If you like capturing moments and taking a lot of selfies then Instagram is your perfect partner but if you are an entrepreneur or a brand looking out for some limelights then what should you prefer? Then also you can rely upon Instagram.


Instagram is the house of more than a billion people. More than 500 million people use Instagram on a daily basis. And so Instagram has some clear and serious rules for security of the users.


In case you seem like you are violating any rules, Instagram won’t hesitate to ban your functionalities. And that looks very annoying because it will have a major impact on your account. Some of the consequences of getting banned are-


  • You Lose your Followers- When you get banned from liking, your rate of actions get low and that can lead to less visibility. The lesser visible you are the lesser followers you get.
  • Engagement- As we know that engagement is the key here, you can risk on that.
  • Can’t Like the Posts that you Actually Like- What does getting banned from liking means? Don’t don’t get to like what you want and that can be annoying.


In this article, I will be talking about what is why does Instagram block from liking and how to cure it.


Why does it block?

Why Instagram blocked me from liking?

Instagram blocked my IP address.


I can hear you screaming from here only. Well, don’t worry this article is going sort all such problems.


As mentioned above, Instagram is quite certain about it’ safety measures and doesn’t like violation of any rules at any level. If it catches your account doing some suspicious activity, it will block your certain functionalities or even worse, every functionality.


Here are some common reasons for which Instagram would ban your liking functionality-


Too much Liking in a Short Period of Time

Did you do that? Liking more and more posts in just a few minutes or hours. Well, I understand you might have set up a bot or have done it on your own just for common purposes but Instagram is not a fan of this. Instagram generally allows you to like around 60 posts per hour. So, in case you like more than this, Instagram will assume that a bot is playing your role and you can get banned from liking.


Trust Score


In a general manner, the older your account is the more trust score it holds. Not every account has the same level of authenticity in front of Instagram. If you are new, you have more chances of getting banned and trust me Instagram is looking at your every single step.


So in order to grow the trust score and be a little authentic in front of Instagram, wait for a few months, behave normally, set your bot for little goals and have a smooth Instagram life.


IP or Proxy gets Blacklisted from Liking


You might be a normal user with one or two accounts on Instagram and might not be using proxies. But even after that, you do all the activities like crazy, Instagram will temporarily block you. Or you can be a marketer who needs to work for a lot of clients and have multiple accounts. In this case, there are chances that you might be using proxies. When you use a proxy, you think like you are safe now and Instagram won’t catch you, it’s not true. Sometimes, it even does that. Instagram takes all the possible measures to spot the fake accounts and block them as soon as possible.


Now that you’ve understood what might be your reason for getting banned from liking, it’s time to show you the real path for retrieving your rights of liking on Instagram-


Solutions for retrieving your Liking functionality-


  1. Rest a Little


Once you are banned from liking, let you and your profile go for a little hibernation period. Stop all the activities and prove Instagram that you are no bot but a real human, trying to cope up with Instagram’s atmosphere. In case you’re using an automation tool like Gramboard, allow the automation activities to pause for a little. You can wait up to 24-48 hours to get retrieve your feature.


  1. Try to Look Normal


Everyone uses Instagram bots and there is no shame in that but you need to work on the trust issues. Behave like you are doing no such things like automation. Set it all in the normal mode as a normal user does. Don’t rush because it can lead to getting blocked.


  1. Proxy


If you’ve got an IP address blacklisted then you can head towards a great automation tools Gramboard and do the Insta Proxy stuff. Once you get a proxy, you don’t access your Instagram account with just one IP address but rather a several and that helps you to remain under a shell and don’t get banned. Easy, right?


  1. Use the Right Tool


Now that you’ve got banned, it’s time to look out for the traitor- the main reason that got you banned. Your tool is not the right choice and it has proved it. An automation tool should be held responsible here because it’s the duty of the tool to keep your authenticity alive and doesn’t get you banned.


When you start using a tool, you should be sure that it allows you to automate your activities only to a normal level. If it allows you to do the stuff like crazy, it means it has nothing to do with the authenticity part. Gramboard’s AI keep you authenticity at the top of the list of priorities. With Gramboard, you will be allowed to automate all the Instagram activities but only up to a certain level.




As said “Success comes to those who wait”, you can’t get it all at once. You need to wait and tell Instagram that you a real user. If you just start doing all the activities more than the limits, Instagram will block you in no time. And even worse, in case you don’t stop it will delete your account permanently.


Be the smart kid, go on a little slow as a normal user does and then build a brand on Instagram. Difficult process yet effective.


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