Branded content has brought a new revolution in Instagram marketing. Still, Branded Content Tag is not available to all Insta users. But for those who can access them, it has been a great way to promote their branded content on Instagram.

Now, the brands can promote content created by the influencers in their feed. By using the creativity, voice and audience reach of influencers’ now brands can also be able to grow their organic reach and influence with the audience.

If you are an advertiser and would like to promote your business using influencer’s posts on Instagram, then you can utilise this feature to grow your reach with the audience. In case, you can also make use of Ads manager to check the performance of your branded content.

Wanted to know more about Instagram branded content tags? Just go through this article.

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Instagram Branded Content:

Have you seen the branded post on Instagram? You might have seen posts of some influencers with the label “Paid partnership with XXXX” (Here XXXX represents Brand Name). It means that the influencer who created this post has been in a business partnership with the brand shown in the post. And the advertiser is paying for the influencer’s post for using it as ad content.


Branded content on Instagram

Things To Know About Branded Content On Instagram:-

  • This feature of Instagram seems beneficial for both advertisers and creators. Though creators have the overall control over their content, however, they can’t use a single content to tag more than one business partner. Still, an Instagram creator can also work with other business partners to earn more income.
  • Since creators have control over their branded posts, they can check the insight information of ads. However, their business partner doesn’t have any access to check the organic reach of branded ads. They can only be able to check the paid insights showing in their Ad manager.
  • Comparing with business brands, influential creators have better reach on Instagram. By developing a partnership with Instagram influencers, advertisers can grow their brand’s reach.

Getting Started With Branded Content On Instagram:

To start creating branded content on Instagram, you have to follow two main steps. First, a creator needs to confirm from the brand that they can tag their brand name on their content. And after that, their business partner (Advertiser) will be able to check that post on their Ad Manager under existing posts. From there, they can choose whether to use them in the form of feed ads or the format of story ads. While it’s possible to use branded video ads in the Instagram feed or story. But before, it wasn’t possible to add video content of more than one minute. You might be surprised to know that now it becomes possible to create a long video ad content on Instagram. Do you want to know – how?

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Branded Content on IGTV:

On the 27th of September, Mr. Matt Navarra (Social Media Expert) has tweeted that now business and creators can use Branded Content Tag (“Paid partnership with…”) will also be available on IGTV. For using this feature, you must meet the eligibility criteria (i.e. Having a business or a creator account on Instagram). After getting published, IGTV videos will show “Paid partnership with XXXX” (Where XXXX means Brand name).

But before adding the Branded Content tag on the post, influencers have to ask the approval from advertisers.


Approval of Advertiser:

In order to use the branded content tool of Instagram, you must comply with eligibility standards. Which means that you need to use a business or a creator account and your content should be according to community guidelines of Instagram. While you also need to have a good influence on the community (No of Instagram Followers).

  • To approve, go to the business profile settings page and select the “Business” option.


  • On the business page, you need to tap on the Branded content. There you will find a Require approval toggle button. Make sure to keep it on so that you can approve the content of creators which you would like to tag your business.


  • To find the creator who you would like to allow to tag your business, select Approved accounts.
  • You can search and select the Instagram handle of the creator whom you want to allow.


  • Now, the selected creator will have the ability to tag your business in their posts.

Set Up Your Campaign:

Now, the creator has tagged your business in their post and has given permission to use that post for the promotion, you need to follow the steps shown here.

  • Go to the Ads Manager and click on the create button.


  • From there, you need to select an objective for your brand content.
  • In the placement, select Instagram feed or stories.


  • The branded content will appear in the “Use existing post” section. Click on that.
  • From there, you can select or change the post by clicking on the option- “Select post/Change post”.


  • Select a post window will popup, where you need to select the Branded content option.
  • There you will find a list of the content for which the creator has permitted to tag them for your business promotion.


  • Select any one of them. You’ll see a preview of that ad. Click on the confirm button.

Once the process is over, Facebook will review that content and will notify you about the approval. Based on the audience you want to target, your ad will appear on the Instagram feed and stories.

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Setup Your Campaign Using Gramboard

Following the above-shown steps, advertisers can start their marketing campaign on Insta. However, to gain better exposure for their ads, you need to be creative and regular with your engagement and posting activities on Instagram. For that purpose, you can also make use of Instagram automation tools like Gramboard.

Gramboard is one of the best IG automation tool for Instagram advertisers as well as for creators. This tool has some unique features using which you can autopilot activities on Instagram like auto-posting, likes, follow-unfollow activity. While it also lets you manage multiple IG-account from a single platform.

Here are shown steps following which you can set up your Instagram campaign using Gramboard.

  • Log in to the Dashboard page.


  • Select the option- Instagram accounts. Here you can add your accounts for which you want to automate Instagram activities.


  • After adding an account, you need to log into that account using your login id and password.


  • Click on the Manage Activity.


  • It will show you the page where you can control your Instagram activities.
  • From here, based on the location, tags, and followers of some other influencers, you can target your audience on Instagram.


  • From Gramboard you can also add media files and save those files in the media library.


Using this single tool, you can auto-pilot most of the Instagram activities, which can help you to gain more engagement, likes, and followers on your branded ads.


Setup Your Instagram Campaign


Promotion Approval of Creators:

In case, if you are a creator on Instagram, here are shown the steps following which you can grant permission to the brand to use your post as an ad.

  • Open the Instagram application and find the post which you want to tag your business partner.


  • You can upload a new photo/video, or you can also use the content which you have already created but haven’t used for ads.


  • Before uploading a new photo, go to the Advanced settings and tap on the Tag Business Partner button. In case if you are using existing content, click on the three dots and select the edit option. There you will find Add Partner option.

tag-partner-on-existing-Instagram post

  • In the Business partner settings page, click on the Tag Business Partner button.


  • Search for the business account which you want to tag on your post and select that business account.


  • Again go the Advanced Settings/Business Partner Settings and click on the toggle button “Allow business partner to promote”.


  • Now you have tagged the business partner, post the photo to promote your content for the brand of your business partner.

To add stories and IGTV videos, you have to click on the link icon, and it will take you to the More options page. From here, you can tap on the Tag Business Partner button, and toggle the Allow business partner to promote button. While the rest of the process is similar as shown in the above steps.


As an Instagram Creator/Advertiser, you can follow the above-shown steps to promote branded content on Instagram.



Now Instagram branded content is available to all the advertisers. And most of the marketers are looking at it as an opportunity for growing their brand reach on Instagram. With the introduction of IGTV branded content tagging, this feature is going to bring more success to Instagram marketing in the future. Are you also the one running branded content ads on Instagram? Share your experience in the comment box.


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