Instagram has become a competitive platform for marketing purposes. Nowadays, most of the small and medium-sized enterprises are using Instagram marketing for growing their business.

There are no secrets or shortcuts to achieving success on Instagram. If you are consistent with posting high quality and attractive posts, then you can surely be able to grow your followers on Instagram.

However, those things are easy to say than doing for real. With more than a billion number of monthly active users and 25 million business profiles, it won’t be so easy to gain influence on Instagram.

To make up for that, now you can rely on Instagram automation tools. With the planning and scheduling features of automation, it has become easier to manage Instagram activities.

In this article, you would learn about- how can you schedule Instagram posts so that you could be able to gain more followers and engagement on Instagram.

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Why to Schedule Posts on Instagram?

If you are looking to create a marketing space on Instagram, you need to be regular with posting high-quality aesthetics stuff. Indeed, it won’t be an easy task to be ready with attractive posts all the time. And there might also be a chance that you won’t have enough time to manage your Instagram activities. In such a case, having an Instagram scheduler can surely benefit you.


Just think about it – Instead of creating aesthetics pictures and posting them on every day, now you can make use of Instagram automation to schedule your posts for a whole week. That way, you won’t need to spare time for posting your content on Instagram.

If you are a marketer and want to utilize Instagram automation for scheduling posts, then you need to have a business profile on Instagram.

How to Create a Business Profile on Instagram?

Aside from scheduling posts on Instagram, the business profile also lets you use analytics tools like Instagram insights. While it also lets you create ads directly from its app (without using a third-party tool).

Steps to Switch to Business Profile on Instagram-

  • Open your Instagram app and go to your profile page.


  • On the top right corner, you have the drop-down menu option.


  • Here at the bottom of the menu section, there is a “settings” option you have.
  • In setting, you need to click on the accounts.


  • Here, at the bottom of the menu, you have the option to switch your account to a business account.
  • If you want to switch your personal account into a business account, then click on the “Get Instagram Business Tools” button. While you can also sign up for a new business account by clicking on the button “Sign up for business profile”.


  • You can skip instruction pages, and now you need to set up your business profile on Instagram.
  • Once you have created a business account on Instagram, you can always switch it back to a personal account.

In case you have a Facebook business page, you can connect it with your Instagram account. That way, you could also be able to promote your Instagram ads on the Facebook business page.

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4 Awesome Tools For Scheduling Posts on Instagram:

Last year on the 30th of January (2018), Instagram launched a new feature called “Content Publishing (Beta)”. This feature allows third-party Instagram automation tools to schedule posts on Instagram.

Here are shown some of the best social media automation software using which you can autopilot your posting work on Instagram.


Gramboard is a tool, which is solely made for automating Instagram activities. This tool lets you automate multiple accounts on Instagram. It allows you to add an unlimited number of Instagram accounts while you can run multiple Instagram campaign using Gramboard autopilot feature. It has a feature, which lets you target audience based on tags, Geo-location, and other filters as well.


With Gramboard, you can schedule your posts on Instagram on the specific time and date you want so that you could be able to gain engagement on your content. It provides you with full control over the activities on Instagram. While it also makes sure to make the automation process seems like humanitarian action. 

Other than that, this tool has features like auto-following, auto-commenting, and auto-likes. By utilising these features of the Gramboard, you could be able to gain more engagement on Instagram.


It is a social media management software using which you can manage multiple Instagram accounts. It allows you to schedule posts based on the date and time you want. Socinator also has a feature, which lets you target audience, based on Geo-locations, tags and other filter options. Other than Instagram, you can also use this tool to automate social media activities on- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Quora, etc.



This social media management tool enables you to schedule posts on Instagram. While you can also manage social media activities on other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Aside from scheduling, this tool also has a feature to analyse and monitor your overall social media growth.



Later is a tool focus on Instagram automation. However, it also allows you to schedule posts on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. But you can’t use to post your content on YouTube and LinkedIn. If you are a solo-entrepreneur who wants to run a social media campaigning which strongly focuses on Instagram, Later is one of the best scheduler options that you can have.


Best Times to Post on Instagram:

Now, you have converted your Instagram profile to Instagram business profile and also connected it with Facebook. You have opted a third-party tool to schedule posts on Instagram.

But now the question arises that how to identify the best times to schedule posts on Instagram so that you could be able to gain more engagement.


For that, you can make use of Instagram insights which let you track and analyse posts on Instagram based on the niche of your brand.

Based on the insights, you can check the activities of the audience by hours or by days. It allows you to find about the time when you can have the most engagement on Instagram.

Mistakes to Avoid While Scheduling Posts on Instagram-

Scheduling Too Far in Advance-

You might be thinking to create content for 3 to 4 months and bulk schedule it on Instagram. No, that is wrong. There might be a chance that a type of post which is getting engagement, for now, won’t be getting any in the future.


For Example,  You don’t want to post anything funny on Instagram at the time of International tragedy.

Edit your Post Before Scheduling it-

With auto-scheduling, you can post content in bulk on Instagram. In such a case, there are chances of happening unintentional errors or mistakes while posting.

You don’t want to post something which can give a wrong impression to your brand. To avoid such problems, you should edit your content before publishing it on Instagram.

No Interaction with Audience-

With automation tools available, now you don’t need to engage on Instagram activities. But it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t interact with your audience. While engaging with the audience, you could be able to nurture your relationships, which can help you to gain more sales opportunities for your brand. And also remember that Instagram’s algorithm rewards the account which has high-level engagement.


On a final note, we can say that the scheduler tool is essential for social media marketing, especially for Instagram marketing. There are multiple options with the automation tools you have for scheduling posts on Instagram. Based on your marketing budget and the features of the automation software, you can opt for the best one for your Instagram marketing.

Have you been scheduling your posts on Instagram? It helped in your business growth or not? If you want to share your experience, we are ready to hear from you in the comment section given below.


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