or wanted to say or ask something, you can comment down in the section below.


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