Because of the high brand engagement on Instagram, it has been the most favored social media by advertisers. But recently it has seen that most of the brands couldn’t be able to gain enough engagement on their channel. The reason behind this is the Instagram Algorithm.

In the year 2016, Instagram had introduced the algorithm based on which the content on the feed could be visible to the audience. Earlier posts on Instagram appeared in the feed in the chronological order only. But after the year 2016, the contents which are somehow related to the users are given the first preference on Facebook.

However, until now nobody was sure enough that on what basis Instagram algorithm judge the relevance of content to the users. Recently, Instagram has shown the criteria based on which it decides which post should first visible on your news feed. The algorithm relies on the past behavior of the users to identify the order of posts visible on the Instagram news feed. Based on the content they like and comment, profiles which they follow and stories they see on Instagram,  the order of content would change for each and every user.

Here are shown some of the main factors which affect the order of content in the Instagram news feed.


As you can see that Instagram shows content which is more relevant to users. The priority of the posts visible on your news-feed depends upon how it would be relatable to you. The people whom you follow, like and comment on their content, tag them on posts and DM each other on Instagram, you would be able to see their content on the top of your news-feed. Since the algorithm recognizes the past behavior of the user based on which it tries to show the most relatable content on Instagram.


Instagram Relations


The algorithm of Instagram tries to predict the posts which get more likes, views and check profiles which gets more engagement. It uses machine learning (ie, Image recognition) method to figure of the content which gets more likes, views, and comments on Instagram.

Suppose if you would like to watch posts which contain animal-related content, then most likely you would see the content related to animals on the top of your news-feed.


The algorithm prioritizes recent posts on Instagram. Which means that the content which you posted a week ago would have rare visibility on Instagram.

Before 2018, the old content on Instagram could be able to survive for a long time. However, it had been seen that posts from the Christmas were visible on Instagram even after the passage of New Years. That is the reason why Instagram included the feature of timeliness in its algorithm.


Instagram wants you to spend more time on its platform. As it would try to show you the contents which you like most. If you are a frequent user of Instagram, then the content in your feed would be in a chronological way. But if you aren’t, then the content in your news feed will be more sorted based on what you have liked, commented earlier, it would try to show you the posts which are more relatable to your Interest.


The people whom you follow on Instagram, you could be able to see their posts on your news feed. However, if you follow too many people, there might be a chance that you would see fewer posts from each of the accounts you followed on Instagram. While you can still scroll down to find the content posted by the people whom you follow on Instagram.


Instagram Followers


The algorithm also notices the time which you spend on the app while browsing for the posts which you like to see on Instagram. Based on that information it will show you the newest content in your new-feed.

These are the factors based on which the algorithm tries to identify the order of the content in which it should be shown in the news feed.

If you are an advertiser, then because of the algorithm you might face a bit more difficulties in gaining more engagement on your Instagram content. However, there are still some ways using which you can turn the favor of the algorithm in your way.

How can you make use of the algorithm in your favor?


Instagram Algorithm

If you want to gain more engagement on your Instagram posts, then you need to make sure that your content is visible on the news-feed of your followers. However, a single post on Instagram could be able to survive for a limited time only, which means that you need to increase the number of your Instagram posts in the news-feed of your followers. But how could you be able to do so?

Here you can find the answers to your question:

Post your content consistently

If you are posting your content in bulk, then most of your content wouldn’t be able to get enough visibility on the news-feed. But if you post your content consistently, then the visibility of your content would be better in the news feed of your followers on Instagram.

Post your content at the right time

A single post on Instagram could be visible on the news feed for a limited time period. If you want to get more engagement on your content, then you need to post your content when most of your followers are active on Instagram. While you can schedule your Instagram post based on the time on which you could get more views on your content. That way your content would be more visible to your Instagram followers.

Post Instagram stories

Recently, stories have been getting quite a popularity on Instagram. As Instagram stories have already passed the mark of 500 million daily users and it is becoming the best medium for brands to get engagement on their posts. While you can make use of Instagram stories to catch the attention of the audience on your content.


Instagram Stories

Go live on Instagram

Just like the stories, live videos will not help you specifically with the algorithm. However, Instagram live generates notifications to followers. That way you can attract the attention of followers on your content.

Engagement is the king on Instagram, which would help you to earn more rewards for your business. While you should try to enhance your relationship with your audience, as you can like and comment on their post, tag them in your posts, share your content, use DM to connect with your fans. By performing these actions, you could be able to attract more attention to your Instagram posts.

However, it would be quite difficult for you to perform so many tasks on Instagram. In such a case, you can autopilot such tasks using Gramboard tool. That way you won’t have to stress your time and efforts on Instagram while you would be amazed by the engagement of the audience on your Instagram posts.


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