If you are highly active on Instagram, you might have an immense following which you have racked up over the years. While have you checked the accounts which you have followed?

As there might be some accounts which you followed are inactive on Instagram or, they might be posting content which is not of your interest anymore.

There might be many other reasons because of which you want to take mass unfollowing action on Instagram. Nowadays, you can also make use of the mass unfollow Instagram automation tools to unfollow those who are not following you back on Instagram and to those who are of no use to you. 

Here are shown some important aspects which you should think of before mass unfollowing on Instagram.

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Why should you perform mass unfollowing on Instagram?

Instagram Follow Limit-

To gain more followers, you need to follow more people. By doing so, you have the chance of getting follow back in return. But if you are close to the following limitations, you might receive an error message that you can’t follow more people on Instagram. In such a case, you can unfollow those accounts which are not following you back.


Poor Follower/Following Ratio-

If you are not getting enough followers, and you have low followers/following ratio on Instagram, it can make a negative impression on your Instagram growth. While following Instagram accounts, there is a chance that you can get follow back in return. Still, it will not help you to improve your follower/following ratio. For that, you have to focus on the unfollowing strategy on Instagram.


Otherwise, this might make your account seem like you are spamming on Instagram to gain followers. It will make your account look suspicious, and your account may also get blocked on Instagram.

Here are shown the ratio of followers/following, which shows what the audience thinks of an Instagram account.

<0.5 Spammers: 

Such users are inexperienced users of Instagram automation tool and are spamming followers to gain follow back.

<0.5-1 Suspicious: 

If the user is not getting enough follow back, as they are following wrong people using Instagram automation tool. Or they might have some poor quality of posts in their feed, which does not get enough likes on Instagram.

10+ Influencers: 

These are the people who have grown their influence and even got sponsored by the popular brand on Instagram.

If you are still under the spammer or suspicious category, then for enhancing your credibility, you can mass unfollow on Instagram. It will help you to improve the ratio of followers/following on Instagram.

In-Active Accounts:

If you are following accounts which have no activities in the recent one year, then it is better to unfollow such accounts. It would be time-consuming to manually check every account, which isn’t active on Instagram. For that, you can make use of the Mass unfollow Instagram tools like GramBoard, which allow you to automate the following and unfollowing process on Instagram.


Bot or Fake Accounts:

These are the accounts which try to mimic a similar action as a real Instagram account. But there are some actions based on which you can judge a bot account on Instagram:

  • Such accounts follow too many accounts while they have quite a low number of followers on Instagram.
  • With such accounts, their followers might be inactive or new users.
  • Even if such account has followers, their content is not up to the mark or, they haven’t posted any content on their feed.


Bot accounts are similar to inactive account as they will not engage in the posted content on Instagram. Such Instagram accounts are also called ghost followers whom you can unfollow using GramBoard Instagram automation tool.

Instagrammer Who Haven’t Follow You Back:

The most common and legitimate way to gain Instagram followers is to follow other accounts who are interested in a similar niche as yours. That way, you could be able to expect follow-back in return also. However, there might be some Instagrammers who won’t follow you back on Instagram.


In such a case, you can make use of the GramBoard automation software to unfollow those who are not following you back on Instagram.

About GramBoard

GramBoard is an Instagram intelligence software which lets you can schedule and automate your posts, likes, comments, follow/unfollow activity, and manage multiple accounts from a single place.


Why Use GramBoard AI Tool?

GramBoard allows you to auto-schedule posts, likes and comments on Instagram while it also has a feature which let you follow/unfollow accounts automatically. Using its AutoPilot feature, you could be able to increase your followers on Instagram. However, before using GramBoard, you need to check your Instagram follow limit. While you can perform mass unfollowing action, which would also help you to improve the Follower/Following ratio. So, you can improve the credibility of your Instagram account.



How To Use GramBoard AI Tool?

  • You do not need to download this tool on your device as one can access this tool straight from the web using any browser. Now, it is also available on the android platform so you can also install in your smartphone device and use it.


  • You can add multiple accounts on GramBoard tool. For a start, you can try this tool for its hourly plan at $2.99 for 3 days. It will only cost you $1 for a day. You can also opt for it’s beginner’s package starts for $9.95 per month which will let you automate up to 5 Instagram accounts.

If you want to add more accounts, then you can opt for its start-up or agency packages.


Startup package: $14.99 per month (15 Account Slots)
Agency package: $25.99 per month (50 Account Slots)
  • You can customize the setting to target those accounts which you want to unfollow on Instagram. Based on the filter option, you could be able to find those accounts. While it also has a feature using which you can blacklist interaction with particular usernames, locations or hashtags.


  • Now, you just need to click on the red start button to automate the mass unfollowing process on Instagram.

By cleaning up the following, you could be able to increase the credibility of your Instagram account. It can also help you to gain more engagement so that you could be able to attract more potential followers.

Now, if you are ready to use mass unfollowing strategy, you can follow the ideas shown in this article. While you can also share your own thoughts and ideas in the comment section given below.


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