Instagram’s latest video platform: IGTV was launched on 20th June’ 2018. Including the Instagram Stories, it’s considered to be one of the best ways to gain a large number of leads to your posts.  

Even Gordon Ramsay one of the popular celebrity chef uses it, similarly, various other businesses around the world use IGTV for their brand. Which states that you should also start using it.  

In recent days, Instagram has gained more than 1 billion users worldwide.  

But, if you haven’t marked your business presence on Instagram till now, then it is the best time to do it. As Instagram stories and IGTV videos both provides best and super amazing way to gain number of leads to your account. It also gives you a chance to run contests, create engaging videos, etc, which will help your posts as well as your brand to gain recognition.

But the question arises,

What actually is IGTV?



IGTV this Instagram’s new video platform, is very different from the traditional video screening application like YouTube as it is designed for viewing different videos on your phone. The videos in IGTV can be seen in the full screen mode and by its vertical import, you don’t have to turn your phone every time to view a video. You can easily access this, through the IGTV application which is available in the app store or you can also access it through Insta-app. The video content in the IGTV can go up till more than 10 minutes and the viewers can even like, share and comment on these videos.

How IGTV analytics are beneficial?



One of the best thing which I like about IGTV is its analytics. Just have to tap on the three dots, available on the right-hand side corner and easily check your insights, a number of views, likes, followers, and comments on your video posts.

Give special attention to the follower’s confinement sine which will help in creating appealing content, and check how long and how many people are associated with your video.

Note that, there are some people, who usually drop off after some time, therefore, consider recreating the IGTV videos, you can either shorten it or change your video flow.

Why Your Business needs an IGTV channel?



IGTV opens up new avenues for businesses to further enhance their Instagram marketing strategy. It is a free app where anyone can create their own channel. If you own a business, then IGTV serves you the best, as it helps in

  • Providing an opportunity efficiently to entertain and guide your followers.
  • Boosting the engagements of services and products.
  • Giving special chances for building communities.
  • Generating more number of conversions and engagements.

How To Create IGTV channel?



The first and the foremost thing which you need to consider before sharing your videos, you need to create your own IGTV channel.

Step 1) Install the IGTV App from the application store and sign up or login into this app.  

Step 2) Click on the settings icon present on the right side corner and then click on the Create Channel option which is available there.

Step 3) And now, you can experience the new and latest IGTV! Create videos as well as plan out stories with great fun.

How To Create Content for IGTV?



Instagram has made creating content on IGTV very easy. There are also several tricks which will help to create interesting content for IGTV marketing, which will help in increasing your followers as well as to gain desired results.  

  • Appealing titles:

A short appealing and attractive title will definitely help you to increase the chance of getting more views for your videos.  

  • Custom thumbnail:

Similar to YouTube, video thumbnail is very helpful in gaining the attention of normal users.

  • Hashtags:

The hashtags in your videos help to raise your visibility. Therefore, it is advised to incorporate hashtags, which are relevant to your content. This will help the audience to reach you directly by following these hashtags, which will allow you can gain great leads.

  • Links:

The links which you add in your video captions should be very interactive, so don’t miss even a single chance to get more viewers to your content and the desired links accordingly.

  • Share the Videos

When you share content on IGTV, then it is advised to share a screenshot of that content in the main news feed of your Instagram account. You can use some hashtags, which will help you in increasing engagements to your content.

How To Use IGTV?



IGTV videos


If you are planning to use Instagram for boosting your engagements using long videos, but if you are not aware of how to use it?

No worries! I have listed some of the best ways to use IGTV to gain more leads.

To be part of this IGTV videos, you need to install the IGTV application on your mobile phone or else you directly use this feature from your current Instagram app.

This Instagram feature also works with vertical videos( similarly like Insta-stories) and comes with search option along with four sections, which are:

  • Popular

This tab helps to provide the best and the most popular videos on IGTV. You can also look through and see what are the most popular videos available.  

  • Continue Watching

Without any pause, you can continue watching your favorite videos.

  • For You

Much like ‘proposed’ recordings on YouTube, IGTV prescribes videos that it supposes you might want to watch. Therefore the videos are customized For You, accordingly.

  • Following

This section helps in showing the videos from the accounts which you follow.

Apart from all these sections, IGTV also provides a chance to scroll through the longer videos, rewind the part which you have missed out or skip ahead.

Final Words

IGTV is one of the most powerpact tool with the intensity of YouTube and Instagram in one stage, permitting small as well as large businesses to get new doors for development and advancement. Instagram is said to be the blooming platform without any indications of backing off in the next upcoming years. Early adopters of IGTV can increase impressive engagements over the challenge as the this latest feature is still in its beginning periods.

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