Planning to get started with Instagram marketing? Well, many are but how can you beat the many without getting blocked by the Instagram itself. Let me tell you that if you need to build your strategy win, you need to do more than what your competitors are doing. You need to know that Instagram is against every activity that includes any third party tool.

Instagram is one of the most powerful social media platforms and hence requires a lot of time and efforts to get the most out of it. In the process, you’ll need some tools that can help you to achieve your marketing goals, especially the automation tools so that you stay active even when you aren’t.

“But the last time when I used an automation tool, Instagram blocked me from liking.” This is the issue that I hear often. So what to do next, is panicking the option?

No, you need to stay calm because it happens with a lot of people. Some of the main reasons for getting blocked from liking are as follows.

You do it like crazy

Instagram has some boundaries when it comes to using functionalities. If you start to do it like crazy and exceed the limits made by Instagram, it will immediately block you from liking. So, whatever feature you use, keep it under the limits.

Instagram blacklists your Proxy or IP

Another reason behind getting blocked from liking on Instagram can be your Proxy or IP. If you’re a regular user and have one or two accounts, then you might not be using Proxies. But in that case even, if you are too aggressive with your setting, Instagram might block you from liking.

Third-Party Tools

As mentioned, Instagram is against the use of any third-party tools. If you’re someone who needs to manage multiple Instagram accounts, then you must be using automation bots. But Instagram hates it and might block you as soon as it discovers that you are using any such tools. So what’s the solution? Keep on reading, and you’ll find it.

What to do Next?

Instagram blocked me from liking, now what?

Well, if that’s what happened then trust me, you’re reading the right article. Instagram can block you anytime and if you need to retrieve your power, follow the following steps.

Stop All your Activities

When you get blocked, you need to hold everything. Hold all the activities for at least a few days. Don’t mess it up more. Let Instagram understand that you’re not a spammer but just an average user. Pause all your activities and rest for a while.

Have a Gap Between all your Activities

Whatever you do, leave a gap first. Doing it all at once can damage your authentication level. This can also make Instagram get suspicious regarding you using some automation tools. Leave a gap of at least a few seconds between every activity.

Use the Smart Tools

When dealing with multiple accounts or trying to make the most out of Instagram, you need to get some tools that are worth using. To make your Instagram marketing strategy win, you need to move an extra mile, and for that, you need to automate your activities.

But not all the tools are worth trying. The first thing that you need to take care of is using the machine that doesn’t risk your authenticity. Whatever you do you need to keep Instagram happy, and a right tool is necessary for that.

So, what tool do you need to use?

GramBoard- The Best Instagram Automation Tool

GramBoard is an all in one Instagram automation tool. Whatever you need to automate, GramBoard is ready to serve your needs. GramBoard is specifically designed to automate the Instagram activities, and so it understands the importance of the authenticity level.  Furthermore, as the tool is a web-based tool, you don’t need to download any big tool but instead use it online, whenever you need.

Here is how to automate with GramBoard

Create an Account

Before getting started, you need to create an account with GramBoard. Just a few minutes and a few steps and you are done. Moreover, if you aren’t sure about the tool, try it for free and see whether it fits your needs or not.

Add your Credentials

Once you create an account, you need to add your credentials. Add your credentials to start using GramBoard. Your information is secure with us.

Add your Preferences

Now that you’ve cleared the initial steps, you need to tell GramBoard about your needs and your targeted industry. Set your preferences with the help of hashtags, location and users. This enables GramBoard only to focus those who are related to your business and not the unnecessary ones.

Enable Automation

Now everything is almost done. The only step that is left is to enable the automation part. Now list down your needs or select them all. Once you decide the functionalities that you need to automate. Enable the one by one or enable all. After you do so, the rest of the job will be done by GramBoard.  


If used in the right way, Instagram can be your star marketing platform and can be fun to use and see the results. But a wrong tool can ruin it all at once. So, be careful and choose only the best Instagram Automation tool. GramBoard can be of great use in the process because it is one of the best Instagram Automation tools and cost as less as $1 per day. Moreover, in case you get stuck at some point, the whole GramBoard support team is ready to help you out. Just a few steps mentioned above and you’re ready to get started.

So now whenever you get stuck and think “ Instagram blocked me from liking, what should I do next?” read this article and you’ll get all your answers in a sec.

All the Best!

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