No doubt, Instagram has come a long way from 2010 to 2019. It has seen an astonishing trajectory of success in last so many years. It had only one million followers at its initial days. Presently it consists of over 1 billion monthly active users. The numbers itself prove the success story of this platform. Instagram for beginners can be very enjoyable and exhilarating if they know the correct tactics to follow. 

There is not any single reason behind the exposure of Instagram all across the world. Many Instagram aspects are there that makes it quite different from other regular social media platforms. Well, the great thing is that Instagram successfully managed to become the best marketing platform of this eon. 

At present times, everybody desires to become a famous name on Instagram. However, in actuality, it’s not that easy. Among the crowd of millions of people, making your name on Instagram landscape requires hard work, passion, patience, and lots more.

So, are you ready to give all that? If yes, then this blog is assuredly going to help you in a big way. 


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If you are still not on Instagram, then surely you don’t want to make your life a little more fun and exciting. Also, you certainly don’t have any desire to give your online presence more wings. If this is not true, then it’s high time you should start Instagram right here right now.


Follow the below-highlighted steps to create an account on Instagram- 

Step 1: If you are using desktop, then go to for signing up on Instagram. You can also download the Instagram application from the App Store (iPhone) or Google Play Store (Android). 


Step 2: Click on signup option and enter the mobile number, email, username, password, and all the necessary details. 


Step 3: On Android, you have to click “Sign Up With Email or Phone Number”. 

Step 4: In case if you are using iPhone, then select “Create New Account”. 

Step 5: As an alternative, you can also log in with Facebook in Android as well as iPhone. 

Step 6: After filling the required information, you will ask to fill out your Instagram profile.

Finally, now you’re a part of this marvelous social network. 




Manage The Notifications: 


After creating your account, it’s time for you to set the notification settings. Hence, you will receive information which you want to hear, listen, read, and perhaps want to see. So, there are many options regarding setting notifications. You can decide to receive notifications from all. However, you can also end-up getting notifications from only people who you follow. 

You can alter notification settings to off from users whom you follow on Instagram. The aspects of notifications depends on following categories such as Comments, Comment Likes, Likes and Comments On Photo of You, Accepted follow requests, Follower requests, Friends on Instagram, Reminders, Instagram Direct, Product Announcements, View Counts, Support Requests, IGTV Video Updates, Video Chats, First Posts and Stories, and Mention in Bio. 

If you are intimidated by so many options, then first start with notifications from everyone. And if afterward, they start bothering you, then turn them off.  


Follow the respective steps to edit notifications as per your wish- 

  1. Go to your Instagram account, then click on the “Settings” icon.



2. Scroll down to the “ Push Notification Settings”. 


3. Scrutinize the notification options thoroughly and set them according to your preferences. 

It’s finished! Now, it’s time for you to connect your Instagram account to other social networks. So, make your Instagram presence global and more powerful. 


Linked Other Social Networks: 

To link your Instagram account to your other social media accounts, follow the below mentioned steps- 

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and tap on “Linked Accounts”. 


Step 2: Choose the social media networks you want to connect and enter the required information to link the following accounts with your Instagram landscape.


Now, it’s time for your first Instagram post. Hence, you have to upload, edit, and post an image. 


First Instagram Post: 

As we all know, Instagram is famous for its enticing properties. Unlike Twitter, that’s entirely dependent on text, whereas Facebook which is a combination of both images as well as text. On the other hand, the main aspects of Instagram depend on videos and pictures. So, for posting an image on Instagram, you have to be careful with your preferences. Hence, post something out of the box and unique.

Point to remember- Don’t post too many photos simultaneously. Also, avoid posting similar kinds of images on Instagram. You should make your Instagram presence look variant and diverse. 

So, now let’s explore how to upload, edit, and post an image.

These are the following steps you have to follow regarding this- 

1. Tap on the “+” logo given at the bottom of your Instagram profile.


2. Now, you would have given three options to choose from like phone library, can take a new video, and head towards clicking a new picture. So, all depend on you. What do you want to post first? Decision time!


3. Select whatever you want to post, and then hit the “Next” button given at the right corner. 


4. Next up is the editing of the image you’re posting on Instagram. You will be given two aspects to edit your photos. First, “Filter” and second the “Edit” option. Instagram first displays you the filter option. So, you can pick a suitable filter theme according to your wish. Additionally, you can alter the tone of the filter by double tapping the selected filter and shift the cursor to the left for dimming the brightness of it.

