The use of social media marketing to promote a service or product has become essential in this day. It’s a great way for marketers, regardless of their niche, to reach objectives and customers. And considering that Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms out there, businesses need to make the most out of it. But sometimes managing a business account can be a lot of work. An Instagram automation tool can prove to be a godsend for business owners.

As of September 2018, Instagram has 1 billion monthly active users. This makes it a crucial platform for modern businesses that want to build a social media advertising strategy.  The impressive user base includes primarily young and well-educated people, exactly the kind of audience any business needs.

Nonetheless, managing a social media account on Instagram, with all the tasks it involves ( likes, comments, following/unfollowing, and sharing), can become a little overwhelming at some point. It actually takes enormous amounts of time and work. Especially if you not only want to maintain your social media presence but also grow it gradually. That’s why it’s important for business owners to know that they can always use an Instagram automation tool. These tools are an effective solution for taking over the usual daily operations of a business account.

instagram automation tool

What does an Instagram automation tool do?

Automation tools are basically what their name says. Tools that can help companies and influencers grow their Instagram fanbase and drive sales by automating the essential tasks required to drive growth.

Trying to grow your Instagram account manually would be a time-consuming activity which would eventually lead to exhaustion. Instead of spending precious time on basic tasks, you could focus your efforts on creating great content for your audience. Moreover, you can leave the day-to-day operations to such an Instagram automation tool.

What these tools do is to help you drive in more traffic and get more real followers to expand your brand’s audience.

What can you automate on Instagram?

But maybe you’re wondering what exactly it is that you can automate on Instagram. Well, engage with followers to grow your account is one of the things an Instagram automation tool can help you with. And this is important because followers usually remain loyal when a brand engages with them. Not to mention that potential followers are drawn to businesses that make them feel important. This can be done via follows, likes and comments.

Secondly, an automation tool can help you schedule and post content on your Instagram account. This saves you time and helps you be organized.

Nonetheless, choosing an Instagram automation tool is something that you should do after attentive research, not on a whim. That’s why we put together a short list of automation tools that can help you the most.

Best Instagram automation tools

Tools for likes:

RoboLike is an automation tool that focuses only on likes and helps Instagram accounts gain more exposure in social media. All you need to do is set your tags based on the audience you wish to reach, set how many hours a day you want the tool to run, and then let it do its job.

LikeSocial will help users boost their engagement with automatic likes. This will draw in more followers as the uploads of the automated account will stay up on the explore page and seen by more people.

Tools for growth

Social Steeze is an Instagram automation tool that will boost your social media presence with the most advanced growth technology. The service manages data and algorithms from your Instagram account based on your target audience and existing followers. Basically, experienced professionals will take over the management of your account in order to increase your brand awareness. It’s a paid service and pricing starts at $15 per week for regular services and $25 for the professional deal.

GramboardAi is another great tool that promises to help businesses of all sizes grow their Instagram accounts organically using smart automation. The tool allows you to manage multiples accounts in one place and takes care of everything: getting more real followers and increase audience, comments, likes and shares. Also, with GramboardAI it’s very easy to schedule and automate posts. This tool is available on three paid plans: Beginner at $9.95 per month, Start-up for $14.99, and Agency for $24.99/month. There is a way you can get free access to GramboardAi and that is by inviting your friends to sign up; for every friend that registers using your link, you get 5 days of free usage.

SocialDrift is one of the best tools for Instagram automation. Using it, you will grow your Instagram presence by targeting users by username, location, hashtag and other data that will help you discover and reach out to people that fit your target audience and are likely to follow you back.

Tools for direct publishing:

Preppr is an automation tool designed to help you out with direct publishing. It also offers tips on visually planning and the best posting times. By using it, brands can save time with posting content and will also get a coherent Instagram aesthetic.

Later is another popular tool for Instagram growth that lets users to visually plan and schedule their Instagram posts. It offers a free plan that allows you to schedule up to 30 photos per month. Besides, you can search and repost user-generated content (UGC) and have access to basic analytics.

instagram automation tool


Final thoughts

Working hard is good, but working smart is even better. Automation is a great way to ease your burden when it comes to social media marketing. Services like the ones presented above allow brands to reach out to significantly more followers and potential customers. They can do it faster and more efficiently.

However, don’t expect these tools to work as a teleportation machine. It takes time to grow, but you will see results much faster than you expect. And remember that if you decide to automate your Instagram activities, you must choose wisely and look for the best and most cost-effective Instagram automation tool. Like Gramboard, to help you promote offers, discounts, and other special events.

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