Instagram-for-beginners 5. Tap the “Edit” option and manage the attributes of images as per your choice and after this click the “Next” icon present at the topmost right corner. 

Instagram-for-beginners 6. It’s time to add captions, tag  people, and add location

Instagram-for-beginners 7. You can also share your Instagram posts on Facebook as well as other social media networks by hitting the button given beside them. So, are you ready to live your Instagram post? If yes, then click the “Share” option.


Congrats guys! Ultimately, your first Instagram post is now live. This time we have to move towards the Instagram story feature. To remind you how important the Instagram story feature is, please read out loud these statistics. 


Create Instagram Story: 

According to studies of 2019, there are about 500 million daily active users found of Instagram stories”. That’s awesome! As we all know, story trait of Instagram allows users to display images and videos in a string that lasted for 24 hours after getting posted. 

Hence, the brilliant use of the Instagram story can surely transform your Instagram account to bona fide.  


Follow the below-highlighted steps to get started with the Instagram story- 

  1. Tap on the camera present in the right left of the Instagram screen.


2. Now, you have to choose an image, video, or whatever you desire to use in the story. 


3. After selecting an entity you want to post, it’s time to use it in an Instagram story.

4. As you can see, there is a smiley face given that possess different options regarding story like emojis, time, poll, temperature, day, date, location, and many other things. Pick them and merge into the Instagram story to make it more fun. Here’s a pencil by using which you can play with the text, draw an image, and so on so. The “Aa” icon present there is a kind of text button. It lets you alter the font style of the text. 


5. You have to click the things you want to add in your image. After doing all this, you can also use a filter for your picture by swiping right and left. If you are content with your creation, then tap on the “+” icon to share your story with your lovely Instagram audience. However, if you only want specific people to watch your Instagram story, then select the “Send To” option is given in the bottom left. 

So, done with the posting of first Instagram story. Great! Have you missed out anything? Think about it! Followers… Isn’t it? 


Follow People: 

Following a great bunch of people on Instagram is the most critical thing to practice. Otherwise, nothing will work out vis-a-vis build an Instagram space. However, follow people on Instagram should not do impromptu. You must take time and use the search features of Instagram. So, find out the most appropriate Instagram accounts to follow according to your business niche. 


How To Auto Follow Instagram Accounts Using Gramboard? 


Manual following of people on Instagram is tedious as well as time-taking. So, if you want to perform this task without investing much time and with perfection, then start using Gramboard. It is an all-in-one Instagram automation tool. By using it, you can automate regular Instagram activities, including “Follow” attribute in more than no time.


Perform the below given steps to auto follow people on Instagram- 

Step 1: Login/ Signup in your Gramboard account.


Step 2: Go to your Instagram account


Step 3: Tap On “Manage Activity”. 


Step 4: Go to “Activity Status and Speed ” section and set the speed of the process ranging from Slow, Medium, Fast, and Super fast


Step 5: Choose “Follow” option from the given activities such as Likes, Comments, Unfollow, and DMs


Step 6: Go To “Targeting” section and set the attributes of people you want to follow according to your preferences. You would have given three aspects to fix the characteristics of people to follow on Instagram-


  1. Tags.
  2. Locations. 
  3. Username.

Step 7: Add the username or tags or locations of the Instagrammers you want to follow. And that’s all it is! 



Auto Follow Your Instagram Account Now


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These are the sweet shot steps you can follow concerning follow someone on Instagram- 

1. Tap on the search bar of the Instagram that looks like a magnifying glass present at the bottom center of the screen.


2. Afterward, type the name of the company, brand, person, celebrity, or anything you want to follow. 

3. After entering into someone else Instagram account, you have to hit the “Follow” button given at the top right. Although in the case of public profiles, you instantly initiate following them, if a profile is private, then you have to wait for them to accept your request. 



So, that’s all. Here is the ultimate guide you guys can follow to get started with the Instagram journey like an expert. There is a lot more you can you should learn about this astonishing platform. But, it is better to take baby steps. Else, you can get overwhelmed by the gigantic aspects of Instagram. 

Do you have more suggestions related to this topic? So, please share them with me by commenting in the section below. 


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